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    i been researching a lot lately to see if diet alone is enough to cure all deficiencies and hormonal imbalances…. hmm i believe it can.

    but the question is, what type of diet could bring such profound effects?

    the optimal human diet… now after much research i have found out the optimal human diet is indeed a meat based diet, and deffinitly for those people whose ancestory dates back to N. EUrope. like mine does….

    the diet is near all meat. but not only that the major sources of calories for early humans was indeed Bone Marrow and brain, followed by other organ meats.

    and of couse the diet was supplemented with plant foods, inparticular foods such as hazelnuts, purslane, lamb’s quarter, carrors, parnsnips.

    now this diet is very hard to come by. the meat must be wild game, i have been eating wild bore, antelope, venison, bison; these meats would have been very similiar to those in N. Europe. Brain is very rare to find these days. Bone marrow is quite common.

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    ive read about this diet as well

    im currently reading about an alkalizing diet, based on raw green food and so on.. the premise is that our gorilla ancestors didn’t eat meat but consumed large amounts of grasses, plants, vegetables, fruits and did and do have tons of strength

    the problem with your diet apart from getting brain and other organs, is that its too expensive because you have to get everything organic if possible

    fyi.. im currently on a greens supplement to see if this will help my energy levels and digestion.. ill let u know how this works

    so far i seem to have a little bit more energy and a better bowel movement

    keep up the research.. there are tons of different diets out there so maybe other with experience can chime in



    Pimp, if your really looking to eat an optimal diet; i suggest you read every article on trully an amazing website or research the workings of Lorain Cordain



    Diet is a big part, each should find a suitable diet.

    It’s also how you eat. Eating in hurry, worrying at the same is no good.



    for me I believe in a couple of things:

    multivitamin: as a base to build on.

    saturated/monounsaturated/polyunsaturated fats. I think saturated fats are critical.


    quality protein source.


    one thing to be careful about is the iron overload from too much red meat in the diet, so IP6 would be a good idea to add to your regime.



    just a basic diet of fruits, veggies, meat, nuts, seeds, and tiny bit of whole grains and dairy products, is really the best way togo about it.

    its really not best to worry or think about what you eat, just natural living.

    eating copious amounts of red meat shouldnt be a problem of iron overload…

    but actually the reason for iron overload is from alcohol with causes more iron to be absorbed from food than your body really needs.

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