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    i got my clomid which was only filled partially 10 days . im on day two and I already notice les and shit popping up in 2 days.

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    a positive note in the miserable journey you are in

    hope this stuff will bring your nuts back online man

    keep us updated



    Clonus has been proven in a few studies done on men to restore normal testosterone levels and enlarge the testes.

    1. Don’t take it too late at night because you’ll have the most horrifying nightmares.

    2. Good dark black hairs started to shed on my head, so I had to stop taking it.



    glad to here taht, keep us posted



    im currently doing 12.5mg CLOMID EOD seems to work out..



    im doing 50mg a day for 2 months from my doctor.

    im on day 3 I dont see or feel much of a difference, it seems as if my penis/testicles are still shrinking. my mood is way better though I feel like probably 60 % myself the other 40 is the penis situation.



    just stick with it you can’t always see results in a mere three days

    you can later on adjust protocol so just follow it

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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