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    The theory that oversex will eventually change the expresssion of dopamine/seratonin doesn’t make a lot of sense. Yes constant dopamine fixes are addictive and yes overuse of sex will directly impact the endocrine system and cause temporary exhaustion but I’m just not convinced this is the root cause to many of the SD cases here.

    Here is my anecdotal evidence:

    1) There are many who have the symptoms such as eye floaters, joint pain, insomnia, depression who have very little sex and have not abused their sexuality in the past.

    2) There are many men who have highly active sex lives since their teens and do not have any SD problems into their 60’s and beyond.

    3) Some who have been very abstinent are still having problems.

    From reading many of the threads, I would propose many here may have cycles of immune type responses from an imbalance of TH1/TH2 cells. I know this is a contrarian theory but at least an additional avenue to explore.

    People who stop having sex than “Recover” translate this to: “Abstinence is a cure to SD”. This is dangerous unscientific logic!

    While I agree the goal is to provide SD support and anything that helps is

    probably a good thing, let’s try to be bit more open minded about the cause…

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    what makes you stress on the immune system that much editman?



    I’m looking at the historical rise in developed countries to immunological responses. Immunological diseases like allergies, IBS, chrones, arthritis, etc… have been doubling in developed countries but not in undeveloped countries. SD/ED appears to be growing in similar ratios… It makes sense that the other symptoms may be possibly linked to the immune system. If you consider the additional exposure to toxins and other stressors in the developed countries, you are likely to find a link to SD

    and the Kreb/Immune cycle.

    Lots of good info in this forum but the fundamental theory that “oversex causes SD” is flawed.



    i spoke to a naturpathic doc about this, he thinks its not really possible that to much sex/masturbating causes SE. he believes its something else.

    i although i think abstaining really does nothing, its not good or bad.

    ejaculatin 2x a week keeps my libido higher though, i think i’ll go back to ejaculating 2x a week for now on



    If dopamine/serotonin gene expression or receivers cannot be changed by excessive orgasms, i’m the happiest man in the world



    But I thought the problem was never over sex, it was over masturbation? There IS a difference afterall, right? I dont know what to think anymore. I want to be able to have sex, i want my eye floaters to go away, and I dont want to feel tired all the time. Thats all….

    Have you guys tried to have sex recently? Because I notice alot of you talking about ejaculation frequency are just talking about masturbation…I havent masturbated in a month, and dont plan to ever….EVER again.



    On this point the situation is paradoxal. Masturbation may be worst than normal sex ? But the studies show that you release much more prolactin with a girl than when you do it alone….



    Editman2 so your saying it sok to masturbate?




    I agree EditMan, I think we’ve been looking in the wrong place for a solution. I’ve been healing quite well from simply increasing aerobic exercise. I go on a 3 mile run at the start of each day and have seen tremendous results. I take no supplements aside from wheat germ oil.

    check it out:

    I think another month of consistant running will completely heal me.



    I’m running since 3-4 months. Feel better but no effects after orgasm.



    I have received a number of PM’s regarding this subject and let me reiterate that my study is in the role of immunoglobin mediated response

    and their effect on ED/SD.

    I am not advocating to anyone they go back to a behavior that have personally deemed destructive.

    There is little doubt there are a number of factors that influence ED/SD.

    The simple process of creating enough PGE1 to sustain an erection is actually quite complicated. PDE5 inhibitors have given us a great boost in this regard and eventually I have no doubt we will find more of the actual underlying causes.



    I’m beginning to think that “excessive” masturbation isn’t really the main cause of our problems. I mean, this is an oversexed society and how many people suffer from this? A lot, but if overmasturbation or too much sexual activity caused all these problems, don’t you think many more men around the world would be suffering just as we are? I have friends that are my age (mid-to-late 30’s) and they’re always joking about jerking off 5 times a day. Why wouldn’t they be suffering from ED or sexual exhaustion just as I am?

    I think stress plays the biggest role in this whole mess. How many of the men on here openly discuss their problems with other people? I know I don’t. Nobody has a clue except for the two urologists I’ve visited over the years. How many of the men on here repress their emotions and hold things in? Not just about sexual problems, but about anything that bothers them? I know I’m always trying to remain in “control” of things and I go out of my way most of the time to not offend people or to not say how I really feel. For example, I’ve hated my current job for years. I’ve never been happy. I hate every single second I’m there, don’t you think after years of that kind of stress it would start to manifest itself in many physical ways, including sexual dysfunction?

    I’ve heard that too much masturbation or sexual intercourse changes your body’s chemical balance and it makes you anxious and depressed. Well, I’ve never really had any real issues with depression, but I’ve been anxious since I can remember, even way back when when my penis was as hard as a rock. So, now, all of the sudden, the reason for my anxiety is due to “over-masturbation.” Truthfully, I’m getting sick of that phrase. Anyway, I read somewhere that men who hold in their emotions often-times have it manifest itself in their genital region. For example, when I lost a testicle years ago, I stressed about it everyday and I was overprotective of my groin area and anytime I got stressed, I felt a tightness in my groin. And now, today, even though I don’t worry about losing my other testicle like I used to, anytime I get angry or stressed about something, I feel a tightness in my lower abs and my groin area. I concentrate my emotions there, I guess.

    I just think we need to work on our emotions and the things that stress us. How many men on this site have a healthy dating life? I know a lot of you probably don’t even feel like dating because of your problems, but seriously, way back when, before you had your problems, did you date a lot of women? I didn’t date a lot of women in my early 20’s when I was sexually healthy as a horse. Now, when I go out on a date, I feel better. I’m not thinking about my sexual problems, I just plain feel better about the world. If you repress your emotions for years and years, I don’t care what kind of emotions, sex, anger, fear, loneliness, I think eventually, it effects you physically.

    I’ve read over and over again on this site about porn addiction, well, I’ve never really had a problem with that, but I remember a few years ago, I would go over my friend’s house to play cards on occasion and he would pop in a porno or have a soft core porn channel on while all the guys were playing cards, and watching that actually made me more stimulated sexually. And the effects would last for days. I think if we repress our emotions, that could have a negative effect on our bodies.

    And I really don’t think abstinence is the answer. I abstained for 33 days earlier this year and I really didn’t notice much difference other than a heaviness in my prostate region. My erections weren’t any better and I certainly didn’t feel hornier. Like I said, I think emotions play the biggest role in this.

    I think most of us have bought into Dr. Lin’s theories and that has led us to believe all the jargon about over-masturbation and sexual exhaustion. I mean, read most of the posts on here, a lot of them look like stuff you would read on that con-artist’s website. It’s all dopamine this, choline that. We’re not doctors yet we’re on here trying to act like we know what we’re talking about.

    I think most of us are suffering from adrenal fatigue to some degree and I think the main reason we’re suffering is because of stress. That’s now my theory. Maybe I’m full of crap, I don’t know. But I think I agree with editman. If our problems truly stemmed from sexual activity, I think just about every man in the world would start to have the same problems.



    I truly think more than before that dopamine as a role to play in our events.



    Of course dopamine is the major role of tiredness after sex.

    Sexologist, about POIS (but according to me SE and waldinger’s POIS must be 2 different problems) :


    Doctor, about post-orgasmic tiredness :




    As a student of daoist approach, I have to embrace all things.

    If you feel over-sex is not the cause of your problems, then it has to be true.

    If you feel ejaculation makes your health fall apart, then stop doing it so often.

    Be practical, relax the mind and muscles. Condense the breath on your stomach to fill it with energy.

    True methods are not complicated but comes naturally when you create the right circumstances.



    I agree with much of what Orange Julius said. I’ve never understood why lots of people with sexual problems refer to “Doctor” Lin so often. He’s running a scam, and you can tell just by the quality of his site. You get what you deserve if you buy stuff from him.

    Anyway, I’m suffering from sexual dysfunction from 3 years of Celexa use. Many of my symptoms are similar to SE so that’s why I’m here. I’ve improved a bit over the last few years possibly due to staying in shape and eating right. I’m still looking for that one treatment to put me “over the top”. I’m actually looking into adrenal fatigue next.

    As for masturbation, I masturbate when I feel my body needs it. Simple as that. I never force the issue like I used to. That’s my advice to the rest of you.

    Also, I tried abstaining for a few weeks and ended up with lower libido and a dull pain in my prostate. So, that told me I need to masturbate once in a while.

    Listen to your body!



    Good advice Tito, we have to eliminate the forcing. Forcing something is not good. I used to force myself to masturbate even when I was not really horny at all.

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