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    Masturbation is definitely the culprit for my serious dysfunction.

    The hardest part about all this is knowing you fucking did this to YOURSELF!

    I started masturbating at 11 and from the beginning it was excessive. I dont remember the average amount from that long ago, but some days it was once or twice, others it was more. I remember at around 13 my foreskin would swell up for a day and then be back to normal after about 24 hours. Those were the days when normal recovery was possible with abstinence. I should have been smart and reduced but who has this type of information or self control at that age?

    At 15 I started to notice some slight ED. If I abstained for a few days I could still recover. At 16 PE crept in slowly but surely and its progressed ever since. I also started to notice a hard flaccid but that still wasnt severe and would fluctuate between normal hang and hard flaccid (which is relatively normal). By 17 Id developed consistent ED, (trouble getting and maintaining erections) and full blown PE. The ED was still somewhat manageable with abstinence but the PE was here to stay.

    From 18 to 22, I kept dealing with the same smyptoms, but I realized masturbation was the problem and fluctuated frequency. I could go a week or two without but was still prone to have days where Id do it up to 3 times in a day. In this time period my symptoms got much worse. I noticed I had a few small shaft scars from friction, and one long burn like scar on the underside where my hand would rest.

    Also, my foreskin developed an ugly wrinkled almost mangled look to it. My recovery time varied between days and weeks in order to get back that soft flaccid and 100 % erections. I also developed pelvic floor dysfunction.

    By 24 I had about 30 day recovery periods on average but sometimes I wouldn’t fully recover. The skin started to fluctuate between this dry peely state and a sticky moucousy state. Hard flaccids 24/7, bad lower back and pelvic pain, nerve damage in the glans and throughout my penis, shrunken penis, tiny left curve, weaker erections (about 85% erect), more foreskin scarring.

    Now I’m 26 and no matter how long I abstain (2 months was my max), it never goes back to normal. Every time I masturbate I can feel that I’m literally injuring myself further. I dont see any hope. Its not as much hormonal as it is physiological and I dont know how to heal physically damaging my penis in addition to SE. I’m really afraid about my future and its impossible to abstain for more than 2 or 3 months. I dont know if I’ll ever recover.

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    Hi there,

    The only thing I can think of at this time for repairing scar tissue and damage is to take proteolytic enzymes (serrapeptase & bromelain) on an empty stomach a few times a day, and it has to be done for a long time.

    Also, don’t use your hand for jerking off ever, if you absolutely have to (and I don’t recommend masturbating much at all) then get a Fleshlight (or better yet, a girlfriend), but never use your hand again.

    good luck



    Thats a good point from . Applying papaya on the penis can be even better, but I dont know how much papain you woudl get that way.

    I would look also into Dr Lin Vip Cream. Maybe with some effort you can investigate a more effective natural cream for this, but this one seem to work fine for some people.



    Then deal with the behavioral side of it, I know some imbalances in neurotransmitter can cause OCD issues. I think its something you need to look into since you been deaing with it for so long. Time to put it to bed.

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