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    Does anyone have constant urges to piss? lets say every hour or so? Its weird cuse i just developed this about a week ago despite feelign alot better with my SE related symptoms of ED and PE.

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    This may be a sign of prediabetic state or other imbalances in kidneys or prostatis, blood sugar. Also look at the amount of coffe you may be drinking as well. Some times people that are taught mastrubation is a sin and do not do it for many years end up with prostatis from it. You need to clean the pipes every so often or you risk getting an infection



    weak parasympathetic nervous function



    i def agree with the weak parasympathetic nervous function cuse my SE symptoms are premature ejaculation and boners taht tend to flop on my stomach. Any advice how to strengthen my parasympathetic function?



    If you want to strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system, than you must dedicate yourself to a fell exhaustion recovery. Eat whole foods only, drink a gallon of distilled water daily, walk or light jog for 1 hour minimum daily, take a multivitamin, take fish oilzzz learn meditation, think only positively, take time everyday to destress wether it be by reading, or watching your favorite show, eliminate as many toxins as you can, etc



    ok thanks………i hate this shit so much so fucking complicated to get better



    a comprehensive solution

    dont forget to add Amino acids too…they help in building neurotransmitters and balance hormones



    I had this symptom too. It’s gone now.



    k thanks what are your other SE symptoms . i wanna see if our situations are similar and did you do anyhting to heal it?



    Its not that complicated if you have ability to have proper testing and get with a person that knows what the hell they are doing. One must start from ground zeros to rebalance your system properly other wise you are prone to failure.



    Addressing hormones+amino acid, lifestyle changes, vacuum cupping/massaging, cold water treatment solved all of my own SE, ED, PE, precum leaking etc



    a symptom linked to low testosterone.



    Its not that complicated if you have ability to have proper testing and get with a person that knows what the hell they are doing. One must start from ground zeros to rebalance your system properly other wise you are prone to failure.

    Seems pretty complicated to me. I have been suffering with this for years. I always feel the need to urinate. Imbalance of Neurotransmitters I suppose.



    I agree with the idea of the weak parasynthetic system being a cause for excessive urinating. I normally have to pee every hour when I am at stress–>university.

    But the worst symptom I suffer from the weak parasynthetic system is undoubtely seminal leakage. So fucking scary and weird. Ejaculate wityhout ejaculating.



    The urge to pee ended up being excessive sympathetic activity. Once my nor epinephrine dropped the frequent urination simply stopped over the course of a few weeks.



    how did you lower epinephrine?

    i have the same symptom. its been 8 months for me.

    I also have severe PE still. I thought it was gone but its still there . its really horrible to live this way. im severely depressed



    There is a big difference btw epinephrine and norepinephrine. Its norepinephrine thats the culprit. You must examine your neurotransmitters.

    This is a post I made at musclechat in regards to what I belive to be the ultimate way to evaluate ur neuro function in todays day and age since we curently dont have the technolgy to acuratly measure neuro brain levels.

    The chances of any of your symptoms going away permanitly without you fixing all the things that are imbalanced and broken in your body are less then 1 %

    Ok so check it out. When I first came to the various forums in april of 2010 I went to go see Shawn and since I was postive that my problems were related to some sort of neurotransmitter imbalance I asked him to run neurotesting from neuroscience ( yes I know its never been proven to correlate with brain levels).

    Ok so the results from 08/14/10

    Epinephrine = 5.6 Range 7-12

    Norepinephrine= 25.4 Range= 30-45

    Dopamine= 105 Range= 115 -175

    Serotonin= 68.6 Range= 115-165 ( Thank you excstacy!)

    Glycine= 426.3 range = 455-980

    GABA= 3.0 Range= 4.7 -7

    Glutamate= 19.6 Range= 15-32

    PEA = 28.1 Range= 30-70

    Histamine= 11.6 Range= 14-24

    Ok then right before I went to see Dr. Mariano (1/15/11) I got a 2nd set of testing done , basically same story.

    Epinephrine = 4.0 Range 7-12

    Norepinephrine= 31.6 Range= 30-45

    Dopamine= 65.8 Range= 115 -175

    Serotonin= 38.3 Range= 115-165 ( Thank you excstacy!)

    Glycine= 166.9 range = 455-980

    GABA= 2.7 Range= 4.7 -7

    Glutamate= 7.4 Range= 15-32

    PEA = 19.6 Range= 30-70

    Histamine= 5.9 Range= 14-24

    So one of the many things I talked to Dr. M about where my neurotransmitter results. He basically said that they are indeed hard to evaluate as it hasnt been established how well they actually correlate with brain levels. He said the only urine neurotransmitter that he has found to correlate with brain levels in his patients is the serotonin. So we both agreed that clearly exstacy blew out my serotonin and was causing alot of my issues. He futher went on to say that a very useful tool that would make those above tests more valid would be to run the metabolites of dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine and serotonin which are readily avaiable at most labs. Unfortuantly since I had more serious issues such as hypothyroid , low T, adrenal disregualtion etc we first went on to deal with that and left the neuro results alone . Pretty understandable but I still made note of what he said regarding the metabolites.

    So a few months later im working with a different doctor here in NYC and one of the tests she offers is called Organix Comprehensive Profile – Urine from metametrix labs. basically its very similar to the nutraeval test and one of the things it test is the metabolites of all the neuros i mentioned! So obviously hoped on this as well as ordered another neurotransmiter kit from neuroscience and did both the tests side by side on the same day.

    these are the results.

    Vanilmandelate(main urinary metabolite of norepinephrine and epinephrine) =0.8 Range= 1.3-4.9

    Homovanillate ( Main urinary metabolite of dopamine ) = 1.4 Range= 1.6-10.9

    5-hydroxyindoleacetate(main urinary metabolit serotonin) =1.2 Range= 1.6-9.8

    And then the urine neuroresults once again ( done same day)

    Epinephrine = 6.0 Range 7-12

    Norepinephrine= 24.6 Range= 30-45

    Dopamine= 88.3 Range= 115 -175

    Serotonin= 89.1 Range= 115-165

    Glycine= 240.3 range = 455-980

    GABA= 3.2 Range= 4.7 -7

    Glutamate= 11.7 Range= 15-32

    PEA = 20.9 Range= 30-70

    Histamine= 7.3 Range= 14-24

    So as you can see the urine results correlated very well with the urinary metabolites and ofcourse my symptoms of depresion, apathy, lack of arousal, Premature ejaculation, lack of concentration etc etc. On top of that I also had elavated forminoglutamate which indicates very faulty Folate metabolism. Folate is highly linked to all those neurotransmitters its one of the most important co factors actualy. have been supplementing with the bioactive folate 5-mthf.

    Anyway Great test that really just further confirmed to me what direction I need to go after im stable in regards to HRT . In todays day and age its probably the closest we can get to evaluating our neuro function. Another great addition would be a urine amino acid test as well to see if your deficient in any of the precursor amino acids as well.

    So in summary

    1) urine neuros

    2) urine metabolites

    3) urine amino acids and vitamins

    About as close as we can get in my opinion. But first things first and get your hormones squared away.



    Hey Falcor have you any clue about a succesful treatment of depleted neurotransmitters? All over the net I have read about treating with the precursor aminoacids, but it doesnt seem as effective as it should be. To sum up, I havent seen a guy (?) claiming that he has “recovered” with them.

    I mean, when you are defficient in certain hormones, most of them can be injected into the body and with that you are fixed (leaving alone side effects as infertility) but you can´t get external neurotransmitters into your body do you?



    Amino acid therapy has been proven to be effective at restoring neurotransmitter levels. Google

    Marty hinz and neuroassist .com. They are the most up to date and Experienced website in regards to fixing low neuros. Theres plenty of info all over the web. I dont know were ur looking.



    Just talking foolish,a bad costum of mine. I just wanted to ask you for a treatment. Dont really know why I added all the other bullshit.

    I got confused looking into meso or musclechat, because of someone complaining about the aminoacid therapy.

    But I trust you (since you are recovering and I am not haha).

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