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    hello chee.

    i came across a case in dr lins website which described the symptoms your having. i forgot to copy the link but i remeber what dr lin told him.

    the guy had itchy skin whenever he touched it, had no libido and no emotions.

    dr lin told him the root of his problem was low dopamine. dopamine gives a high libido and emotions. this is because dopamine creates oxytocin for emotions and powerful orgasm. thats why you hear oxytocin is called the “emotional hormone”. if you have low oxytocin you cannot show any emotions.

    he also said the itchy skin is a result of excessive histamine from over masturbation.

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    A number of neurotransmitter and hormones, the deficiency of, can cause the emotion less experience.

    Same thing with inflammation, it can be due to high PGE-2, burned out cortisol, excessive adrenaline etc.

    So I’ll slowly continue with my research and explore every possibilities. Thanks for you keeping an eye out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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