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    Why is caffeine so bad for those recovery from se like symptoms?

    I’m so sleepy, tired all the time, so many times I need caffein, but lately its only been making me more tired,and the brain fog much worse.

    Should I just stay off of it until my hormones recover abit or?

    Its gonna be hard gettig up at 5am for work withoutit, but like ii said, it just makes everything worse lately anyways[/img]

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    You know how in your original post you said your doctor said your hormones were fine?

    Most likely he was dead wrong.

    Most likely you have adrenal issues, thyroid issues, androgen issues ooo and neurotransmitter issues on top of all that.

    My advice is…….Get the recomended blood work.

    If your stuborn then its your loss, but at the very least call your doctor and request that he send you ALL of the blood work you had done and post ALL of it on here.

    Caffiene is horrible for your adrenals and when one already has low cortisol it just worsens the condition.

    The fact that you “need” caffeine in the morning is already a bad sign .



    Yeah I need to have more blood work done.

    Last time was in 2006, and they ended up saying I was just depressed, which was very annoying.

    So its been a long while since I’ve had anything done due to losing faith in doctors.

    When I first had symtpms (minor brainfog I didn’t notice at the time) in2002 and 03 they thought I had a thymus gland prob?em which turned out false.

    How much do these blood tests actuallycost? Before I had insurance. I do have a job now ( btw sucks so much to have to workthroughall this brain fog and fatique, but its better than sitting home letting anxiety eat me up). So I could probably afford it.

    In the meantime ill stop taking caffeine, no more diet mountain dew. Cuppuccino and energy drinks. Its going to suck, but its worth it if it’ll help me get my brain, and life back.



    Your gonna have to completely stop drinking caffine,sodas and energy drinks.

    I have a soda addiction as well. just gotta stop it. our brains are hot wired into liking sodas and caffine.



    Is it just the caffeine in them ? Or the acids as well? One of the main reasons I drink popis because whatever is wrong causes my mouth and other body parts to be dry and water isn’t a ver good lube ha.

    But in do drinkalot of water.

    If its just the caffeine in could drink non caffeine diet drinks

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