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    That’s really interesting

    for so long i haven’t heard of a new approach, definetly deserves a try.

    Good luck Sargonnas.



    I know im being overly positive about a new treatment again but I am expecting this to improve or cure my hard flaccid, given the scientifically proven ability of earthing to lessen inflammation, make trigger points less “chronic” and muscle tension. I wont expect it to cure my insomnia, because I will probably need optimal thyroid and adrenal hormones for that, but I think it will help, maybe a lot.



    Does this sound like your condition Sargonnas?


    Please click the following link for more details:



    Got my earthing device! The GIO! Lets see what it does. Healing come to me, I will share you with this world!



    can you post the site where you bought it from, iam considering it as an option .

    hope it works well with you Sarg



    Update on earthing. It has cured my insomnia, but not my unrefreshing sleep, or waking up too early. I get to sleep from lying in the bed from 20 minutes to 1 hour now, every single day, and I wake up seven hours later usually. A step in the healing direction but I still have many problems and my sleep its still horribly shitty most of days. I used to get to sleep around 5 AM lately and I can say I feel better now that I get to sleep around midnight.

    So just the beginning of sleep has been corrected:'s+something.png



    very interesting. i’ve always wanted to get the earthing blanket, i think i will give this a buy after i get some stuff paid off. you got the one for $90?

    my sleep has been improving a lot lately. here’s some things i’ve been doing. first, i’ve been following the heartfixer site for high sulfur posted in the methylation thread. like the diet and the supps. i think the biggest contributer is taking GABA before i goto sleep. i also started sleeping OUTSIDE my house on my back deck. this has helped, but i know it’s not realistic for everyone. now that it’s summer, the fresh air i think helps. also, wearing a face mask over my eyes tends to help. i put castor oil on my face at night sometimes too, which may also help, not sure though.



    Nothing has changed, . I have cured my sleep onset insomnia. It takes now 15 minutes to one hour to fall asleep. It used to take anywhere from 2 hours to 8 to get to sleep before earthing. So yeah, my sleep its improved, but the quality of sleep its still very bad. Fragmented sleep and lack of deep sleep are the problems that remain. Pretty amazing now knowing that each day I will go to bed and quickly fall asleep, whereas in the past I was literally shouting in middle of the night because of the agonic frustration of severe insomnia. It made me suicidal.



    I think once you start to fix your imbalanced hormones, things will improve.

    I do suffer from insomnia, and sometimes poor sleep.

    if iam not exhausted enough, i do take 12.5mg -25 mg of DHEA before sleep…sometimes it works.

    But Iam planning to get the grounding thing , soon



    Yeah I know, but I needed a quick fix, since I have so many imbalances and so little access to the kind of resources that could change them quickly, such as synthetic hormones. I needed something that I knew would improve my sleep for sure. And it did



    As you have discovered the most important thing for pelvic muscle/mind problems its to calm down etc. That way I have gone from screaming of pain to not having discomfort most of the days and having erections in the enough level to have sex (if I could lol). The difference lays in the mindset. My next aim its restoring sexual function (orgasming) and banish the remaining bothers. For that on top of the personal work I am gonna take this:



    Just because I couldnt download them man XD Just that. I guess I will buy at least a Headache in the Pelvis, its very well worth since I have the condition the book its about.

    Nah these are flower essences, like the flowers of the ginseng plant etc. Its just something I am trying along with relaxation and moving on with my life.

    I am better everyday, its a fact. You seem to be better too! Great. Too bad I am also dealing with unrefreshing sleep (AF, hypo, “CFS”), lack of orgasm and sometimes pain. My challenge its bigger but nonetheless its being conquered. I have had days with good sexual sensations and huge, perfectly functional boners. I even did a damn photo to remember how big my penis its with a normal, healthy erection. Just couldnt believe it. So yeah I understand your point about visualizing hehe



    Hey, so I got the sexual exhaustion symptoms from taking ssri’s (PSSD). Still not cured, but I’ve had good luck with insomnia taking chinese herbal formulas. There’s different formulas depending on your constitution. If you have a decently strong constitution Chai Hu Long gu mu li wan may be worth a shot. Plum flower is a good brand You could take 10-16 of those tea pills at night or 8 2x a day.. Might take about a week to work. If you wanted an exact formula you could go to a chinese herbalist but this would be a decent place to start for the insomnia.



    Wow man, you have been here since 2006! Looks interesting and quite cheap. I will try that the next if flower essences fail (they shouldnt).



    Yeah, I usually just check posts here from time to time. I went through a period of bad insomnia after trying to fix some of my issues with medications – and the herbs helped me out with that aspect for sure.

    Also, I might want to grab one of the earthing pads for when I’m sitting at the computer, do you think it’s been worth the price?



    Sargonnas it’s really good you’ re improving. Having nocturnal erctions and good sized erections once in a while def means something is improving. When you are getting erections at night it also automatically means you are getting good sleep with good dreams. As opposed to periods of nightmares and no sex drive, which iswhen we are stressed.

    I think you understand that a huge part of this is mental, and that to me means you’re gonna recover.

    Trust me man these books are worth the price. I’d pay 10 times the amount that’show much i value them.

    Lask, I’ve never had insomnia so i don’t think i need those herbs, but that’s good info for someone that does.

    How are you doing now with your sexual exhaustion symptoms? Improving?



    I think its worthwhile, but only if you get something that really works. And I recommed that you better earth the pad or whatever diectly to the ground with a earthing rod, thats when it works better. The science its there, earthing has studies proving how beneficial it is. I would rather get a GIO, because the other producst are expensive and decay rapidly. Nowadays I feel way calmer and as I said earthing cured my sleep onset insomnia, but I still have some unrefreshing sleep and some wakings, so working on that. I could be calmer because of the Reishi or Jiaogulan I am taking though.



    Cool, I’ll check out the GIO products.. But if you’re going to try the chai hu long gu mu li wan, I’d go for two bottles. Sometimes it can take 1-2weeks for full effect.

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