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    status 8 months ago :

    -severe lower back pain

    -severe lower abdominal/prostate pain

    -seminal leakage after urination and bowel movement

    -severe premature ejaculation

    -having to urinate several times a day – constant urge to pee even though nothing comes out sometimes or very lilttle

    status today:

    -moderate abdominal/prostate pain

    -premature ejaculation- even after ejaculating once, 30 min later when having intercourse again, I barely last

    -having to urinate several times a day- constant urge to pee


    clearly some SE symptoms have cleared up but the beating my prostate took over the years seems to be taking a longer time to heal.

    I have officialy discontinued all sexual activity (prior I was having intercourse or masturbated about 1-2 times a week, which was a lot less frequent than before (13-15 times a week))

    Today is day 5. I will continue 60 days to let my prostate gland properly heal. Perhaps in a few weeks the pain will go away, and if thats the case, I will be careful how to proceed after that. But I think 60 days is a fair goal for absintence in my case.

    Things to do to ensure I do everything in my favour to heal:

    -On monday I will be seeing a Naturopathic doctor who will send my neuro and hormones test to a lab, so that I can eliminate or identify any chemical imbalances that I need to adress

    -Exercise. I must exercise at least 5 times a week for 30 min per time.

    -Prostate massages/stretches. I must do these daily

    -diet/nutrition. I must follow a strict diet including the broccoli treatment and parsley juice to improve my chances

    Im praying that after the 60 days, the prostate will be healed and I will be able to have sex normally again and not have any premature ejaculation or be woken up each nite having to pee with this uncomfortable restriction feeling in my lower stomach

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    It seems to me you are doing everything in your hands and thats great.

    Because that way your possibilities of healing this are high (but maybe not in 60 days). Good luck!



    Good job. The best choice your making is seeing the naturpathic doctor provided they actually get your hormones and neurtransmitters checked. That is by far the most important thing.

    Your gona continue to have premature ejaculation as long as your serotonin is low. Its mainly neurotransmitter imbalances that cause it. More specifically having higher norepinephrine as compared to serotonin.

    Though an enlarged prostate can play a part to.

    I had almost all of your symptoms at one point. the frequent urination is a fuckin nightmare. Unfortunatly I cant help you there because for some reason after a few months it went away. I believe It went away because my norepinephrine dropped (confirmed on blood work)and it stopped triggering my sympathetic nervous system to have the urge to pee despite not having a full bladder.

    You sould really be careful with the exercise. If it comes back that you have low cortisol, low testosterne then exercising 5 times a week can really make it worse. Your body would have no ability to recover from the immense stress that is exercise. And i promise you exercise will not heal any of your issues. it will simply make you look better and you will be more fit provided you have the hormonal profile to support it.

    Also I wouldnt hold my breath on abstaining fixing any of those symptoms. Maybe it could help your prostate but in regards to neuro imbalances or hormonal imbalances absolutly not. Dont you have a gf man? Please do not make the same mistake I did and try to go through an abstainin faze when you have a GF. I realize sex is probably wack right now because of the premature ejaculation but you avoiding her sexually is pointless. At least do your best to satisfy her sexually in other ways trust me it will not make any difference in regards to your biochemistry.

    Abstaining does not heal biochemical imbalances.



    also if the doctor your seeing actually tests your hormones. you sould really come prepared with a list of what you want done. If you leave it up to them most likely its gona be a complete epic fail and wont properly evaluate your case.

    the list has been posted several times. I believe its also a sticky.

    ALso please post all your results. Especially the neurotransmitter ones.



    I will def be posting the results when I get them.

    I have a list of all the hormones and neuros I want tested.

    Come to think of it now, I believe I may have had (and still have) low serotonin levels for some years now.

    Im always feeling tired, very irritable, have disrupted sleep, and usually keep to myself, and withdrawn and quiet. All of these are symptoms of low serotonin. This is probably because I was heavily into marijuana and masturbation/porn for many many years from ages 18-24.

    I agree that abstaining will not help in repairing my potential chemical imbalances, however it will not hurt either, and I am being forced to do so moreso to give my tender prostate time to repair itself more than anything else.

    I do have a girlfriend who knows somewhat of my condition, but Im not concerned about whether or not she will leave me if I dont supply her my sexual services. I could care less in fact. I gotta fix myself and thats my priority. Sure il still finger her and stuff, but il just tell her i cant F*ck for a couple months.

    Question falcor, when you got your results, how did you lower your norepinephrine and repair other imbalances?



    day 8-

    I did prostate massage, abdominal stretches, sauna therapy while meditating, 15 min on the treadmill, all before 830am.

    Then I went to the Naturopath for my first appt. with her. Shes nice.

    But she charged me 770$. Dam.

    This cost includes testing for following:

    Neuro Sleep kit

    cortisol AM

    melatonin (pm sample)











    Thats one kit,, the other kit tests “Male Salivary Hormone Panel”

    whatever that is,, but I had to get this 2nd kit to get DHT tested.

    so its




    and two others that I forget.

    I dont know why she insisted on the Sleep kit thing. I hope it doesnt affect they way they will measure the neuros.

    The testing itself was almost $600

    I dont care anymore tho. I need to know if theres a chemical imbalance or not.



    WOW…….you got ripped off.

    Good that you got the neurotransmitters tested. But salivary hormones are not recomended at all except if its saliva cortisol. Sorry that sucks.

    No offense but seems like a huge rip off . I mean its good your getting the neuro results but in regards to testing your hormones you sould look for a doc that will be willing to work with you and simply give you a test requisition so you can go to labcorp yourself. Will save you alot of money.

    Or if money is not an issue for you. then Join one of the online labs like (iam a member how i did my last blood work) or ZRT labs. You can order any tests you need through them with big discounts and then you just go to the lab. It will probably cost you less then this lady.

    Just trying to help iv been at this almost two years so hate to see you waste your $ and time and effort.

    So in summary, the neuro tests are good shit. The hormone results not at all. Not to mention the amount of testng she actually did on your hormones is not neally enough.

    If someone really wants to evalaute their hormones they need to run the full panel that is in the recomended blood work section. This is for real its not cuse im test happy and like to get results. Its literally pointless in my opinion to get only bits and pieces. Does not tell you your hormonal problem at all.



    Hmm so are you saying the saliva hormone test is completely worthless?

    Ive actually read that blood test is worse because it is a snap shot of your bodys current state whereas the saliva gives a more overall overview.

    I have not done the tests yet. I could always go back to the doc and request different tests or ask her to refer me to a lab (which she said she would need to do for the sex hormone SBGH or watever..)

    Also i have the following tests results below that were done a few months back. the thyroid and test were good


    WBC 7.4 Ref Range 4-11 x 10**9/L

    RBC 5.45 4.7-6 x 10** 12/L

    Hemoglobin 167 140-180 g/L

    Hematocrit 0.489 0.40-0.54

    Platelet count 126 150-400 x1-**9/L

    MCV 89.8 80-98 fL

    MCH 30.6 27.5-32.5 pg

    MCHC 341 320-360 g/L

    RDW 13.3 11.5-14.5

    Differential COUNT

    Neutrophil 4.4 2.0-7.5 x10**9/L

    Lymphocyte 2.2 1.0-3.5 x10**9/L

    Monocyte 0.6 0.0-0.8

    Eosinophil 0.1 0.0-0.5 x10**9/L

    Basophil 0.1 0.0-0.2 x10**9/L

    TSH(ultra sensitive) 1.41 0.35-4.94 mIU/L

    Test-total 28.5 5.8-30.4 nmol/L



    I dont know where you get your information from but its well known that using saliva tests to test hormone levels is useless. the only hormone test where saliva is prefered is when you do the 4x saliva cortisol. this is the public well known opinion of the top hormone specialists such as Dr. Chrisler and Dr. Gordon to name a few. So yes I would highly recomend you not do the saliva hormone tests she gave you. Not to mention a saliva sample would give you a one time snapshot of hormone levels as well, the same as a one time blood draw. The only test that would give you a showing of your production over a 24 hour period would be a 24 hour urine test. But thats another story and for people who are much further along in their hormone fixing/replacement journey. A one time blood draw is the prefered method and more then sufficient.

    Ok those results you posted by no means whatsoever indicate your thyroid function is fine. Literally all you got was a TSH reading which is simply a pituary signaling hormone. My TSH is very similar to yours most mainstread doctors would tell me im not hypo and yet I am severely hypothyroid. In order to properly check the status of your thyroid you would need to run the following tests

    1) Free T3

    2) Total T3

    3) Free T4

    4) Total T4

    5) RT3.

    6) TSH ( optional least important)

    Along side that you sould also run a 4x saliva cortisol test to check your cortisol function since without cortisol thyroid hormone has little metabolic effect in the body.

    Regarding your testosterone……sorry but same story. A one time Total testosterone reading without SHBG tells very little. It is FREE or Bioavailable testosterone that has all the metabolic effects of testosterone ( erections, muscle mass, libido , etc). So its not SHBG whatever. Its SHBG super important. If your SHBG is highly elevated then your levels of bioavailable testosterone could be very low and your total T would be useless. As a matter of fact SHBG causes your body to hold on to TOTAL Testosterone and many men have this problem ( on other mens healths forums that I frequent where the quality of information is signficantly better then here).

    Now on a positive note…….its totally possible that your thyroid is indeed fine, and your bioavaialble testosterone is also fine. But unfortunatly for you, you have not yet performed the neccesary testing by any means to determine that.

    So if I was you, I would indeed not do the saliva hormone test. I would go back to the naturopath ( or to a doctor of your choosing who you belive will be compliant) and ask her for a test requisiton for the following blood work.

    1) Total Testosterone

    2) SHBG

    3) Estrodial (E2) Sensitive (must be sensitive and not regular!!!!)

    4) DHT

    5) FreeT3

    6) Total T3

    7) Free T4

    Total T4

    9) RT3

    10) AM (7AM-9AM) Cortisol

    11) DHEA sulfate

    12) 4x saliva cortisol ( this would be a separate take home test you do on your own time, this is the one test that saliva is prefered. Since shes a naturpath she sould be familiar with it).

    BONUS ( not neccesary but would be great if you got these as well. I would say these tests are very important and sould go up above but if the doctor you end up seeing seems intimidated and unlikely to prescribe too many tests and demands you drop some the ones below are the ones you drop)

    13) Pregnenolone

    14) Progesterone

    15) Insulin fasting

    16) Homocysteine

    17) Fractured Catecholamines

    So what you can do with this above list is put it into a Microsoft word document and print it out. Bring it to her office and say that you want these tests done.

    Even better, A few days ago I started a thread where I made a similar list to the above except I also had added all the diagnostic codes and test codes for the tests if they were to be done at labcorp. This might be helpful for her and make her more likely to give you the test requisiton. It will increase your chances of success and the thread is a few days old so just look for it .

    So in summary. Go ahead with the urine neurotransmitter testing. everyone who I have ever spoken with who has bothered to get his neuros tested who has SE and its various symptoms has had neurotransmitters well below the reference range. Often times their hormones will be ok or even good ( though also terrible it depends on the case) but so far without fail neurotransmitters have always been an issue. For many of us this is highly related to neuros and occasionaly hormonal issues as well. For me its both but for the most mild cases I would say its mostly neuros.

    However I highly recomend you get a full hormonal evaluation akin to the one I posted. Trust me trust me trust me print the list. Unless your seing a top hormonal doc such as Dr. Chrisler, Dr. Mariano , Dr Gordon etc chances are the doc your seeing will have no idea what to test. By bringing that list your telling them what you want . Its up to you to present a solid and convincing argument.

    Good luck and please let me know how it goes . The more testing everyone can do the better for this forum. Im sick of being the only one. Well sargonas too props to you.

    And I really do mean this……you got ripped off like crazy. For that kinda money you could have seen one of the top docs. The current doc im seeing only charges 200 a visit and she definetly shits on whatever doc you saw ( no offense) .



    Im tired so Ill write more tomorrow but the visit itself was 140. The dht test alone is 82.50, the hormonal test is 172.50 and the neuro test is 255. I dont know but i thought this was pretty average. This lady doc is pretty malleable which I like because if i just demand certain tests she’ll order them. She just told me its all about money..

    Also, i showed up to her office with all the testing u mentioned on paper, but we eliminated the thyroid and androgens to start because she said the dheas would show if we need to test further bla bla bla. She may have no idea what shes talking abt i dunno but at least i found someone who will listen to me and allow me to test myself.

    Ill talk to her tomorrow abt possibly exchanging the hormone test for a more complete package



    K good to know . Defiently agree that open minded doctors are the best and 140 isnt that bad.

    Anyway her thinking along the lines that DHEA eliminates the need to further test is dead wrong.

    Do your best to get her to run all those tests.



    Dont worry charlie, almost anyone here have past a phase of being lost or ripped off so its normal. It takes some time to be completely sure about the way to go. But the best is to follow religously the advices of the people who is having success and skip that phase. Good that we have falcor here.



    Yea thanks to Falcor for all the info and insight..

    I sent my neuro testing in, hopefully get the results before Xmas.

    As for the hormone kit, I told my Doc that I didnt want it anymore (even tho I paid for it already) and to her that I would rather exchange it for the bloodwork tests if she can do that.

    Falcor I want to note that, I dont have the typical symptoms as someone who for instance is sure to have hormone imbalances.

    For example I never had dizzy eyes, or extreme lack of memory, or anything like that.

    My symptoms were mostly all to do with my sexual function.

    Although I did often feel tired all the time, and always yawning all day. So this may be a sign of a thyroid or adrenal issue. But that has been getting better gradually since I have been sleeping on a better schedule and generally living healthier.

    Anwyays I dont want to discount anything, I want to definately test everything.



    Ok so ,

    She just told me that there are only 2 labs in Canada that do E2 sensitive and she doesnt use them.

    Should i do E2 regular or not bother???



    Ok she is going to send me to a lab for the following:

    1) Total Testosterone –

    2) SHBG

    3) Regular Estradiol

    4) DHT –

    5) FreeT3 – 17.25

    6) Total T3 – 34.50

    7) Free T4 – 17.25

    AM (7AM-9AM) Cortisol –

    9) DHEA sulfate –

    I hope this will tell me enough . She said the total t4 and RT3 are discontinued at the lab? but w.e.



    Thats not bad. Its to bad you cant run the sensitive e2 as the regular estrodial test is known to be very unacurate in males. Many have run both side by side and gotten totally different results. Its also to bad she couldnt run Rt3 but you will live we sould still be able to get a decent idea from those other thyroid results.

    Its good you dont have many hormonal symptoms. In regards to this forum people break down into three categories that i have seen in the last 2 years.

    1) No hormonal issues , severe neurotransmitter issues

    2) Mild hormonal issues, severe neurotransmitter issues

    3) Severe hormonal issues, severe neurotranmsitter issues.

    Alot of the milder cases and often guys that are younger fall into that case 1 or 2 categories. Its rare that you get the case 3 but they do happen for sure. I myself and somewhere between a 2 and 3. But my case is super complicated. I actually jsut got results ill be posting later.

    But either way you absolutly have the right attitude in that you sould wanna test everything and know for sure. THat is crucial . Not to mention you sould just wanna know in general where your hormonal health stands anyway even if you have no symptoms.



    Just got the requisition, Il be doing the tests tomorrow morning, and she said it only takes 2-3 days to get the results, so il know something soon.

    This was a much better idea than sending a saliva kit to a lab in Calgary.

    these tests are costing almost $400 tho. And the neuros was 255. Oh well. Worth every penny IMO



    Nothing yet from the lab.

    I lasted 13 days, and then I got really excited that my gf was coming over and we had an empty house.

    Then she cancelled, I got pissed, and I fired up and found an awesome vid. I ejaculated.

    I saw my girlfriend later that night. She gave me head. I lasted 22 seconds. I ejaculated.

    I went home and the next morning saw some more porn. (the same video in fact, it was that good) I ejaculated a 3rd time in 24 hrs. F*ck.

    But oddly i didnt feel so bad. I felt average. The fact that my body withstood 3 ejaculations and didnt feel any severe symptoms made me happy.

    It might be because of recent abdominal stretches that I have been doing, but I feel my prostate much much better, and Im able to sleep on my stmoach at night now and feel little to no pain. I dont want to jinx anything but I hope i continue to recover.

    Ive also been back on the broccoli broth treatment. Maybe just doing all these things is finally paying off. With this out of the way, I can focus on the last step of regulating hormones and neuros, and hopefully that will clear my PE, and then I would be fully recovered by mid 2012 Id say.

    And so long as I dont fall back into the same bad habits, I should be finally cured and free from this horrible condition which has plagued me for 9 months now.

    Total estimated recovery time: 1.5 years. I guess thats average for someone who jerked off so much in his youth and blew out his prostate and hormones.



    If you recover from SE in one year and a half is not average, I think it is pretty damn good. If your including in that the time you had SE but wasnt on this forum or in any serious research, which in my case was at least 8 months, I mean.

    Anyway good to hear you seem to be doing better. Just I reccomend you to avoid porn like the plague. I used to do things like that, to masturbate the same day or the morning before to the same “so good video” Hey im not saying you are or can be a pathetic porn addict like I was haha I know perfectly there are a lot of fellows who seem to handle porn but my advice if you are registered in this forum is that the best for you is forget porn for live. Whats good from porn? Aids,steroids,unhappy women faking orgams, people who use drugs to forget their shitty lives… nah I prefer to watch leo and satan on youtube


    I´ve noticed just now the fact that you had seminal leakage after urinating JUST LIKE ME. Maybe it has something to do with hard flaccid but I suspect more from the prostate. I think we are in the same boat, in the Prostatic Boat lol so what are that exercises?? Did you got them from any site/book? I will be doing them and the brocoli again (so much brocoli )

    To what do you attribute the overcoming of the seminal leakage?



    My seminal leakage lasted about 3 months before dying down.

    It died down due to my stopping ejaculations so much is my guess.

    Altho even nowadays, I will get an occurence of seminal leakage. It happens after I have abstained for 8, 9, 10 days or more, and then Il get really horny or something like because Ill make out with my girlfriend or something like that, and then I will discharge semen after urinating.

    But I think that type of seminal leakage is a little more normal than before, where it was coming out all the time, even when I wasnt getting aroused.

    The stretches I only started 2 weeks ago and they seem to immediately have made a difference. I do the ones shown here:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    that guy william runs this site [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    which in my opinion is the best site out there for prostate related issues.

    he really knows what hes talking about.




    Yeah thats more likely my type of seminal leakage, normally occurs when I have been aroused. My guess is that type of seminal leakage is a symptom from a less severe prostate problem, so clearly you have improved.

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