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    will cause the energy to become stagnant on that area. Just like thinking your same life issues constantly will create easily blockages.

    Solution: Reach the ultimate state of relaxation of body and mind, where you totally forget that you even are there. These are very important practices.

    Lie on your back or standing, and try to feel the earth’s magnetic force pulling down and relaxing your whole body and every muscle/tissue. Take support from Earth and feel yourself lightweight as air, almost like you would not have a body at all. Melt down all the tension and pain in your muscles using your mind. The goal is not to feel yourself as heavy. Continue this process until you are able to make your body very soft and relaxed at will.

    While relaxing your body, empty your upper mind ( brain ), stop observing your body and forget totally that you even are there. This way you will give the much needed rest to both your mind and body.

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    Some yoga instructors teach that i.e. concentrating to the breath is same as relaxing. I used to think like that until I figured out that observing the body is not relaxing at all.

    It is when you totally think nothing and at the same time relax your muscles when you reach the most natural state automatically. This may be the best meditation practice because it is also the most natural.



    I think you are confusing with some stuff.

    In buddhism / yoga there is concentration of the mind on the breath. Once your mind becomes really focused you can enter deep trance states, called jhana. This is not the goal of buddhism, however in yoga this used to be the goal, because attaining the highest jhana meant union with Brahma.

    Why focus the mind on the breath? It leads to a clear and calm mind, makin you ready for vipassana practice, i.e. observing thoughts as they come and go and realizing impermanence in everything, thus leading to nibbana.

    however, in yoga there is also something called yoga nidra.. this is where you lie down, focus your attention on one body part, consciously tell it to relax while breathing out. And then you work the whole body.

    i feel this is a very good practice as even though youre focusing your attention, its still relaxing for the body.. and ultimately this will lead to calm your mind

    done correctly and once youre fully relaxed, youll feel a tingling on the body, this is the sign that youre ultimately relaxed

    more people should practice this method its really relaxing



    Yeah, commanding the organs to relax is very effective.

    It took me many months to realize that while using computer my eyes became unable to relax. So I command my eyes to relax every day, it work wonders. You actually feel how the eyes become very tense from using lots of computer, and how this tension can be released.

    I must research more of these yogic methods you mentioned.

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