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    Does anyone else experience cold hands regularly? Even when it is warm out and your in a t-shirt? I’m not sure if this from sexual exhaustion, smoking, stress, or just hereditary. Let me know what you guys think.

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    Nope, not me. I am always HOT. Every part of my body is always HOT. My body temperature is running to an extreme because when I have the air cranking and buddys are over, their like holy shit its chilly in here. They think it is too cold at 65 degrees, so I know their is shit up with me. I just tell em, that they need to be eating their red meat, because they act like girls who lack iron, haha. I eventually turn it off for them after they complain too bad. I wish that my body temp ran normal, I sleep with no blankets, I hardly ever wear jackets, and in the winter I can never understand why people have to have their houses so warm. Everyone who knows me, knows that when it is too hot for me I am uncomfortable. My dad calls me hormonal ! Little does he know, that this shit is entirely what it is. He is so stupid too, because I will say little things back to him like, “Well I bet I am” and “Yes, deal with it” and hes like ok, calm down “You’re too young to know what it is like.” Fucking idiot he is.



    thyroid + adrenals.



    interesting ackstone. dont be so sure that was cause by all this shit though, i doubt that most of the other are overheated all the time.

    so max, are u saying that my adrenals and thyroid are overactive or what? what can i do get them back to normal?



    under active



    if anything my adrenals are overactive; the stress response increases blood flow to major muscle groups and away from extremities. i don’t know about the thyroid though



    do a 24hr salvia cortisol

    tests thyroid, dheas

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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