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    Last night I had a wet dream. Which is kind of annoying because it is uncontrollable.

    I was wondering if there is a way for me to channel my sexual energy to make me more productive. I have read some information long ago from another member on these forums about that. Instead of masturbation, sex, or being horny I would use the built up sexual energy to become stronger, productive, and energetic. Can I reduce the frequency of my wet dreams and use it for good?

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    If its once or twice then its not a problem.

    but you may try to take your dinner with a big onion, yogurt.Avoid easy carbs…sugary fruits

    Tried couple of protocols,

    but from what i noticed potent zinc forms (citrate,glycinate, or amino acid chealte) triggers the continuous night fall

    Gluthamine ( as an food additive, or from Protein shake)

    stress before sleep

    sleeping pattern

    I do link it to adrenal fatigue, prostate inflammation..

    in months i was totally good with this problem, but then again this annoying and continuous nocturnal emissions come back.



    Don’t flood the mind with sexual thoughts during the day, these will enter the subconscious mind and result in emissions during night… Also eating too much or taking too much supplements in the night time may result in wet dreams.

    You can block the ejaculation any time with pelvic floor muscles.

    Don’t become too obsessed with your seed… losing it now and then will not matter much (if you don’t give that power to it).

    -Simple organic whole foods

    -Meditation techniques

    -Versatile physical exercise

    All you need.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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