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    HEY ,



    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here





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    Though dr lin says these methods work best once you start gettting spontaneous erections.



    hey, im a bit confused to try this method. isnt it like masturbating and then holding back ejaculation and keep repeating. what if i get sexually exhausted because it is masturbating right? how many times a day does dr lin reccomened it?



    Armani, It’s not just masturbating then holding back. Theres the whole breathing and contracting the tail-bone while having sex or masturbating. This is in order to interrupt the motor nerves to the prostate (by redirecting them to the spine) hence delaying ejaculation. Actually I read somewhere else that if u masturbate everyday or have sex everyday without ejaculating your testesterone levels will sky-rocket. I’ll check for that. The exhaustion comes from ejaculating not masturbating. Check

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    thanks cim. do you know how many times a week dr lin reccomends the penile balloning method?

    that sexual chikong thing will take some practise to do.



    Hey again, I don’t think theres a limit. I do it all the time when i’m peeing. Squeezing my butt and putting pressure on the bladder by inhaling. Theres the massaging the spongy tissue on the root of the penis also -though I haven’t tried it too often. I too find Dr. Lin’s exercises to be quite complex to understand sometimes …maybe it’s the language barrier when he’s translating from Chinese. But i do think they work once you master them. My priority now though is getting a hard one o clock erection that lasts long, then I work on the PE and bedroom skills. I actually can’t wait for that day



    cim, im actually talking about the method where dr lin says you have to rub your penis until ejaculation and repeat for 30 minutes. its called the penile balloning method. you gave me a link for it. but i dont know how many times to practise it.



    hey Armani, i tried sending you pm with the chapter on ballooning, but it seems like it cannot post. I think if you can do the exercise without ejaculating -every day would be good. Matter of fact awesome. If you want to do it till you ejaculate, then the usual laws on masturbation applies. Once per two weeks or every other week. Same with sex. Dr. Lin says he practices the screwing technique with his wife every morning with his wife without ejaculating. This is the sex-version of ballooning as it lets the vagina massages the root of the penis



    interesting. alan ritz says in his book that a lot of strokes in sex will start to convert testosterone into dht.



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    …I believe that Lovemaking is a good exercise for this purpose!

    So, take our products and have a 20-30 minute screwing sex without ejaculating every morning to boost your hGH level for a growth of your penis, her clitoris and G-spot. You don’t need Coffee to wake you up anymore!….

    I tend to believe Lin a lot coz in my prime i used to do most of what he recommends without me actually knowing that I’m training my organs and hormones. I would have sex for long periods without even ejaculating(I had to concentrate hard to make myself come). My drive was very high. Then the masturbation started….



    thanks cim. i give it a try.



    I’m not sure if ballooning is what we need here. It’ll probably maximize your erection for effective lovemaking, but I keep thinking that stroking the base too hard is almost like jelqing, where the penis is stretched out and ligaments/nerves are damaged from the pulling. Again, I’m not sure on the whole procedure, but this is probably a practice to be done after one is cured.

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