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    Total harmony ( perfect energy and health ) can only be attained by being natural in natural environment or by being enlightened.

    “Who understands the world is learned;

    Who understands the self is enlightened.

    Who conquers the world has strength;

    Who conquers the self has harmony.

    Who is determined has purpose;

    Who is contented has wealth.

    Who defends his home may long endure;

    Who surrenders his home may long survive it.”

    There are no escape or alternate routes, the body can not be cheated.

    Those who follow alternate ways and try to cheat the body will endlessly fail ( and suffer ).

    The question should always be: “Why do I suffer?”.

    If you know what it truly is, that makes you suffer, what then stops you from correcting it. But if you do not know what is the problem, how can you correct it ( and the suffering goes on…. )

    This is important to realize I think. Knowing this, we can concentrate only on our own healths since there is not really much we can do for others, other than share our thoughts. And lead by example.

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    “The vast knowledge which you have gathered from books, borrowed from philosophical studies, thoughts and imaginations, are of no meaning, they are not yours. They are nothing to be proud of. Only the you in you is real; when you clean it from everything; you will find an ignorance – of who you are. It is the only ignorance which no one likes to be exposed and, by every means, has tried to bury. But it is the only treasure you can be proud of, and it is yours. When you reveal it, you will face your natural innocence, and then your experience of enlightenment is not far away.

    But enlightenment is still an experience and as long as you are there as the experiencer, your enlightenment is just part of your enlightened ego. Go beyond it, have courage and dissolve, become yourself fully, you are like a vast ocean, don’t settle for being

    a drop. Attain the beyond, the ultimate void – which is real and which is – you.

    Sat-Guru Swami

    Krishna Gautam

    Why look for good feelings from drugs and masturbation since we are able to feel those higher energies all the time.

    To implement the spiritual aims of His Holiness Sat-Guru Swami Krishna Gautam from India.

    To implement the fulfilment of mankind through the awakening of Kundalini, the Divine Energy, which is lying dormant in every being, by the teaching of ancient scientific techniques and therapies including Divine Meditations as taught by His Holiness Sat-Guru Swami Krishna Gautam from India.

    To propagate and teach the ancient philosophy of realizations as known by seers and sages from the Vedas and Upanishads.

    To help, encourage and teach spiritual seekers worldwide through its Kundalini Unfoldment Fellowship.

    To propagate and teach Divine Meditations leading to self-realization by direct methods without dogma and to solve the purpose and the real meaning of life for beautiful living in the world.”

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    Chapter 6, Tao Te Ching

    “The Tao is called the Great Mother:

    empty yet inexhaustible,

    it gives birth to infinite worlds.

    It is always present within you.

    You can use it any way you want.”



    Falling in love with a woman is an important thing, since it awakens the hidden ecstasies hidden deep in your body. Everyone looks for it, some use drugs, some go to worlds end looking for a person to awaken those feelings.

    You like this feeling because you have felt like that before ( for a long time )

    The goal of spiritual/healing methods is to awaken those kundalini forces and restore there original state of mind/body ( supercharge ), thus solving suffering forever.

    Starting with relaxing, meditation and turning eyes inward is a start.

    Chapter 51, Tao Te Ching

    “Every being in the universe

    is an expression of the Tao.

    It springs into existence,

    unconscious, perfect, free,

    takes on a physical body,

    lets circumstances complete it.

    That is why every being

    spontaneously honors the Tao.

    The Tao gives birth to all beings,

    nourishes them, maintains them,

    cares for them, comforts them, protects them,

    takes them back to itself,

    creating without possessing,

    acting without expecting,

    guiding without interfering.

    That is why love of the Tao

    is in the very nature of things.”

    The Tao can not be exhausted:

    “The Way is full: use won’t empty it.

    Deep is the matrix of the myriad creatures.

    Blunt the sharp:

    Loosen the knots:

    Dim the glare:

    Follow old tracks.”



    I like the saying that all these teachings and knowledge is not really anything to be proud of. They add complexity to our already complex world.

    People should stay healthy naturally without effort.

    But in our environment we need to stay focused to not let our bodies become moved by the restlessness and stress that is surrounding us everywhere.

    Thus knowledge and theories were introduced…

    There are tons of knowledge in the internet, waiting for someone to read them.

    It can’t hurt to know how to increase energy and yield but such knowledge is nothing to be proud of.

    I admire those who know how to recover and attain harmony without knowledge, this is the ultimate man I think. He is able to create what is needed from nothing.



    he is the natural man… he follows what he knows is right.. not what he believes to be right.. beliefs come and go..and will always let you down..strip away the conditioning placed up us all.. and be left with what is..all that is.

    knowing comes from within,as does healing.



    Chapter 10, from one translation of Tao Te Ching

    “Embracing the Way, you become embraced;

    Breathing gently, you become newborn;

    Clearing your mind, you become clear;

    Nurturing your children, you become impartial;

    Opening your heart, you become accepted;

    Accepting the world, you embrace the Way.”



    “44. Contentment

    Health or reputation: which is held dearer?

    Health or possessions: which has more worth?

    Profit or loss: which is more troublesome?

    Great love incurs great expense,

    And great riches incur great fear,

    But contentment comes at no cost;

    Who knows when to stop

    Does not continue into danger,

    And so may long endure.”

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