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    I have noticed that my penis is cold when flaccid. could this be low T and circulation problems?

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    i found that by shaking the penis the hard flaccid will turn into a normal flaccid.

    Anyone else notice?



    yess. I noticed the same thing. I wouldn’t say it brings it back to normal flaccid.. but at least much closer to normal. Interesting. so basically blood flow from shaking allows it to return to more normal state? or what else can it be?

    Byron, it’s due to many factors not just one. But yes testosterone and poor circulation are big factors. Get tested for everything and you’ll see what’s happening without having to guess.



    Coldness in any extremities is a sign of poor peripheral blood circulation.

    Regular Yoga, meditation & cardiovascular exercise will boost your blood supply to all organs. This will also boost production of hormones. It will also boost your mood so you forget all about your problems.



    could it be venous leakage?



    nah its not that. i actually get full erections sometimes but not all the time.



    LoL yes yoga and meditation will cure SE and even will make you capable of levitate.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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