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    Cortisol Morning: 2.7 range: 3.7-9.5 *

    Cortisol Noon: 2.7 range: 1.2-3.0

    Cortisol Evening: 4.5 range: 0.6-1.9 *

    Cortisol Night: 1.5 range: 0.4-1.0 *

    Estradiol: 48 range: 12-56

    Testosterone: 721 range: 400-1200 (age dependent)

    SHBG: 50 range: 15-50

    Ratio: T/SHBG: 0.5 range: 0.7-1.0 *

    DHEAS: 231 range: 70-325

    PSA: 1.9 range: <0.5-4 (optimal 0.5-2)

    Free T4: 1.8 range: 0.7-2.5

    Free T3: 3.1 range: 2.5-6.5

    TSH: 5.5 range: 0.5-3.0 * <— think the range was supposed to be 0.5-5

    TPO: 16 range: 0-150 (70-150 borderline)

    * = out of range

    PSA = Prostate Specific Antigen)

    TPO = thyroid peroxidase antibodies


    *That’s my results on top*


    Hello again! ;D

    oh great…! results in finally! D

    ahh this tells the complete story … hmmmm we got alot too work on hehe

    Ok let start with your adrenals.

    Good news, your adrenals are not totally fried/finished, bad news, its sign

    of future blown out adrenal fatigue if not addressed asap.

    You notice the extremely low morning level and the high rest of day

    and night levels.Your adrenals is playing catching up later on day+nite

    too make up for slow start in morning where your AM cortisol should

    be top range and gradually lower throughout day+nite. Naturally rythm is off.

    Maybe due too lifestyle , sleep patern? Any experience with improper

    sleep patern, staying up too late, not getting enough sunlight during day,

    staying on pc b4 bed, feeling more active during evening than morning?

    Would recommend top quality Phosphatidylserine supp to take early evening

    plus 2-3 hours before you sleep too lower+SAVE some cortisol for the

    morning too try regulate your adrenals/ACTH signal back too proper rythm. is top class company and make

    tp quakity one called toco-amp.

    Also would recommend vit c buffered power from LEF 1gx3 aday and

    vit b5/panthenic acid 500mg x3 a day which will hopefully

    regulate your cortisol cycle.Will add few more once seen mva test.

    Try this for 8 weeks, note any changes

    Retest cortisol after 8 weeks.No changes then possibly need preg cream

    altho with your high SHBG and low free test your DHT is most likely

    very low so would make hard flacid worse.Folks with low dht usually dont tolerate

    preg too well.Check out muscleforum where few guys are complaining from

    this. I think Han himself had very high DHT one point 152 reading way above

    range but he started preg and his DHT dropped too 60ish so just becareful

    if you decide to just start on preg cream, can take while to reverse.

    Makes sense malfunctioned adrenals>inflammation in liver>high e2 roaming in bloodstrem

    too low total test but VERY LOW free test due too also high SHBG binding it and ofc high E2 taking majority of benefits of the leftover test.Plus

    99% positive low DHT.

    Frenchi remember my email while back :

    I suspect slightly high shbg holding back some free

    test.Its the free or bioavailable test that matters

    and not total.Since you want too increase sex drive increase

    in free test would do this bylowering shbg, this would

    also up dht increasing even more libido.

    Look into supplement called Activate by designer labs, the

    nettle root extract does the job here! If you have

    shbg result comming up then maybe best too wait n see

    result first.


    i guessed right unfortunately so too lower SHBG try the activate

    which willincrease free test and DHT hopefully! Increase of

    free test+DHT will help hard flacid alot! feck .. it may even affect

    penis size abit!! I noticed it!! xDDD

    Ppl who never been through hard flacid tink this is bullshit but

    what happens is with higher DHT level there is more free roaming

    DHT to enter the penile cells which are highly

    DHT sensitive and the androgen responsible for penile growth, more sex androgens>more bloodflow to this area,

    and penile cylinders become less dense and more flexible, back

    too normal state and some size will be noticed … win win situation!! xDD

    With higher DHT level also your high e2 wont effect you as much, DHT desensitises

    the e2 receptors. However still need too lower e2 for best penile size, all day plumpness, the bigger veiny flacid look etc plus stronger and more oftenly sponteanous erections! D

    Try dim and pm a guy called PGamer78 something like that from the muscleforum board,

    he found out the best DIM brand when many folks few yr ago was not

    responding too many brands of DIM in lowering e2 until Pggamer found the one! D

    This should drop e2 but pggamer should give you direction, he nice guy

    We know even tho you appear to have mid range total test, with your high SHBG and high E2 your free test+bioavailable test is close too bottom now.

    No worries once you get DHT,E2,Prolactin by increasing dopamine naturally

    then total test and free test will increase. Give it good 8 weeks

    but you should notice improvement around 4 weeks.

    ouch ….!! bad news you are hypothyroid now. Most docs would diagnose you

    with hypothyroidism with TSH over 2 and also free t3 at bottom and start you

    on thyrod med like armour, nature thyroid, erfa or simple t3/t4 meds.

    Your ft4-ft3 ratio is higher so can steal some ft4 conversion into ft3 as well.

    Free t3 should be above mid and at top for best metabolism, properenergy expenditure,

    body warmth, mood, erections, libido, healthy gut,hard flacid comes into play here alot as well since with hypothyroid >lower body temp and harder flacid due too less bloodflow etc

    Can you get a thermometer and test your body temp first thing apon waking

    under arm pit ? Also take temp 4hrs later and then 4 hrs later for final reading.

    This will confirm if hypothyroid.

    Too boost thyroid naturally, one would need too look at iodine, iron, copper, vit d3,

    selenium & tyrosine, all building blocks of the thyroid.

    Good thing i suggested the MVA test now eh ;DD

    I suspect a few too be low with your thyroid, iodine is low on 80% of people

    due too lack of from diet but yours will be much lower. Blood test for iodine or iodine patch is much more accurate than urine.

    Vit d3 blood test from ZRT need to be done. I was bottom at 35 range summit

    like 30-95. Got too 75 with 12000iu a day! Due too hermit lifestyle once being sick…

    More good news, by getting proper adrenal rythm back and boosting thyroid

    your testosterone should increase as well.

    What alot of this says is inflammation. High shbg suggest liver problem since

    SHBG is made in liver,lack of liver meth cofactors causing your SHBG too be held in liver

    and not flowing properly causing hormonal imbalance in time.Also with your experience

    of tylenol not workingso quickly or loosing its effectiveness is another red flag for liver malfunction.

    High e2 is the same thing, inflammation due to backed up liver holding in estrogens instead of excreting+urinating out.DIM+looking at your liver pathways

    should sort this all out.High e2 kills your adrenals+thyroid+test and will negate any majority

    of benefits from it.High e2 causes body to be in inflammation state 24/7.

    Frenchi have you looked at histamine levels? so much inflammation going on here i wonder

    what your histamine is at. Do you suffer from any symptoms like watery/burning eyes/face,

    stuffy nose, skin problems, hayfever, intolerane too heat but tolerate cold better,itchy,prone

    to rash after hot bath/shower,these symptoms becomming worse after orgasm?

    Since histamine level is also responsible for ejaculation.Also high e2 suggest high level of histamine.

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    Forgot to say, some advice on how too increase t4-t3 conversion which

    you want since t3 is the much more active and stonger thyroid hormone

    of the 2.

    *Increase exercise only if energy is present that day. Being stagnant will

    make it worse.

    * Add in Apple cider vinegar or betaine acid before meals.Low stomach acid

    go hand in hand with hypothyroid due to less body warmth.

    *Tyrosine,Kelp,Selenium methionine all help convert t4-t3.

    *Increase citrate acid from source grapefruit,lemon,orange juice which act

    similar too stomach acid which help t4-t3 conversion.

    The acv/betaine+ citrate fruit source will help assimilate food+supps

    better to get more from it as well! D

    yeah 12000iu d3 since i was right at bottom.. oh forgot to say must be

    liquid emulsion version not caps/gels since wont get absorbed for ppl

    with thyroid/gut/liver issues! made one just for us hypothyroids D

    *Something just popped into my head… your tylenol isnt working

    from lack of stomach acid due too low thyroid. Possibly with liver issues

    its even more effected. If your chick still comming up shortly then i would

    eat some oranges,grapefruit etc or if have acv take 1tbsp before

    tynelol, should help assimilate for more bioavalabilty.*

    hmm hard to say .. wish could see histamine blood test but i cantry figure out

    homocysteine pattern from your MVA test if histamine is high or not.

    Generally undermethylators have higher histamine levels but not always, tricky:)



    Me: How is your natural T restart going btw??

    Going great, Thanks! D Much better than previous several runs. Think the sustain alpha and aspartic acid are really helping libido and keeping physical drive n energy, dont notice a thing from being off TRT 6weeks ago so these products must be doing its job. Ball size have increased dramatically (Im kinda shocked tbh)about 50% and ejaculation quantity went from a couple squirts too 6-8 and sweaty testes are back, at least thats Jens feedback and shes happy so im happy

    Think the sustain is really fooling my hpta in thinking theres no estradiol in my body so it ramped up natural test plus boost fsh+lh signals naturally as well. With the aspartic acid also from PPerformance its helping me convert my cholestrol down the testosterone hormone pathway and both are working real well… lets see if they can hold up! ;D



    About the -shbg >+free estrogen it is possible depending on ones biochemistry

    and if e2 isnt reduced along with it and how much DHT is being converted

    from increase of free Test, will go on more about dht later.

    Also lowering shbg can lower e2 with some

    folk, others, it can cause a rise in total estrogens not just e2 but e1(estrone)

    & e3(estriol) sincelike you say less shbg binding too it>more free total estrogens.


    I dont know Nirvanas e2 level so cant really recommend an ai but since

    yours is high at 48 defo need some form of AI.


    More paste :

    ahhh …I forgot to say previously Activate has a natural aromatase inhibitor in it

    which lowers estradiol called Brassaiopsis Glumerulata. Many studies done

    on this. I suspect small dose since they only give a total amount on a mixture

    of ingriedients but add this with sustain alpha and that should lower e2

    but not too low which Dim can cause.

    Also remember about the higer free Dht>lowers e2 receptor sensitivty, thats in your

    favour as long as your body has enough 5-alpha reductase enzyme too convert

    the extra free test into the free DHt metabolites.The rheins urine test would

    come in handy here and show you how much is being test is being converted too DHT!

    As long as 5-alpha reductase is working the increased dht/free dht metabolites

    from lowering shbg will desensitise e2 receptors opposite reaction of high progesterone

    in males which it increases e2 receptors n thats why high prog+high e2 symptoms

    are usually exact same.


    Frenchi I dont know your Test-Dht ratio but with your low free test,high shbg, high e2

    then DHT should be well below mid range.

    Some q’s for ya just too see if any reduced conversion of test>dht conversion.

    Do you have any experiences with hair loss drugs like Finasteride, Propecia?

    Frenchi any past experiences with preg/prog?

    Any past experiences with steroids?

    Any difference in hard flacid physical changes when you have abstained

    for a period of time say 4-7days compared too just after/aday after ejaculation?

    *4-7days or they day you feel the urge is too much*

    Yep thats why i brought up methylation pathways and liver being backed up and

    Han is right, if cofactors of methylation arent present or when methionine pathways

    are blocked then gluthathione may be depleted and bodies main detoxifaction

    comes to a halt.

    (This is just simple breakdown)

    Add in an AI like dim which draws e2 from bloodstream into liver lowers e2 in bloodstream

    for timebeing but the liver is unable too excrete/urinate it out due too undermethylation

    and then e2 would eventually increase.

    Keep the Nac going too boost stage 2 gluthathione levels, thats biggie and Sam-e too boost

    methionine stage 1 gluthathione pathway plus it helps that sam-e =is the most potent methy

    supp doner available in increasing gluthathione, bodys most powerful detoxifier.

    If your also taking tyrosine/tryptophan sam-e will increase conversion

    into dopamine/serotonin>melatonin.Increase of dopamine>lower prolactin>higher test,

    increase conversion of serotonin+melatonin, deeper rem sleep, more hgh being released

    more recovery and more morning cortisol which you are deficient on.

    Its interesting that you, Janek, Nirvana and myself in past had low morning cortisol

    and share similar symptoms… i wonder if you experience a sudden short* rush of energy straight after

    ejaculation like i did and recently found out that Nirvana does as well?

    If Nirv ejaculates at night he says cant get too sleep and then morning/day after

    he feels drained,dead etc

    Also brain fog was common for him after orgasm which prolactin can cause

    and you have high prolactin too.

    Heres my paste that was sent too him, sure he wont mind sinceyou both

    already are pming


    This is test+dopamine dropping from abnormal increase in prolactin plus you already

    have prolactin and i bet like how i was before for yrs your prolactin increases

    several fold even more after ejaculation ie the sudden brain fog

    making refractory time way longer than healthy males!! Feeling wired is the

    high prolactin symptom as well along with low dopa+low test.

    Adrenals may be taking a hit depending on your baseline level & if depleted in synch

    then it would take a big toll on ya majority of time instead of refreshing you which it

    does in healthy males.

    Plus feeling wired unable too sleep can mean adrenal cortisol surge increase after

    ejaculation hence you being unable to get to sleep at night after. What happens is

    with adrenal fatigue folks cortisol levels alreayd low and when one goes through

    ejaculation process it uses a certain amount of cortisol. Adrenals try too make

    up for it right after hence the not being able too sleep issue but instead

    ACTH is malfunctioned and causes too much of a *short* spike uses it

    up quickly right after for small period and then after or next morning/day

    the feelings of drained,fatigued kicks in due too low cortisol.

    I had saliva cortisol test done 1hr after ejaculation and it was above the charts!! LOL

    was surprised too say the least…

    Next morning took it and it was below the charts :/… this experiment seems to make

    sense with my theory and i suspect yours too from your symptoms.


    If your other methylation cofactors like b12,b6,folate, are healthy then enables sam-e

    to do a better job too unclog your liver but worse situation and they are all depleted then sam-e might

    only boost gluthathione alittle as itneeds some helps from his meth buddies.

    Since you been taking both nac+sam-e for a while now i think dim should work but lets say it

    doesnt or lets say you want to try a different route.

    Arimidex from here :

    Nolvadex may work but is more than half as weak too adex:

    For emergency backup incase of sudden lover arrival, good price cialis :

    Says it nots for consumption in Usa so all you do is after you purchase

    send ADC an email too confirm its not for consumption and they will

    send you it D

    Problem with these AI meds it can drop e2 like a rock … shame ADC dont have

    the 0.1 adex pill as easier too manage since im not sure how accurate dosing

    is if cut up the 1mg adex pill, not sure if evenly distributed at least it wasnt

    with my yrs of taking adex.

    If you want too try adex then no more than .25mg quarter a pill and

    see how you feel for next few days.

    If e2 drops too low for ppl with hard flacid it will effect it big time

    and takes ages too get some normality back, up to 2 weeks or more.

    hmm .. mva test would show which direction best too take, depends on your

    liver tbh.

    hehe sounds like the tyrosine dopamine spike is kicking in!! xDD

    Hey m8, i think you did right thing and plus this is still early days after just finding

    out some personal dna info so imagine what you will be like when you get following

    improved in couple months or less :

    High Shbg

    high e2

    Adrenal imbalance


    Low free test

    Most likey low DHT

    Think about how many of these effect hard flaccid … actually they all do!!

    Got to give ya credit on still keeping these areas still open!! xDD

    hmm possibly both tylenol+curc lowers pge2/cox 2 levels too low and lowers your

    test+dht since body needs some too make testosterone from saturated fats and arachidonic

    acid. It may work better if sufficient free test+Dht is present than if low, actually im sure

    it would but just my theory…

    i think its all about finding the right balance of everything high sexual hormones and

    low inflammation status from improving liver methylation pathways so your SHBG and estrogens

    dont end up being clogged up in there. Plus fixing adrenals and thyroid will.

    How did your temp testing go?

    AWESOME!! xDD yep boosting dopamine and gaba will do that and majority of folks

    with se/pe are low here so nws on adding a little esp when it helps ya so much!

    LOL just like weed …!! oh man that is some good shat .. D



    “Ok so I cleared my mind a bit.. made a list of everything you mentioned.

    Basically the key supplements are:

    – The Activate Xtreme – to boost free T and lower SHBG

    – DIM – if neccesary, to keep E2 down

    – everything for adrenals – relora, B5, Vit C, and so on..

    – once get mva test, we’ll add vitamins for thyroid and more aminos. ”


    – AX defo need due to your high shbg,low test,high e2,high prolactin.

    Forgot too mention AX already has natural AI in it called brassaiopsis glumerulata but

    have no idea of the amount they are using.Dont think it will drop e2 too much so need

    something else …

    oh ya … also forgot too mention AX has both L-dopa 95% extract and 20% extract murica pruriens

    which are the strongest natural supps too increase dopamine and then reduce your prolactin

    and hopefully increase total test numbers.

    Lastly it has maca root 20:1 extract in it too which is commonly taking by peeps with adrenal

    fatigue and some swear by it that makes a big difference for energy levels, libido recovery etc

    Also some notice much bigger ejaculation loads from Maca root and maca is commonly used in the increased sperm supps! ;D

    Onto your high e2… you have a few choices all has its strength and drawbacks:

    Take dim too try lower e2 now and hope cofactors are present. Depending on when MVA test is done

    and if dim is taking too long and your liver is backed up from lack of b6,b12,folic then

    could increase e2 but this wont happen overnight takes couple weeks at least.Plus with already taking in

    Nac and Sam-e your already increasing liver detoxification in a big way so i doubt e2 will increase

    from Dim and im sure the folks who did have an increase werent looking at their liver pathways.

    Try adex/tamoxifen at small doses possible and hope e2 doesnt drop too much.

    Good thing here it will def lower e2 since much stronger than dim and you can notice e2 dropping on the same

    day but usually takes a few days where as dim may take a few days too drop or even couple weeks depending on how fast your metabolism

    is and also on the liver.

    Side effects long term from either should be very low if any at all considering small dose

    of adex needed but if were up to me i rather stick with all natural as possible.

    I think best route is too see when MVA test is done and wait for results or if you know results are comming

    back within 2 weeks then no worries dim wont be a problem in, increasing estrogens in this small


    Adrenals fix looks good plus the Phosphatidylserine taking in evening and then 2-3hrs before sleep.

    Im almost positive you dont need any cortisol med and this will sort itself

    out in time and right supps,lifestyle and sleepin pattern,improved sleep etc

    Yeah mva test onto methylation fixing your liver which will also help lower e2,shbg, lower toxins,

    get the liver flushing out fats quicker and then hopefully your thyroid building blocks

    are low so no thyroid meds are needed.

    Let me know what direction you gonna take with the lowering e2





    Good idea on sustain+ Ax combo! that be killer libido, ejac,

    test, energy boost stack!

    Long term they say 5dayon 2 day off and maybe couple

    weeks off every 2months if ya notice less effect.

    Yeah would highly recommend, prob the best natural supp i ever taking

    n has really helped with my trt restart, made all diff and libido

    is fantastic on it!!

    LOl what a coincidence!! with your slight adrenals case, i think you will be ok

    since your only stage 1 adrenal fatigue n you still have plenty reserve

    in noon,afternoon and evening Yea go for the Ax+sustain combo

    since AX mainly for less shbg>free test>dht, sustain for libido by

    increasing LH+FSH output > increased total test>free test>DHT

    while lowering e2 slightly. I remember you mention u wanted more

    libido, i think both will do the trick.

    u do sustain 1pump on testicles 1st thing morning since topical

    is more steady than pills>less spike, more consistency>less side effect on adrenals

    even if low morning. 1more pump on traps,shoulders or neway less bodyhair.

    workout days do 1 more pump on testicles or area with no hair 1hr b4 to help

    with extra strength, energy etc

    If u wanna be extra cautious can do sustain only first for 4-5days see how u feel.

    Should notice good feelings on 1st day, its very strong!! ;D

    I think with ur good noon+afternoon+eveningadrenasl reserve u should be good

    to do both AX+sustain straight away, say 1cap AX at noon or 1hr b4 workout,

    another cap afternoon. See how u do here, ifneed increase too 2caps

    x2aday AX and sustain up to 6pumps but honestly Frenchi … this is one strongest natural stacks for boosting totaltest+freetest and DHT, i be shocked if libido, energy, alpha male feeling is not through roof..!! so hope all goes well bro!!

    4got to say m8 … for bad braon fog day try 1/2tsp bicarbonate soda,

    1tbsp ACV/squeeze of lemon +2g vit c buffered powder .. this helped my

    brain fog alot and works instantly!! plus bicarbonate+ACV/lemon helps urdigestion

    n thyroid t4-t3 conversion.. AWESOME!! xDD

    with cialis was hit n miss dependin on e2 level n adrenals … if e2 was perfect then cialis

    worked extremly well n hard flacid wasnt too bad next day but still had but if

    e2 was high or 2low then hard flacid would be worse.

    so maybe best save cialis as emergency since ur e2 need to be lower but can

    be done in few weeks with dim+sustain+AX!

    All u say is i confirm its not for consumption when they email you too confirm it

    after purchase, no reasoning needed! xDD

    Excelent .. now imagine what your penile health be like when get shbg+e2+prolactin+

    test+freetest+DHT+adrenals+thyroid+methylation+inflammation optimized …

    pornstar material m8! D

    Agreed tyrosine is being converted too dopamine so hopefully not too much

    issues wiot methylation pathways n btw gaba helps with relaxation so may help

    hard flacid, looser balls,Pe etc

    if can afford try this experiment for me … take gaba behind tounge hold long as

    possible on empty stomach say 500mg 3x a day and then once before bed.

    i think will help ur hard flacid, looser balls, relaxation even more .. btw what gaba

    brand u taking?

    What type mag u taking?

    not sure if recommended u mag or to sum1 else but yes mag is 100% needed

    for any adrenal fatigue/imbalance esp before sleep at least 1g b4 bed in mag cirate

    form (Now brand powder is nice) or evn bttr if can find get the oil,gel,rub form

    as wont need to bypass liver so no possble of gtting the runs/shats etc

    Agreed, it helps adrenals alot since boost gh b4 sleep, higher morning

    cortisol plus increase DHea levels and if cortisol lvls are able too handle the

    higher dhea, then you body becomes more anabolic than catabolic meaning

    morevascular, muscular, burn fat easier build muscle easier, pumped muscles

    24/7, plumped bigger flacid etc helps insulin as well to get pushed into the cell

    and be utilized properly so body fat burns much easier! win win!! xDD

    *Mag is always low with adrenal fatigue usually at bottom and even more so

    if history of overmasturbation/overtraining*

    Calcium wont need if mag is low, as mag increases up take of calcium alittle plus

    calcium can be toxic/poison too ppl with low mag as will lower the

    mag+cal ratio even more causing messed up digestion,lower stomach acid,

    bloaty stomach, unable to get rid of excess water etc

    Increased mag will also make muscles alot harder.

    If must take cal then only recommend

    cal d-glutarate, less toxic form and lowers e2 lvl.

    U can try little mag spray on hard flacid see if helps , possibly it does

    being a relaxtant but i always used EPO 1000mg for hard flacid every morning

    +b4 sleep penile massages since it converts the penile blood/tissue into

    more pg1 so more pg1 to pg2 blood ratio in the penile tissues

    making the tissue more elastic and less hard n dense.U could

    give both these a try, see if it helps ;D



    I use this mag rub :

    It has 450mg per ml which is pretty good dose and i do 3ml before i sleep

    and also 1tsp(450mg) of now mag citrate during day.


    Im expecting too see some blocked liver methylation pathways from your mva test also some conversion issues and lack of hormone building blocks. If this is case then optimising these should help restart proper methionine>gluthathione production

    for efficient liver detoxification to prevent and quickly get rid of excess fats, liver bile> proper cholestrol conversion too all hormones ie adrenals pregnenolone,prog,cortisol,dhea

    sex test,dht etc toxins, bad bacteria> metabolism n immune system,excess hormones like e2 shbg etc

    reduce inflammation from clearing all toxic buildups in liver.

    This should help filter out the high SHBG+E2 levels and should also keep higher total testosterone, free

    and dht for long run. The AX+sustain etc is for little sex hormones kick to get it started faster and hopefully

    wont need for long term and you can wean of them slowly or stay on a lower dose Eod long term.

    However if your mva tests come back healthy then isnt problem with

    liver, gut etc but rather more serious hpta/pituitary disorder and long term use may be required for

    optimal health but i will be very surprised if all liver methlyation cofactors for

    glutathione production come in all healthy simce people without Se/pe/sexual health probs

    already have impaired glutathione detoxification pathways and actually at least 40-50% of population are

    undermethylators and only 10-15% are overmethylators! D:

    With sustain you can do 2-3pumps(1-2pump on testicles) 5days on 2days off so lasts bit longer, bout

    2.5months or so. Also PP drops sustain pricing too 30bucks 3-4x a year usually

    around New yr, Easter,Thanksgiving summer holidays etc so could try catch it right next time.

    Looking at your hormone test results again … i suspect possibilty of thyroid med being needed

    unless thyroid building blocks are all extremely low like iron, copper, tyrosine, selelium,iodine etc Your tsh is so high and free t3 very low so this is very important for you too see

    as soon as the results come in… sounds wierd but im hoping all the above are all right at the bottom so you dont have to go on thyroid med for life!!

    I wonder if you have noticed much reduced warmth around the genitals area? Do you also experience during hard flacid days the penile, testicles area are colder?

    i also stopped sweating during self practise and much less sweating during physical

    exercises until thyroid was optimized…

    I experienced this alot during my hypothyroid days same as the cold hands n feet but at same time my body warmth wasnt too bad unless was morning and i hated the cold mornings since my morning body temp was very low…

    Frenchi you manage to find that thermometer ? ;D

    High psa is also concern for prostate cancer but this will drop once high e2 drops since prostate

    is highly sensitive too estradiol.



    Sure not a problem Frenchi!

    Trt restart since Dec:

    Hmg 75iu x3 a week for 1 month(short n powerful kick for mainly fsh boost for

    sperm production, bigger testicles and some lh boost for testosterone production

    via leydig cells and also hmg can help sensitise the leydig cells)

    clomid 12.5 x3 a week for 2months at last week of hmg too increase fsh+lh

    via natural signaling from the pituitary gland unlike hmg

    sustain 2-3pumps aday 5days on 2 day off (long term since need to control

    e2 and keep fsh+lh signals up so natural production hopefully wont drop

    once off clomid)

    Toco-8 1xscoop ed too improve leydig cell sensitivty.

    With previous several natural test restarts i failed too keep the increased

    test levels and i think it was due to not keeping e2 from rebounding after

    clomid and also didnt keep lh+fsh up so hope this time it works .. but so far

    its going great, fingers crossed!! ;D

    Rbc fatty acid test showed high epa+dha levels from fish oils 3g for over half a decade,

    very low arachidonic acid levels (too clean dietas well)due too fish oil competing with it, as well

    as very low gla levels and saturated fats.

    Increased ala+saturated fats with diet beef sirloin/tbone/topside steak ed, 6-10whole cooked one side eggs ed,

    organic butter 1tbsp ed or more since use it too cook the eggs, beef etc, 1tsp olive oil x2aday+

    EPO 1g x3 ed for more pg2 too pg1 conversion due to sudden increase of AA+sat fats

    which can convert too pg2.

    All increase ala +saturated fats for building blocks too convert too more testosterone naturally and i think

    this is another main reason natural restart is going much better this time with no rollercoaster depression like symptoms from previous restarts.

    I have low cholestrol from overtraining, bad diets and possibly overmasturbating from age 11

    so i need too maintain high chol diet just too get chol into healthy range

    so it can be converted into hormones like preg,prog,cort pathways and test,dht pathways etc

    So main thing for me is keep chol up which is quite ironic considering how much the media

    portays chol as the bad guy ;D

    I had tanked fully depleted cortisol readings but now n again i had 1 decent reading out of the 4 just

    barely in range .. so ive experienced many adrenal meds like cortef, hydro cream, medrol, preg pills, cream etc.

    Cortef was ok but had too dose up quite regurlary and sometimes would cause a spike and crash or wouldnt sustain long enough. Medrol didnt seem too increase cortisol and

    hydrocort cream worked but needed alot.

    Preg cream seems to be best for steady, consistent cortisol boost as well as preg, prog etc

    which were all depeleted from rheins 24hr urine test. As long as dht is sufficient and preg isnt backed

    up into prog instead of cort and then will cause worsening of ed/hard flacid, high e2 symptoms etc

    15mg morning, 5mg after shower ed for adrenal pathways. Lucky i dont need

    more since some guys need up to 100mg or more a day.I think optimizing thyroid can help

    absorbtion so maybe other folks dont absorb as much hence needing higher dosing … maybe

    possibility .. or are fast hormone metabolisers….

    I need dhea cream dispite preg cream as preg doesnt seem to convert into dhea for

    me but usually does for others so i do small dose 10mg ed since helps libido alot as well as having more vascular appearance,

    muscles being pumped 24/7, bigger, veiny, larger flacid and actually seem to help produce an erection much quicker when it comes down to the business!D

    Possibly increasin dhea may increase eve more libido, anabolic effect long as liver can handle it and not be converted into estrogens since 10mg is very small dhea dose. Dr Crisler has some of patients on

    100mg a day! D

    My thyroid levels were high tsh and low free t3+t4 similar too yours but tsh wasnt as high, freet3+t4

    around the same. So once was on cortef for 4-5 weeks added in armour slowly.. Once armour started to be

    short in production changed too nature thyroid and i was at 3grains aday plus 50mcg t3. Had issues with

    absorbing NT due too the celulose binders in it. Now have dropped too 2gr only with product called

    candex too help absorb thyroid med better and by adding in extra copper, iron on top of some selenium,

    iodine, tyrosine ed it may have helped reduce the thyroid dose, Fantastic!! ;p

    Free t3 last was slightly above top range and i like too keep it here for optimal energy expenditure,

    body warmth, optimal metabolism, lower bodyfat, sexual function etc

    Most likely thyroid is for life since i much prefer higher t3 than mid/low range for optimal health! ;D

    I suspect always had or was prone too slight adrenal+thyroid malfunction due too always having alittle

    too much excess bodyfat around stomach, lovehandles etc dispite years of strict hardtraining in boxing, weights, clean diet etc

    Liver methylation supplements for healthy liver. methionine> gluthationine for optimal detoxification production>

    reduced inflammation,improved metabolism etc:

    Just about every cofactor for stage 1+ stage 2 glutathione production were all very low.Methylation pathway

    can be seen here :

    stage 1 b9/folic,b6,b12,methionine

    stage 2 cysteine,sulfur,taurine,zinc,glycine

    This confirmed extremely low liver detoxification processing so i needed to increase this

    by adding in all the supplements above except folate instead of folic,p5p instead of b6 since liver wasnt able too convert to bioavailble form.

    Sam-e was taking for 400mg x2 a day for around 2months then subsituted for methionine 1000mgx2 aday

    tmg 650mg x2.

    folate 800mcg ed

    p5p 50mg x2 ed

    b12 jarrows methyl 2.5mg x2 ed

    Nac 600mg x2 ed to help low sulfur as well

    taurine 800mg x2 ed also converts too gaba

    No glutamine due too high ammonia, had and still have slight issue with high glutamine too glutamate conversion.

    Zinc picolate 25mg x2 a day too help clear excess estrogens once liver methylation was increased.

    Some folks dont experience excess e2 clearance and i suspect blocked liver methylation similar

    too dim increase estrogens in some.Once increase magnesium levels for couple months added

    in calcium-d-glutarate 500mg ed which helps lower e2 or keep it in check

    Also it has seem to help alot with alergies too dust, dog n cat hair, sinuses,stuffy nose,itching,flushing,

    red rashes etc i suspect it has lowered my high histamine which is responsible for inflammation+pe. Possibly

    why that i have been able too lower tynelol too twice 500mg a week and tbh dont think i need it anymore

    for PE but slowly weaning off too make sure

    Core seems much tigther, more frequent bowel movements,very happy with my digestion, metabolism etc

    Less sensitive too paint, perfume, aftershave and overall much less alergy reactions etc

    So possibly have found root cause of the problems mainly inflammation causing PE dispite having had my hormones optimized! Awesome!! xDD

    Too make sure digestion can keep up with higher protein diet too increase muscle mass:

    Super digestive enzyme+oxbile 150mg too aid in cholestrol production and remove

    excess bile from liver: 1 tab b4 each meal

    1-2/ 1tbsp acv betaine tabs each meal

    I had slight insulin resistance before where too much insulin was roaming in my bloodstream and not making

    into the cells so my proten synethsis sucked and made my hgh action more catabolic than anabolic.Good thing dont need no supps for insulin/glucose management anymore since due too lifestyle n diet changes.

    Amino acids

    inositol 650mg x2 for liver detoxifer as well as proper production of serotonin levels.

    Tyrosine 2gx2 for dopamine, reduced prolactin. Only works if body has enough methionine/sam-e

    otherwise wont convert into l-dopa into dopamine.

    No more tryptophan/5htp or gaba no need!!:

    No more adex after chasing my e2 levels for yrs … thank fwock!!

    Now no more shrinkun nuts and smaller loads from being on TRT!! D

    With improved liver methylation detoxification process less inflammation and has helped

    PE since being able too take less n less tynelol… so is Pe due too inflammation more

    than hormones … hmmmm

    Frenchi I think optimising your hormones will fix your hard flacid, produce much stronger n frequent

    erections and the inflammation should help sexual stamina as well as all other general health improvements.

    oh .. forgot too recommend in getting a head honcho or fleshlight if can afford the more expensive

    toys for practise and confidence booster before attempting real thing again. Much more realistic

    feeling than simple masturbating and the feeling can not be compared, once i bought it, i never masturbated again since it was so boring compared to it plus gives you a guage on your progress.

    Heres it for decent price :

    If you use the head honcho make sure to get some thick elastic bands about 5/6 wrap all the way from top too bottom, more at the front too make it more realistic tighter fit.



    Yo Frenchi!

    Nice to hear from ya again and wow .. finally!! results are in..!!

    damn …2months it took them ..thats rather long considering i got mine in 2weeks

    posted from Stateside to Uk but at least got them in end ok!

    I was actually tinking other day how come Frenchi hasnt emailed me his MVA results yet

    and was hoping things were allright lol

    Yeah m8 been doing great as usual, no complaints just keeping busy and steping up workout

    routines and getting Jen more into it as well which has been rather fun heh heh

    ouch … it appears you have serious undermethylation going on from

    b12,folic,b2,b3 being very low. It causes up buildup of toxins,fats,hormones,

    bacteria,bile many other stuff to be built up in the liver as i mentioned in our previous chats

    and is the cause of your high shbg,high e2>lowered free test,dht etc

    If were me i would first start up some low dose folate acid 800mcg,b12 methyl 2500mcg

    for a few days see how you get on since it can release a detox reaction if u open up too quickly which

    can be harsh m8 .. so be careful on this.

    If after 3-4 days and no detox reaction then means ur body can handle it so double the dose and u should be feeling much better

    at least cognitively at first, the physical side should take bit longer.

    If after a month on 1600mcg folate and b12 5mg methly and ur feeling better then

    add in some b12 Dibencozide half a tab sublingual. This should get your liver working properly

    again and getting liver going means better gut health,absorbtion,metabolism then finally better

    brain health to better performing HPTA.

    Need to open up liver>gut same time so you can clear out the high shbg,e2,regulate hormonal rythm

    and also help absorb foods,supps better. You should see other MVA lvls

    go up when you restart up the natural liver detoxification process in boosting stage

    1 glutathione production with b12,folate first. Make sure is folate not folic and

    b12 methyl or hydroxy type not cyano for 20x much better absorbtion.

    ahah! remember me mentioning about the types of minerals causing

    ur low tyhroid before m8?? Turns out copper,iron,selenium are actually

    all extremely low which causes low thyroid.Surprised to see ur iodine

    fine tho but everything else is extremely low.

    If were me i would fix this after a month of liver methylation supps above

    and also month of preg & dhea cream with iron supp and source naturals

    advanced ferrochel has worked well for many, say start 2 tabs aday for few days

    see how you feel then increase to 3 then 4 if u feel need more

    since your iron levels are terrible then that should sort out iron levels to help

    hopefully restart thyroid production.

    However you need copper as well for iron to work and vice versa but they both

    compete with each other so must take copper and iron at seperate times.

    Copper i would start with 2mg a day for few day see you respond then

    increase 4mg.Your zinc is great but copper lowers zinc intime

    so be aware of this.

    Selenium is terrible and without selenium your thyroid is unable to convert

    t4 cells to the much more active t3 cells for tyroid to do its job.

    I would start selenium l-selenomethionine 200mcg twice a day.This is best form of


    Molybdenum helps thyroid as well so try 250mcg x3 a day.

    No wonder ur thyroid was low m8 considering all building blocks apart from iodine ur body needs

    to make thyroid cells are near non existant!

    Was magnesium taking during this time Frenchi? if not then you need 1-2g daily in form

    of oil spray since want to take keep stress away from your overtaxed/underperforming liver

    plus with undermethylation most likely have difficulty absorbing oral form of mag.

    Largest dose taking before sleep to help morning adrenals,recovery,dhea and hgh boost.

    Plus is awesome for morning sex… waking up completely relaxed,

    tension free with big ass morning wood is reason to take the mag along!! ;P

    Your aminos dont look too bad, i thought be wayyyy worse!!

    Cysteine is not too bad so can reduce Nac too 600mg aday or less.

    Glutamine is fantastic! So leads me to believe your gut aint too bad and also

    your muscle response to training isnt terrible but some things are low

    which affects protein muscle synthesis.

    You do have conversion problem since you have great glutamine but gaba

    is very low compared to glutamine. Again to do with ur confirmed extremely low underperforming stage 1 methylation status.

    Taurine is not so bad either so this confirms its ur stage 1 gluthathione pathway that needs

    supplemented and not stage 2 from not too bad cysteine,glutamine,taurine levels but terrible b12,folic,

    niacin lvls.

    Glycine is low though and adding in some glycine will help convert your greatglutamine lvl into

    ur low gaba which helps your hpta to make HGH.Plus induces calmness and lowers acth response to

    making cortisol when in stress so can regulate imbalance cortisol levels which you have.

    Try 500mg x3 aday for starters and then double to 1g x3 aday if not enough.

    Your BCAA’s are low in leucine,isoleucine and valine. Im not sure if u already take

    BCAA’s but i remember you mention your into lifting weights which bodybuilders need alot

    of but im sure u know this so wont go into the technical aspects.

    Threonine i have no clue on but something to look into as mentions hormonal and energy.

    Methionine is low as predicted hence the previous sam-e recommendation.

    Makes sense since you need b12 and folate acid to make methionine to sam-e for

    natural liver detoxification.How did u feel on sam-e ?? Did u notice any improvements?

    It may not have been the answer since your b12 and folic are lower which

    is above the methionine methylation cycle so for u b12 and folate would work

    much better.

    heres a wee article on b12 methyl that was already in me bookmarks :

    Surprisingly tyrosine is good, n1! ;D

    Tryptophan is low which makes pe worse. I would give either tryptophan 2-3g before sleep

    atry or inositol 1g or so x3aday which your body makes tryptophan> serotonin from naturally.

    Plus inositol is great liver detoxifer and helps stimulate the hpta so it may be better suited

    for you.

    hmm.. not sure you may have a good chance considering copper,iron,selenium,molybendum are

    all extremely low.It depends if you have taking these forms of supps before

    altogether and how u felt after a period. If you havent i wouldnt jump onto

    thyroid just yet since once your on your on for life unless u dont mind or say

    you dose 1grain or so for a yr just to help jump start it and then try slowly wean off but

    its a huge risk and if i had someone advise me on this before i started thyroid

    meds i would have tried natural route first but entirely up to u m8, since we

    all got different circumstances.

    hmm i wonder if your histamine is actually low and not high as i suspected ..

    since extremely low folic niacin and b12 levels points to this.

    Do you have any allergies Frenchi?

    Low histamine usually mean you dont have depression but just dont feel much at all

    mentally, emotionally due to no motivation,no energy and sit around more often than before.

    Give preg cream a try since supps not working via biovea 1pump/15g morning for few days see how u feel then

    increase to 30g if need.Possibly adding in b12 high doses sublingually will help along with

    preg to sort out adrenal issues so means you wont need the 100g a day type of dosing

    plus you had a couple ok cortisol levels, so not that bad m8

    *Averale males makes around 90mg pregnenolone aday.*

    They also have a prog,preg and dhea all in one cream

    which has double the amount on May be better for u due

    to hard flaccid which preg can make worse but boosting dhea will counter this as it help convert

    testosterone to dht more.

    If this too expensive can try micronised preg tabs with 1tbsp olive oil, borage oil to help

    prevent too quick absorbtion which can cause wierd wired side effects in some people.

    If your going to start any thyroid med make sure you take a cortisol boosting

    med like preg/cortef before for a good few weeks to prevent thyroid sides.

    Boosting liver detoxification with b12,folate and adding in preg cream will lower

    e2 levels but how much is the question… honestly dont think you will need ai unless you start something

    like hcg as long as you adding in right things at right times

    Remember, always adrenals first before any thyroid even if mean some short term possible hard flaccid

    sides which can be sorted out pretty quickly with dhea cream and increase free test>dht. The thyroid

    sides are the worst since bp/hr goes suddenly up then you feel your heart is about to burst out from your chest.

    I think from your symptoms and fact your sitill training with weights your adrenals can handle

    adding in sustain/activate extreme or both along with the preg/dhea cream no problem, plus will help

    prevent anymore hard flaccid sides.

    So sorting out adrenals with b12,folate,preg,mag oil spray 1-2gram before sleep preferrably

    2g if affordable and also take sustain/activate too increase free test and dht for a month

    then add in either thyroid supps or thyroid med is possibly the best route for you Frenchi

    from lookin at all your test results and symptoms.



    ahh yeah defo!.. 250mg mag wont do much but 2g oil spray will make big

    changes for your sleep, recovery,adrenals etc I get mines from Uk source which is more

    of a liquid rub but has 450mg per ml and i do 1.5gish before sleep and only cost about 30bucks,lasts about 3 months so not bad cost wise. ;D

    Thats why your cysteine levels arent too bad but i had thought b4 testing results you would have

    the less severe stage 2 gluthathione undermethylation but from results it confirms you have

    the more severe stage 1 gluthathione undermethylation … but good news once you fix this

    liver pathway with folate and b12 you will absorb everything much better ie liver taking in more of the

    good and flushing out more of the bad.Frenchi i remember you mentioned tylenol not working as well

    as before which low folate and b12 causes.Also other types of meds/drugs wont work as well

    due to this liver pathways being blocked and not working correctly. Once you fix your b12 and folate

    everything else you take will work much better and that includes supplements hence why

    you dont experience much from taking supps just like myself b4 and just about everyone else with stage 1 undermethylation.

    No motivation will be from adrenals,thyroid and the low free testosterone from high

    shbg and e2. I think your body can handle working out when its not loaded with extra stress with studying, semester etc With some stress involved training goes out the window like you need extra cortisol,alot more thyroid and alot more free testosterone.

    So these symptoms matches your cortisol test

    where your adrenals wasnt totally fried but just stressed out and needs a wee break and thats where cortisol comes in!

    wow .. Frenchi your genetics cant be that bad if you stopped working out for month and still have the muscle

    and not put on any fat plus the hypothyroid and high shbg+e2!! xDD

    2 Tylenols helps by lowering inflammation which your liver isnt sorting out naturally due to low b12 and folate.

    Causes a methyl trap in high homocysteine just after stage 1 glutathione pathway and just before stage 2

    and this causes inflammation which the tylenol helps with but not as much as before, possibly tylenols

    side effect was lowering your livers gluthathione production via b12 and folic acid even more to point you dont receive

    full effects. Some folk who take viagra for yrs end up with diminishing effects but once add

    in some folic/folate acid it starts working properly again.

    I had previously thought it was your gut and low stomach acids being issue for the less effects of tylenol but we know now from results its the undermethylation at fault.

    Once you add in some b12 and folate it should help this alot and also help bring back full effects

    of tylenol, if tylenol is still needed.It may be best to stop all tylenol,booze etc for that 1st month to let liver

    absorb as much of the b12 and folate as possible. Since they can be easily oxidised if your adding

    in anything into ur body that lowers gluthathione production like tynelol,booze,coffee etc so would just be wasting the supps in a way.

    ahh for the tryptophan … you can take either tryptophan or inistol but after least 1 month

    of b12 2.5-5mg sublingual,folate 800-1600mcg.The liver is most important as you dont want

    to back itup even more by adding too many supps so want to clear it out first.

    Fact that you dont have any allergies, symptoms,extremely low b12,folic and nacin confirms

    low histamine, wouldnt even need blood test to confirm as all signs are there!

    Along with b12 and folic add in some niacin but dont start them alltogether so you

    know how you respond.Take niacin after you got use to the b12 and folic.

    Just a wee caution, your face may end up feeling all tingly similar to taking high dose gaba ;p

    You need some histamine to have proper HPTA functioning especially for the sex androgens

    so this is another root issue.Low histamine can lead too causing

    E.D ,lowered libido,less intense orgasms etc Also you need some histamine to make neurotransmitters

    serotonin and acetylcholine.Serotonin helps with pe,feeling relaxed and acetylcholine helps with libido & actual erection

    strength and helps alot with hard flaccid as well. I eat alot of lightly cooked eggs everyday and sometimes

    a few raw organics before sleep or if not i subsitute it with some 1-2g choline tabs sometimes.

    Now that im thinking more about it maybe you wont need tryptophan or choline if you can get

    your b12,folic and niacin high enough since ur liver will make the rest from it… will have to see how you get on ;D

    hmmh .. its a tough decision but after my experiences and what i know now i personally

    would recommend natural route first but if you can get thyroid for free then might actually be better to

    try both supps and 2grains of armour for quicker improvement in health and optimized thyroid production.

    You could still try wean of armour in 1-2yrs depending if the supps are effective enough later on

    Looking at your results again :

    PSA: 1.9 range: <0.5-4 (optimal 0.5-2)

    Free T4: 1.8 range: 0.7-2.5

    Free T3: 3.1 range: 2.5-6.5

    TSH: 5.5 range: 0.5-3.0 * <— think the range was supposed to be 0.5-5

    TPO: 16 range: 0-150 (70-150 borderline)

    Your tsh is already trying extremely hard to make thyroid cells but there were no building blocks

    in your system apart from iodine so thats the best your body could do. Now imagine

    what it would do with selenium,copper,iron & molybendum.It may not reach the absolute

    top range but i reckon would hit just above mid range within 2-3months.

    So possibly that extra bit of thyroid i suggested would hit your optimum peak and after a yr or 2 you

    wont need it but just the thyroid supps but at a less amount because ur liver methylation stage 1 pathway will be much be better by then.Heres hoping!!

    Also the copper,iron,molybendum and selenium help alot of other things apart from thyroid.

    Heres a few links already in my bookmarks:

    iron and copper work together:

    folic defiency :

    Peoples experiences on Molybendum:

    Complete diagram of methylation cycle and diff types of methylation :

    Methylation can be hard to digest at first but keep reading at it m8 as the methionine b12 and folic sections will be extremely helpful for you!

    Frenchi i forgot to say alot of your mva test results relfect some form of heavy metal poisoning

    especially the low b12,folic,copper,iron,selenium etc points to mercury.

    You havent had a history of high fish consumption especially tuna,tooth fillings etc have you?

    Prob nothing but thought i’d make sure

    Only other down side i can think of is absorbtion when one has candida or leaky gut symptoms.

    Then one will need to take high dose celulase supplement to absorb it properly even if taking sublingual

    due to the binders in the thyroid meds.

    hmm.. just thought of something! If you can get thyroid meds insured from doc try also

    get cortef and nvm the preg since preg can make hard flaccid worse!Cortef wont affect hard

    flaccid at all and plus would save u lot money on buying preg cream,pills etc!

    You could do this :

    Start cortef 5mg first thing morning behind tounge and then 5mg 4hrs after.

    Since we dont want to keep you taking it for life keep at doses 20mg or below

    so say max 10mg am, 5mg midday 5mg 4hrs later.

    This will help give your adrenals a nice long rest for 1-2yrs then you can try wean off

    or whenever you feel alot better.

    Do this for a month on cortef 5mg x2 a day for 4 days then increase too 20mg max

    if you feel you need more. Will help inflammation so may help hard flaccid as well.

    After 3-4 weeks of cortef add in thyroid med at half a grain max for 4days then increase

    to 1 grain total for 4 days then again add in half a grain max. Most people can tolerate half grain dosing

    but some can only handle 1/4grain jumps at a time but i think with your adrenals being not too bad you will be fine.

    Work up to 2grains if need but no more since above this you have much less chance of successfully weaning off.

    Also start adding in thyroid supps same time as starting thyroid med selenium first,molybendum,copper and then lastly iron.Try give few days inbetween.

    Remember that cortef and thyroid med wont work as well as it should at first since you have low

    gluthathione production from low b12 and folic so possibly after a month of b12s and folic

    you will notice the cortef and thyroid effects more.

    So if you can get cortef and thyroid armour or nature thyroid from doc insured start of with b12,folic first or same time with cortef and then 3-4 weeks after cortef start

    thyroid med slowly as i described above for less chance of side effects plus thyroid supps.

    You can also decide to take sustain alpha topical along with cortef so adrenals at least

    have some extra cortisol to handle the extra testosterone,dht production.

    Lastly would still recommend dhea cream biovea/lifeflow brand at 1pump a day as helps alot with being more physically vascular including helping helping hard flaccid being more plump etc



    *Here I asked Chris what he thinks about the root of hard flaccid being pelvic tension rather than inflammation and hormones:*

    Yes I have read about this alot over the years

    and actually spoken to someone with extreme pelvic floor tension or prostate/anal

    automatic contractions. Yuhu had a severe case of this and he solved

    it with intense long consistent vacuum cupping sessions and the cold water

    treatment.He also had many issues with his hormone levels.

    Iam not sure if he said it caused his hard flacid but it couldnt have helped it.

    Frenchi you ever did the prostate contractions exercises/kegels where

    one squeezes their prostate muscle repetitively for reps n sets?

    Ive read over the yrs folks who over practised this prostate exercise

    end up eventually having severe tension around the gential region.Luckily

    for me my case with prostate tension wasnt too severe and optimising my biochemistry

    and a lil tylenol sorted that out!

    Your theory makes sense and is very common with folks with

    pelvic floor tension in that reverse kegel relaxes the area abit more

    to cause bit more blood flow to the genitals but its a forced relaxation like

    you described and we want to have normal unforced relaxtion for optimal

    spontaneous strong erections.I also use to do this myself to try relax this region

    and also increase my erection strength but like you say its forced, unatural

    and is definitely not optimal, not even close!

    You make a good point and i agree that pelvic floor tension is unlikey to cause undermethylation,

    hypothyroid,high shbg, e2, low free test etc At same time these other folks

    may not have hormonal issue and its mainly a physical issue where they masturbated

    and tensed up the prostate/anal area too much during masterbation or practised kegels

    over the years and overdone it. Could also be some kind of physical accident, or some physical

    congestion being built up around prostate from sitting down too much, or even cycling on too

    hard a seat can cause prostate/pelvic tension so alot of factors and possibly one may not even

    recall so very hard to say m8.

    Frenchi I think its possible root cause could be either or both

    depending on ones experience, symptoms and bloodwork. From my experience I can say reducing inflammation

    in time helped me last long and feel complete tension free so for me decreasing inflammation does loosen up the tension in this whole area,

    which then increases normal blood flow, more plump flaccid, more spontaneous natural harder erections and not rubbery etc

    Same time though you have to think there are lot of ways to decrease inflammation.Depends on

    where blockages are.Did these folks do mva test too see how their livers were performing or just

    hormone tests?

    For example your case Frenchi you have many methyl traps causing

    blocked pathways so tylenol is only doing a tiny job in lowering inflammation yet you do

    see some decent results from tylenol alone.That shows me you still have great healing ability and your

    body can get back to way it was at least.Your body is reacting to just one thing in tylenol & thats

    a great sign.

    What happens when you add in the rest? Im hoping you see

    combined improvement.

    Also maybe need factor in :

    increasing free test levels : More/optimal test level >faster recovery> less inflammation

    lowering your high shbg : less blockage in liver>less inflammation>higher free test lvls

    lowering high e2 : same thing as shbg but increases total test lvls as well as free

    increasing thyroid : Regulate blood cirulation,warmth, optimal metabolism, better digestion

    too absorb more effectively nutrients from foods,supps etc Proper bloodflow > hormones,mvas circulating

    throughout whole body into local tissues more effectively >faster recovery>lower inflammation

    This is me just using extreme short version .. plus bit sleepy 3am here lol

    Frenchi thats great news about tylenol working again properly!

    This is before even working on your methylation/inflammation, high shbg,e2,low free

    test, adrenals and thyroid. Even fixing one of these components would make a big difference.

    I mean i just received an email from our good m8 Janek and it was titled as :

    title : yo dude I love you

    Couple lines from his pm :

    Needless to say there has been ridicolous improvment in sexual function. As well as energy from the unexpected cortisol boost. was previously much lower.

    I guess im tellin you this cuse I wanted to thank you man. You fuckin called it with the HCG mono dude you smart fucker you. I could kiss you right now im so happy.

    yes thats what he LOL havent replied to it yet since chose to reply to yours

    first but he seems to be doing quite ok :p

    I would copy n paste his pms but not sure if he be ok with that but the gist of it was

    a few months ago he was very confused, fustrated in all this as one can understand

    and he really wanted to jump on to testosterone replacement due to very low t levels for his age.

    I gave some advice similar length and in depth to yours Frenchi and advised

    on hcg and how I feel it would work tremendiously for him because from his bloodwork/test baseline lvl

    and symptoms, testes sensitivity was still strong and alil boost

    in LH signaling would most likely increase his total testosterone.

    I pushed very hard to persuade him to not start testosterone replacement and make

    same mistakes i made and then having to fail natty test restarts, the depression,ups n

    downs,decreased testes size,decrease sperm qauntity in time etc

    I believe now his test level went from 400 to 1065 above the top range 800ish and his

    erections are stronger than before and libido stronger than before so this can work

    and works often m8, just have faith and give it a good go and if then you still have some

    slight pelvic tension , we can go from there.I’ll get yuhu to give some advice as well

    if need … hes from Uk as well m8!

    Ive said couple times before with your experiences,bloodwork, symptoms and the way you understand

    all this I have no doubt you will see great improvements.

    If you havent overdone these kegel exercises,overly/forcefully contracted your prostate muscle

    during moment of ejaculation, accident involved around pelvic area, sitting down on hard seat allday for yrs,or riding

    bike on hard seat for yrs then Im certain you wont need the physical treatments as well.



    Great stuff, phew!! experience with kegels or any that funny malarky!

    When you see endo Frenchi push hard for either :

    Erfa thyroid


    t3 cytomel + t4

    These are the best absorbable thyroid meds the others like new formulation

    armour, nature thyroid, thyroid s etc have more celulose in them meaning

    less absorbtion with some peeps.

    Yeah that be sweet if endo can run some tests and even better run some other

    types of hormone tests! Hopefully this guy pulls through for ya, wish ya best of luck!

    ahh nice idea on hcg … it would increase your total testosterone but too how much

    im not sure since depends on ur liver e2 conversion.With your undermethylation backed up liver and already high

    present lvls of shbg and e2 you would most likely have high aromatisation of

    the lh too e2.

    I reckon if you were to go this route would highly recommend start with

    smaller dose for less lh>e2 conversion say 100-150iu eod or

    5days a week.I think you may be ok with this smaller dose, less e2 conversion

    and less chasing e2 24/7.Dim with the other liver methyl supps should keep e2

    in check here without an ai, hopefully, but you may end up needing an AI since

    hcg can horribly increase e2 in some folks, it really depends on how you do

    on the liver methly supps to increase your undermethylation cycle

    and unblock all the pathways let out the already high shbg and e2 hormones.

    The other slight issue im worried about is your experience with pregnenolone

    making hard flaccid worse.Janek didnt experience this with preg i dont think.

    The hcg also increaes

    progesterone which preg also increases.

    If enough thyroid is present or

    free t3 lvls are present then the progesterone will increase too cortisol.

    Janeks free t3 lvl was higher than yours Frenchi and hes only 19 so the conversion enyzmes

    are still in tip top shape.With not enough present free t3 lvls the hcg

    may stick at increasing progesterone only and no cortisol increase, thus lowering dht lvls and then

    hard flaccid symptoms increases and libido drops.

    Possibly if you defo want to do the hcg route, wait till you have started

    thyroid replacement so better prog> cortisol conversion takes place.You could

    try hcg first before thyroid but i wouldnt recommend for the above reasons, not

    worth the risk in my opinion, could make yourself worse.

    With SA and AE supps you will defo experience lowering shbg and higher free

    test.Altho it wont increase total test lvls as much potentially as hcg and possibly your idea of hcg

    of increasing total test as well could bring you back too even better

    sexual and general health just incase lowering of e2 doesnt increase total

    test enough too optimal levels, this like an additional backup.

    hmm good food for thought… Possibly instead of Sustain alpha

    go with low dosing hcg, 100-150iu 5-7x a week since looking at your

    total t lvls its bang on the mid range so an increase here would improve your well

    being dramatically.

    However before hcg i would highly recommend starting the dim too lower

    e2 plus liver supps so its not being backed up and thus increasing e2 which happens

    if liver cant shift it out.Adding hcg without the dim and liver supps

    will cause chance of higher rate conversion too e2 so would recommend at least 1 month

    on dim and liver supps before hcg.

    Plus start the activate/testopro before hcg too ensure

    enough DHt is present too counter any possible increase of progesterone from hcg

    subq shots and also for lessening shbg>higher free test lvls.

    If possible, endo will get you the good thyroid meds listed above then give the thyroid

    replacement at least a month as well before hcg, that way you have everything covered

    as much as possible incase of any of the hcg negative progesterone, estradiol side effects.

    Frenchi if you want to be bulletproof safe then 1 month of dim plus liver supps and then retest e2 see if it actually lowered.If so then hcg is np.

    I think this route may work better than previous long as your liver can reduce

    the e2 lvls enough and keep e2 conversion at bay so it can do its job at the other

    detoxification pathways too keep inflammation low as possible.



    Thanks for the tip on thyroid meds. Will do.

    I’ve never actually taken Pregnenolone, it was Nirvana who claimed it made his hard flaccid worse after he took it a few times. But I’m guessing something similar would happen on me cuz Nirvana and I have almost identical symptoms.

    I think I’m actually gonna go through with the HCG. So like you said first I’ll take care of thyroid, next cortisol and E2. for E2 I’ll try DIM first, if no go then move to AI. And then lastly add in sustain alpha and AE.. retest.. hopefully by now thyroid looks great, E2 is in check, SHBG is down.. and so if T still wont be ideal I’ll probably get on HCG.

    I just wanted to ask you about cortisol – remember you told me to get the doc to put me on Cortef? you said Preg has a chance of taking the wrong pathway and so might make hard flaccid worse for some time so just to stay safe I should get on small dose cortef to give adrenals a boost.

    I’m still totally down for the idea. Sounds great. I don’t really care if its for life either.

    What I wanted to ask is..

    you know how in Janek’s case the HCG boosted his cortisol to good range. (At least he believes so, won’t know for sure till he gets back test results). But he does claim that he feels more energy, so lets say it did boost his cortisol.

    What if the same happens for me? What if the HCG helps boost my cortisol enough so that I don’t need cortef anymore. But since adding in HCG is one of the last steps in my protocol I guess I’ll never find out.. since I’ll already be on cortef.

    So I guess what I’m asking is do you think Janek’s case is a rare one where HCG boosted his cortisol. Or is that pretty common? Since my cortisol and everything else is generally worse than his, you don’t think it’ll boost my cortisol like that right?

    I’m curious because if HCG tends to do that then I;d consider adding it in the beginning.. but I completely understand what you’re saying.. that I need to make sure my thyroid and adrenals can handle the HCG in the first place.. and E2 must be in check.. so the plan is to take care of them first. The question was just outta curiosity.

    and do you still think Cortef is a good idea?

    so say the plan is somethin like this: thyroid meds, vitamins and minerals for thyroid and adrenals, retest, add in cortef and supps for adrenals, retest, add in DIM, retest.. hopefully things work out to this point.. then add in Sustain and AE and other stuff, retest, then if I don’t feel 100% add HCG.. and last fine tuning with neurotransmitters.

    I know I’m taking up a lot of your time bro.. so just give me two word answers.. I’ll grasp the idea..


    Hey Frenchi,

    sorry m8 gonna have to be swift, very on the go atm so will get to main points:

    cortef morning 5mg dose is great since your morning lvl is lowest.Actually

    may be best to do cortef same time as thyroid med.If cant get cortef then take

    thyroid dose at noon and afternoon only when ur cort was good lvl.

    Tip:Place cortef behind upper lip and gum will last longer than behind tounge.Try make it

    last 30mins for best absorbtion.

    This is only temp dosing, say a yr or so and adrenals should have plenty time too recover

    and then can go of cortef.

    Good point and isone of reasons why i recommend small morning 5mg dose to start.

    If you do both hcg and cortef for least 4 weeks redo a x4 saliva cortisol test and if

    too high drop the cortef.

    Good q, and yes its somewhat rare just depends on thyroid free t3 lvls. Usually peeps

    with adrenal fatigue have thyroid probs and the prog wont convert to cort unless

    one sorts out their thyroid before.

    Yep possibility may increase ur cort when u do thyroid meds for a good month b4 the hcg.

    You will also need folate and b12 sublingual for your undermethylation

    and inflammation since these 2 are main liver detoxifers it prob best to start with these

    supps even b4 the thyroid and adrenal supps if

    cant afford all can do the rest later.They will help shift out ur high

    shbg and e2 lvls as well and also make sure dim does its job properly.Reducin inflammation will

    hep with the pe/sexual stamina side.

    800mcg folate orally and 1000mcg b12 methyl sublingual behind upper lip and gum to start of with.Best to start

    before doing the dim.

    I think you also had some probs with the methionine methyl cycle being backedup but will

    need to look at this later on .. will help alot with inflammation also.

    lookin at ur test results again :

    Free T4: 1.8 range: 0.7-2.5

    Free T3: 3.1 range: 2.5-6.5

    if u can get doc to prescribe u erfa u will prob end up needing 3 or more grains since

    free t3 pretty low ..this should get to near top lvl if not then possibly high rt3 lvls and some t3

    cytomel will be needed to lower rt3.

    remember starting thyroid med max 1/2 grain jump every 5 days or so, see how u feel.

    Something i forgot to mention :

    DHEAS: 231 range: 70-325

    ZRT use very low top range dhea lvl when should be 500-600 top lvl so ur dhea

    is actually very low n i found boosting dhea helped alot in having more relaxed,

    fuller, bigger flaccid and much more spontaneous erections.

    If u can get Life flow dhea for men 30mg a pump that be good start.. think its about 25bucks..

    altho i think u will need much higher dose something like 100mg at least. Micronised Dhea

    by Trimedica is best brand since rarely increases e2 lvls unlike other brands. 50mg n 180

    caps in total around same price. If you want to try dhea cream first u can do this straight

    away since no chance of e2 spikingbut for the capsules i would suggest splittin the pills and

    start with 25mg daily and take some

    oil with it for best absorbtion and less e2 spiking.Fish,evening primrose,olive etc

    wait till u test e2 after being on dim for 4weeks too see where e2 is at and increase too 25mg x2 aday if e2 is

    good lvl.

    Possibly u could start tis 30mg dhea cream and 25mg dhea micronised pill with some oil

    to start with along with b12 methyl sub,folate acid,cortef n thyroid meds for 4 weeks .To save ya money

    dont do tests yet cause u should be feeling aton better if not let me kno n then retestin may be needed.

    After 4weeks n hopefully feeling lot better add dim 1 cap aday.After 2 week of dim note any changes,

    hopefully e2 doesnt drop too low, u will know if u loose erection too quickly or unable.If so lay off dim for few days until returns then do half cap only.

    Once use to effects of dim say after 2weeks add AE/Testopro 2caps aday to start.

    Forget bout sustain for now i think hcg will be better 4u once thyroid med is in place to

    also help prog to cort conversion and higher potential for total t boost.

    You can do hcg same time as AE .

    Hcg 100-150iu Mon-Fri shot subq belly ab area will be safe start without too much e2 spike.

    If ya need source n hcg mixing instructios i can help with that np.Hcg runs about 5000iu for

    15bucks or so. Should last 50days.



    Good question m8 … n its a tricky one due to the hard flaccid symptom

    and how much preg actually gets increased into prog and how much it

    impacts your hard flacid plus whether or not the prog

    increases into cortisol…its not a risk I would take, having tried the preg myself

    before sorting the rest before, you would like most likely

    make hard flaccid worse!

    Frenchi what was your dht reading again??

    Also are you able to test preg+prog blood? .. may have to get doc to do the preg and DHT as dont think the ZRT do these 2 tests unfortunately.

    If you have high DHT you may get away with it and with ur high shbg low free

    test its most likely your DHT will be below mid range so again preg not worth the risk.

    hmm.. yes you make a good point bout the e2 it does have

    to be lowered otherwise adding in preg increases prog which can make E2 receptors

    more sensitive esp if one is hypothyroid and plus we have too see first how much dim+methylators opens up your

    detoxification liver pathways to clear the excess e2. I know AI would drop E2 like a rock but rather not go the AI route for life as that just adds more inflammation in your liver

    and lowers your gluthathione levels which are already very low from your MVA test.

    I would give the thyroid 4-6weeks and then retest the cortisol x4 saliva and see how it has been affected, it can go up or down and your midday and afternoon is quite high and we

    hope it balances it out into your morning cortisol level, that would be the perfect outcome!! D

    **If you can get cortef only 5mg morning dose will be needed, if not I think with your recent improvement in the sun your thyroid med will be able to recorrect the cortisol without the cortef/preg**

    Im more concerned with your dhea adrenals rather than cortisol after relooking at ur dhea lvl.Remember the ZRT top value is 200-300pts lower than optimal and maybe

    for ones like us we need more .. i found i did and keep it around 500ish with dhea cream and micronised pills, helps bring up the gas for libido so to speak

    so Im able to perform at me best everyday and also for feeling more

    physically vascular all around and better pumps at the gym.

    Best thing to do would be instead ordering preg cream order the dhea cream from biovea either the DHEA plus or DHEA Male … i think the male one has more abour 30mg each

    pump last a month. Increasing my dhea to top range really helped with hard flaccid

    and just having alot more fuller plump flaccid in general. Increasing Thyroid,DHT, total+free

    test,mid range e2 completed it and then sorting out the inflammation with addressing

    adrenals if need be, opening liver pathways and previously with some tylenol did the complete job

    for the PE side and just generally having more energy, insane recovery,

    having a good laugh etc

    wow … no idea Janeks planning on test.. that hopefully wont be needed until hes a senior citizen!! ;D

    With the small hcg doses it should take until hes least 40+ for trt but maybe something has came up that I dont know off…




    thanks for the explanation. Answers my question. I actually spoke to Js earlier today over pm, he gave me his own explanation, says hes doing good.

    Chris I reread all your old pms in the past few days and made notes. I grasped way more reading it this time. I wanted to give you a break from this place, but since you’re here, hope you dont mind me asking a few q’s.

    I made a list of everything you mentioned. In very short,

    in the next few weeks I’m gonna start with B12 sublingual, folate acid and niacin at first. Take those for a few weeks and let liver pathways open up. Then you said at around the same time I should introduce Cortef small dose (5 mg in morning), thyroid – Erfa (and if doesnt bring T3 to top level add in T3 Cytomel), and DHEA cream + pills, and a bunch of basic supps liek magnesium oil. Then 4 weeks later retest, then add DIM, retest in 4 weeks and then finally to optimize T, either go with HCG or AE + Sustain combo.

    So my q:

    1. In your older posts you were saying its very important to be on adrenal meds before introducing thyroid meds, cuz thyroid med without adrenal med first can make you feel like shit for a few weeks. So basically cortisol before adrenals. Then in your later posts you told me I can start Erfa or T3 Cytomel at the same time I start Cortef 5 mg, which is 3-4 weeks after I introduce B12 and folate. So do you say I start cortef first and then add in Erfa or starting the two the same time will be fine?

    2. You said I should try Erfa first and then if it doesnt bring T3 to top level, means I got high RT3 and then I should add in T3 Cytomel. In some older posts you said I should take T3 Cytomel together with T4.

    My free T3: 3.1 range: 2.5 – 6.5. Free T4: 1.8 range: 0.7-2.5.

    So lets say the Erfa doesn’t bring my T3 to top level and I decide to add in T3 Cytomel, would you recommend I add in T4 also or is it not neccesary.

    And also if I add in T3 cytomel, should I lower the dose of Erfa or keep it the same?

    I hope the endo knows this, but in case he doesnt I thought I’d ask you.

    But onto a happier topic.. how you doing? hows work? hows Jen?

    I bokked an appointment with a local endocrinologist and the earliest opening was for October. I was pissed off. So I found a hormone specialist that costs $ but probably knows more then the endo anyway. Follow up appoints are also months spaced apart so its kinda frustrating.. but I’m honestly excited to start doing all this and start seeing some improvement in my health. A girl I hooked up with once texted me recently sayin she misses me n stuff and I realized how badly I want to solve this already.

    Thanks again for your help.


    Hi Frenchi!

    No worries m8, I’ll get to the main bits as have few things planned!

    Yes b12 sub behind top lip and gum hold for 40mins at least 5mg.(Jarrow

    brand most absorbable)

    Folate start 800mcg ed for week see how you feel, do 800mgx2 aday

    after a week if not much detox reaction.Possible detox reaction

    with some.

    If can get dhea cream try that for few week and see how you feel, if need

    add in the pills later once e2 lowers. Can save money and add dim after 2 weeks

    of folate and b12 once pathways have opened up abit to let the e2 out.Start

    Dim after 2 weeks of folate and b12 and after 4 weeks test

    E2,Test total, SHBG, Dhea etc If Hormone

    specialist can test your dht, preg,prog that be awesome! ;D

    AE start with half dose for few days same time you start DIM

    to speed things up. Both will be increasing test one by lowering e2

    and one by lowering shbg route so you should feel much much better

    this point with the free and total test+dht increase.

    After few days of x2 AE dose increase to full dose AE

    to get your shbg down and free test/dht up. Hcg/sustain too boost

    the total test whichever you prefer same time you start full dose AE.

    1.Take the thyroid meds at noon and afternoon when your cortisol

    was at its highest from saliva test so enough cort is present to enable

    thyroid to enter your cells instead of pooling in the blood.

    Cortef 5mg for starters in the morning.

    If you take your thyroid meds in morning will defo need to take

    cortef 5mg dose first and wait 1 hr b4 thyroid med as your low

    cort morning level is far too low.

    Cortef 5mg is needed tho for the

    moment as your morning lvls were below bottom range.

    2.T3/Cytomel and T4 only if cant get ERFA thyroid.If can get Erfa

    work up slowly until your feeling warmer, more energy etc and then

    retest.Highest dose for erfa is 5grains but hopefully you wont need

    such a high dose.If after 5grains and still t3 hit optimal or if

    you find out rt3 is high then t3/cytomel will be needed with

    the erfa same dose.Lowering of erfa dose will depend

    on how much t3/cytomel increases your free t3 lvls..If for some

    reason Erfa doesnt bring up t4 lvls then try T4 med.

    ahh sorry to hear that m8 but glad you found alternative ok!

    Everthing still going great, we couldnt be happier and gonna head

    out to one of Jens best friends bday party later on so should be fun, i get

    on with all her m8s like house on fire so always gud laugh!



    Alright that’s everything.

    *For anyone that doesn’t know Janek is JS. JS is a member of the board. His new name was YO in his later posts.

    *Its been over a year since I talked to Chris. I was on Vit C, B100 and such and my adrenals recovered naturally it seemed, cuz when I retested them cortisol looked a lot better. So I may not need Cortef but I wanna retest adrenals again to make sure.

    * Everything else I’m still planning on doing.. like thyroid meds.. DHEA cream all that

    * Obviously I can’t afford ALL the supps Chris mentioned so I’m only gonna get the ones I think are really needed for me. All you should do the same. Pick the ones you think are most important to your case if you can’t afford em all.

    * I decided not to go the HCG route for now. I’ll see how far I’ll get with the supps and meds. If it doesn’t work out then HCG is my next step. Since Chris is off TRT now and is doing fine.. it makes me believe that it can be done without TRT.

    * I started taking Niacin NOW brand (flush free from iherb) 250 mg a day about a week ago. Feeling even better mentally. It also has some Inositol in it which probably helps too. My hard flaccid’s started looking better too.



    thanx french…



    Whos giving you all this information?

    most of it seems pretty good



    Thanks A lot Frenchi, I really apreciate it .

    I shall make it sticky in the resourcearticles section were i preserve the most informative threads over there.



    Frenchi are you still on about this stuff?

    You know hard flaccid is a pelvic floor disorder issue not a hormonal imbalance — right?



    has anyone solved hard flaccid recently? have you?

    I started taking supps/vitamins for liver and adrenals only and already feeling better, hard flaccid has improved. And this is just the beginning of what I plan on taking so we’ll see how things unfold. Even if it is pelvic floor disorder, which i believe its not in my case, i still have thyroid issues and clogged liver and other things, I can feel it, if I get less than 6 hours of sleep for example I feel out of it next day, my eyes are puffy, my voice is quieter, those are symptoms of low thyroid. So either way I want to take care of liver and thyroid and E2 first and then other things. If my method doesn’t work than I’ll try pelvic disorder method. But its worked for Chris who had very similar lab results to mine so it would be illogical for me not to try this.

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