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    and it’s not just pelvic muscles all muscles especially the ones near each other play off each other, hence abdomen pains, back pains, etc. Since my muscle tightness hit my hamstrings are crazy tight and painful and when i have sex which has probably been daily once or twice usually since i haven’t really been focusing on this shit i can feel them twinging and feel my perineum like a raised rock hard big rubberband or something, and after i orgasm i can literally feel my ass mucles or whatever tighten up heavy, so in my case at least i’m 100 percent positive it’s muscular. Just look into it i guess, maybe it’s not your case but it sounds pretty suspicious. Also you’re right if you hormones etc. are out of whack a bit you become more susceptible to cpps.

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    yes I am currently reading [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] its interesting to see how closely related the symptoms are..

    Actually come to think of it, I have been putting excess strain on those muslces for years.

    I developped hemrhoids like 3 years ago and it wuoldnt go away for almost 2 years. and during this time , while I would slowly get better, I would feel the urge to fart all the time. so I woudl push down on my gut kind of and force a fart out. all this straining must of been bad for me.

    the good thing is that i chagned my diet to high fibre and that made me less constipated but i still was forcing farts out left right and center.

    and now my hemroids are 90% gone but now i have this other shit to deal with. im sure its all related. jeses how the F*ck did i get myself into this mess

    im sure its due to my sedentary lifestyle from the past.. always smoking weed, jerking off 4 times a day, always at home sitting down in front of the computer.



    basically what i’m saying it’s not “s.e” whatever the F*ck that is even ( a cockamamie bullshit vitamin selling story ) but your dick muscles fucking up that made you premature. Dick muscle exhaustion/weakness/injury

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)

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