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    Can you have a job or study dispite sexual exhaustion ?

    I had many problems when i was student beacause very low concentration and always tired . And now it’s hard to keep a job :/

    What about you ?

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    yes its hard for me todo both, i can work though, i have done a 12hr/day job before, but i cant study at all.



    i am a damned good worker

    working hard keeps me distracted from other stresses, because at home sitting is worse

    just try and get any job you can and excel this will increase self esteem

    i never had much motivation lately to learn anything..

    now i started kickboxing, and when i come home the only thing on my mind is focussing on other important things in my life like studying for exams and so forth.. it really makes you feel manly and take life by the balls.. i WILL keep this kickboxing up

    i suggest you do something like this as well.. as well as having a good interesting job and not whining and sitting about doing nothing useful

    good luck mate!



    Yes, I often find it hard to actually sit down and study (everyone does some times though, don’t they?), which is a shame because I have exams soon and I really need to do some work. At least I know what’s good for me, unlike my fellow students who go out drinking nearly every night and never do their homework. I can just envisage them when they’re older just content with a mediocre life.

    Anyway, I’ve been taking ‘eye q’ liquid recently and I have actually noticed changes. Basically, ‘eye q’ is EPA-rich marine fish oil combined with evening primrose oil, which is formulated to maintain healthy eye and brain function.

    Link: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    My motivation to learn has significantly increased, in my opinion. I now collect books and glossy sheets in the national broadsheet and tabloid newspapers (learning to improve punctuation and grammar, as well as learning to play the piano have been just a few of many I have started to collect).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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