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    The evidence grows. As a result of all the probiotic foods I am taking, my candida symptoms are starting to flare up. One that I never mentioned in this forum its Hot or Burning Feet Syndrome. Basically when I have socks and shoes and I walk outside to the shop or university etc after a short while (an hour) I will start to get very hot and often itchy feet, which are red, smelly and veiny when I finally arrive home. I also get this when showering or bathing in hot water and at times at night when covering myself with duvets and sheets. Just this symptom alone could make life a lot less pleasurable, but I am such a poor bastard that I never talked about it because for me its a minor symptom. However, I remember well that since my teen years this hot feet shit made my “outside of home” life quite miserable, because of the smell and specially the horrible feeling. A quick Google search shows a lot of links. This is another candida symptom. Fucking yeast. I am gonna conquer you, fucking yeast, and feel awesome. Baker´s Yeast and Cutler Chelation will be two new allies in this battle that I will win.

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    do your feet also feel numb and do you have this warmth in your hands?



    Yeah I have those as well, but my hands can be very hot and veiny one moment, and hours later completely frozen. My legs/feet get numb quite easily. Overall, I have weird problems with body temperature, like I have to take the duvet out at night because im hot, I fall asleep, and 5 hours later I wake up with a sore throat and cold and I have to put the duvet again. Result: the sleep of someone with CFS.



    Ah F*ck, repeated post.

    How are your sleep problems, Angel? Yesterday night I was fully alert and awake at 3 am, maybe fell asleep at 3,30 or 4 am, woke up at 9 with the sore throat etc and fell back to sleep until 13,30 pm. Feel like fucking shit, dizzy, haggard, headachey and full of anger. Nothing I have tried worked for my sleep, even melatonin or diazepam worsened it. I am angry because I can do coffee enemas, have the healthiest diet, juice vegatables, take this or do that during the day, but I cannot control what my fucking body does at night, and its destroying me.



    You will never correct candida unless you correct serotonin imbalances as well as methylation and create optimal cell stability. Seen hundreds of cases of this who have just been going round and round. You need to break the cycle. I have gotten rid of candida by neurotransmitter modulation even having to suggest antipressants to assist in some cases.



    Shawn, doing the simplified yasko methylation protocol could achieve that?

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