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    guys i think this is due to my thyroid problems? any way to fix hypo? anyone else have this problem?

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    Raynaulds syndrome usually due to lack of circulation cardiovascular.disease.or.thyroid. Correct under lying May Imbalances off hydrocortizone now going to 4 grains of thyroid in next six.months.



    Well I wanna state something important.

    While I am finding not that helpful the comments from hardas, one thing he is repeating it IS actually HELPFUL. Im talking about the cause. The cause is the most important thing to look at. It is not easy at all, and while you look for it you can develop a good supp/med plan. But the best would be to find the cause. I think I have found mine. Aluminum chronic poisoning from the use of an antiperspirant…

    If you dont stop/heal the cause, supps/meds will only camuflage the symptoms, but is not a good way to go. Like if you recover and start overmasturbating again, or using ecstasy.



    Number one rule

    we are not what we eat but what we absorb, assimilate.and.eliminate.

    This by and all the supplements if they are not.properly assimilated.

    This is.basis approach.

    Detox/ chelate

    supplement/support enzymatic pathways

    fine tune

    Manipulations.of cytochrome p450 by finding the hidden.metabolic roadblocks

    Working with a variety of.people using this approach people are responding very well.



    I agree with the parts I can understand

    Maybe you could speak on a more understandable level for us?



    ok hardasnails, i think my thyroid is cozing a lot of my what do u propose i do. i mean hw do i find d cause?



    hey sarg do u have cold hand( tips of fingers) and cold feet even when people around u are pretty cozy? and dude talking abt the cause is bs…u can never be sure something is ur coz because we have almost all glands fucked…….



    Hey man, yes I know how you feel keep talking about the cause and speculating around feels like losing your time (especially if you try to follow or understand what hardas says ), but it is important. But when you are too screwed you dont have energy enough for research the cause. I dont have time nor energy nowadays to look at the cause, ALSO everytime I masturbate I have awful POIS so yeah masturbation is one of the causes. What we want is the CURE, right?

    I´ve noticed that my hands and especially feet are randomnly cold at certain moments of the day. It is weird cuz I always had especially warm hands and feets in the past, even at cold days. As a side note my penis is almost always cold… especially while having hard flaccid.



    could be from your mild adrenal fatigue (low progesterone), low Iron , high estrogen

    as for your thyroid I would neglect it ,since your Thyroid results in your LOG doesn’t indicate any thing unless you have high RT3



    Fucking estradiol. No natural way to lower that shit.

    I just wanted to say that lol.



    High rt3 are stressed.induced easy as that. Masturbation is a symptom.of the cause which is behavior.induced due to.ones own inability to cope with stress. It may be driven by how you are wired in your brain. There is no one cure, but rather bringing all systems back in balance. If i was to.analysis a pois and rip.them apart system by system i am.sure i would.find.numerous things wrong. Then.people.wonder why i work with drs because i am the one to do.research on cases where they are stuck.or just not.educated in specific area. at the environment need to focus on the host.. If I do not know the answer I know top medical professionals who do..



    When ? All the time or especially after ejaculation ?



    I found a good alternative doctor in Hadley Massachusetts. The problem for me is having to fly back out to see him for follow ups to have the homeopathic dosages adjusted, I’m in California. Also making sure the homeopathics are not deactivated by not letting them go through an x-ray machine, or keeping them away from any electromagnetic device.

    He doesn’t advertise, he only goes by word of mouth or referral.

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