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    Anybody have any experience with it for lowering prolactin? Any nasty side effects and is it something to stay away from ?

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    It’s only to be used by people with a disorder of the pituitary gland that releases ridiculuosly high amounts of prolactin (fogot the name). People with this condition have prolactn levels asigh as 100 and over on a scale of 1-18.

    Dr. Richards told me that in the case of sexual exhastin, the elevated prolactin i just the body’s defense mechanism t stop us frm ejaculating and is causd by: elevated level of epinephrine, sympathetic mode override, weak adrenals, w/e..

    Th two issues with cabergoline: it roughly an unnaturaly lowers proactin and can cause various other problems through the ngative feedbacking. (the system needs to work as a hole, and disruptng one variable may disrupt other variables). The other thing is that it i knows to harm heart valves if taken long term. It’s claimed that it will take a very long time for it to actually harm heart vlaves, but onc you start taking it you’re probably going to stay on it long term. I say there’s no point staying on something unnatural long term, when it doesn’t even adress the root of the problem, just masks the symptoms.

    Richards told me if i insst on taking it anyway, I should try really low doses. (half of the recommended dose). So you might try that if yu want, but I don’t recommend. Prolactin fluctuates rapidly. It will normalize itself once the parasmpathetic system is restored and other key issues, like adrenals or testosterone, are restored.



    I tried it. It lowered my prolactin levels soooo low. Under 10, almost non-existent.

    However it didn’t really help or do anything, except give me side effects like constipation or make my brain feel weird.

    If you want to love prolactin, you need to increase GLA by either taking borage (starflower) oil or primrose oil. That’s why it’s meant to be good for women with pre menstural problems because it helps lower prolactin.



    True..i will wait it out and see. Last time i had my prolactin checked, it was after i had abstained for over a week, and my level was like 16 out of 2-18 range. I would never take it long time, i guess i am interested in experimenting with it and see how i feel. I tried borage oil before, did nothing for me

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