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    I found wellness and health clinic like 15 min away, well I had a appointment with a nurse pactictioner well I told her my story of dealing with this for 8 months and how I went to a bhrt doctor to get prescribed bioidentical t cream and how my penis and testicle are shrinking. I told her Im not taking the t cream and etc because the doctor doesnt seem that knowledgable.

    well she knew alot about hormones and etc. because she said she used to work with a doctor who specialized in it , and thats the reason she scheduled to see me. but here’s the catch he doesn’t practice down here anymore , he plans on opening his own practice in a month.she even told me when I told her bout doc wanted me to take prozac. she was like thats crazy the best one to take is wellburtin and prozac causes all the symptoms I have. well she ran a complete bloodwork to see how my levels look to compare with my nov & dec. and we will go from there. she even asked me what is my view on the testosterone shots, and how they work quicker than the cream. good news right

    Heres the bad news

    when I start living my life again and not worry about this it seems like my penis and testicles shrink more. its so bad now its to the point that the shrinkage is unbearable. my penis feels like its dying off, and my scrotum is tight it is uncomfortable to lay down or sleep , or sitdown at times. the shrinkage before was bad but it never hurt and I could deal with it , but now this is .

    Im trying to find ways to get some size back I clean diet up again, I even filled my script for viagra , I plan to take a 1/4 pill each night to see if that will help get some size back so I can make it to my doctor appointments. the pain was so bad I had to call off from work and said I had a stomach ache and shit told them I was going to the ER I didnt even go

    here the new shrinkage


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    Sounds to me like you should find a doctor to put you back on hrt but one that knows what he’s doing.

    So that he finds you the proper dose of T for your condition and the proper ratio of HCG and arimidex or any AI.

    I remember you identified your problem correctly you got low T and high E2 and thyroid is in check. So you need trt + AI for E2.

    So you went on trt but the doc didn’t put you on hcg? is that what happened? I remember you posted your story on musclechat and people were saying you need add hcg and raise the dosing or something along those lines..

    so you got off t cream, if thats right, and here you are with shrinkage.

    So you need to get back on hrt and do everything proper this time.

    Are you considering shots now or what?



    yea possibly , the nurse was telling me how the shots work faster compared to the cream and should help alot faster.



    I tried the viagra 50mg last night , broke it down into 1/4 pieces but took 25mg because I figured the 1/4 didnt work , didnt know you have to get aroused still thought it would be a spontaneous erection. the pill worked and I lasted for a while , dont know really since loss of libido or was it the pill.

    I got 3 pills for 80 dollars , didnt want to used my insurance because I work at a grocery store and had to fill the script there to get it real cheap. I know all the women that work in the pharmacy most of them are my age plus its work alot of gossip goes on so I had to bite the bullet.

    my plan is to take 1/4 everynight before bed after that pill last night my flaccid penis seems to be more relaxed havent had the shrinking pain that has been occuring lately.



    Can’t beat that price. $2 a pill is awesome.

    And CJ I’d get on the T shots as soon as possible if I were you.



    who you telling , hindsight is 20/20 I thought I had problems a few months ago , my flaccid penis was smaller than its normal size but it still looked healthy somewhat. I have another doctor appointment I setup for tomorrow its like a 2hr drive away , im gonna see what their knowledge on hormones is and ask them about clomid. I just left the bookstore reading a testosterone book and it had treatments methods and it had a chapter listed clomid or anastrozle(arimidex) hopefully they are up on clomid.

    might have to try the anastrozle again , I saw pmgamer complaining about since its generic he has to take 1mg instead of 1/4 like he does with the arimidex.



    No joke if you find a doctor whos willing to help you then good go with it. Even if the treatment he offers you is bad or somethign it dosnt matter. All you need is a prescritpion for testosterone all the other components you can get yourself online. You can adjust your doses yourself and what not.



    cj i still dont undetstand why the doc put you on testosterone when you had a TT of 500 ng/dl you should give clomid a shot before anything.



    do you get morning erections or erections of any kind at all ?



    no havent notice any lately. funny I used to get them before the bio identical testosterone cream, this is why I also filled the viagra , gonna take before bed to at least get some blood flowing at night.



    got a call today said my labs are all back in but they cant treat me because everything fine whatever I asked her on the phone what was my total t and estradiol. she said the total t was 393 and my estradiol was 22.2 I have to pick up the copies and see. then she told me the hormone doctor she was telling me about is only gonna treat women. she gonna offer viagra , thats all good but viagra doesnt help with no libido and smaller penis size , muscle mass.



    Wow that sucks dude….

    393 what a joke…..no joke you may wanna think about seeing dr. Chrisler.

    He would take one look at your labs and would know exactly what to do.



    yea im trying to work this out, im already dealing with bs at work and barely can get time off to go to doctors and etc, plus they are cutting my hours at work and money is getting tight. I really thought I found someone locally who can straighten everything out. trying to keep this shit on the low from co workers , family , and friends is starting to get ridiculous.



    CJ what’s the range for T and E2 in your blood test results?

    Just know that even Viagra can’t do much if your E2 is very high.



    your T is low , and she’ll give u viagra??!!!

    Keep working in your nutritional deficiencies and balancing your hormones

    and try to keep a record of your penis measurement and your testicle size too…

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