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    Will be starting 2 months of celibacy. Tomorrow is day one. I feel like shit right now after ejaculating and my energy is so low at the moment. I withheld from ejaculation for about two weeks and felt fantastic, had erections when thinking about sex and overall felt great. Then i went on a bit of a binge and ruined it. I want that feeling of good health and libido back so i am very committed.

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    Since we are so destroyed and wrecked by masturbation and porn, you will feel great after 1 month of abstaining and greater after a 3 months because of the fact you managed to control your temptation and also worked to kick out a bad habit such as masturbation.

    Good Luck



    Hey I’m going to join you in your goal of celibacy for the next two months. I also messed up yesterday after abstaining for a week and starting to see improvements. Let’s hold each other accountable and get this done! I’ll be eating healthier, exercising, taking supplements, and of course NOT watching porn!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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