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    after my summer holiday if i would do a hair analysis.. is this difficult?

    i am currently on a protocol by a doctor using hc/dhea and would like to keep on this stuff but my testosterone is low again and hoping vit d will up it to a large degree

    how much info can you get from a hair sample?

    is it also possible to do a adrenal saliva and you giving info/recommendations on it, while i am on meds as well from my doc?

    could you please provide me with some info that would be great

    would you also do a clomid test to see if secondary if i can only buy clomid and zrt testing privately without a doc? or do you not work this way?

    is it also possible to get a spectracell test without a doctor?

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    It is not recommended to self medicate your self, but if one is in a pitch the medical community is not properly intervining then a one could do a 7 day clomid challege . One would have to know their base line testosterone reading before beginning this. If you have opportunity to just have DR do the blood test. Just notify him that you are taking a tribulus for a few weeks and you want to see what it was doing. Where are your e2 levels at.

    Hair analysis can be sent then you just send it back to company

    I get the results and then we go over it. Total is 145 dollars US if it goes out side us there may have to be shippen charges is all what ever they may be for sending it back.



    i just came back from holiday and it was awesome!

    would like to get started with some testing on my own since this is where my doctor stops treatment as far as i know

    at this point i am at 380-390 total testosterone and lowish estradiol and using 15 mg hc, sometimes i forget and take only 10 mg hc and i do just fine.. i don’t think i can go without the hc though

    sex wise i am fine, no ejaculation in two or three days and i get PE but if i have regular sex it’s all good and can give my girl vaginal orgasms, my penis is just hard(er) enough to make that happen.. she doesn’t care if after two or three days i have PE but sometimes i just clean the pipes two hours before and then i can go for a good amount of time and penis seems to be harder as well than before, happy times as borat would say

    i haven’t taken vitamin d on holiday and i am pretty sure it is what increased my test levels to 550+ on my bloodtest

    i think i might order a zrt lab for total t and verify once more that it is still 380-390

    then i think maybe vitamin d at 10.000 iu daily and retest after 6 weeks and see if test increased

    if so i guess my nuts can still make normal amount with right diet, so maybe some diet/nutrient adjustments are needed

    i may wanna try a clomid restart (short one) and see if i can get to the 700+ level where i used to be at 18 years old and see if it holds after quitting and being on good diet (again with zrt testing)

    what does you say hardasnails? good plan?

    i also thought about weaning off of hc and i could do this and see how i feel and get adrenal saliva done.. if not good i can always start up again and have still the pills left over from my doc and just ask again for a refill

    then i could adjust diet and maybe try clomid restart (26 years old now)

    is the fertomid brand a good one?

    hardasnails, please could you give an outline of what you would do in my situation.. wean off hc and then rebalance diet with perhaps a restart? or also possible i stay on hc with doctor’s prescription and take other advice from you?

    please let me know what a consult with you would cost and how we can talk, webcam needed or..?




    I be looking into ZRT thyroid t3 and t4 as well since they are a huge factor in proper testosterone and adrenal function. GEt all the data together then we will go from their contact me on the other boards if you need to get a hold of me. You know where to find me I am sure.

    I think keeping cortef at 15 mgs is fine, be wathcing DHEA because cortef can drop it. Clomid challege may not be a bad idea

    That is fine as long as it is clomiphene it will work 50 mgs for 7 days test on the 8 th

    Do not test before but after to see how you respond.

    Sounds solid

    Have messenger will travel.

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