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    Here is some information from “The Cortisol Connection” you might find interesting:

    Chapter 11 lists several Anti-Stress supplements, one of which is Rhodiola Rosea


    Does that sound like SE symptoms to anyone???

    Stress ==> SE Symptoms.

    Another quote from Chapter 4


    Another quote from Chapter 4


    And finally, you can’t tell when your cortisol is high. There is one study mentioned in the book that tested a bunch peopl at work during a period when they said they were not stress….their cortisol levels were double the normal levels. When I had my first saliva adrenal function test, I didn’t feel stressed at the time, and my levels were 2.5X the upper limit of normal range, or 4x the middle of the range.

    When Dr.Lin talks about putting yourself in fight or flight from masturbation….that is stress. Excessive ejaculation is only ONE form of stress. Add it to other sources, such as not enough sleep, poor diet, excessive exercise, and you’ll end up in this situation.

    And to beat a dead horse, Dr. Lin states that weight lifting and masturbation are a deadly

    And I still don’t think it is a coincidence that so many of us weigh lift (or did). It’s no secret that weight lifting increases cortisol

    Please read this link


    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    i still think a big part of this problem is mental.

    i think most doctors are right when they say all this is in your head


    we can all heal with positive outlook on this.

    my docotor told me it was silly, so what you jerked off a lot when your 10 years old, every single male jerked off countless times…..




    that study is kinda unreliable




    Of course the mind is “chemically” responsible for various hormone secretion and control of the CNS and various organs on a subconsious level. Transcending the conscious barrier is almost impossible and some speculate potentially dangerous… (ie. Hypnosis, Meditation, etc… get us

    maybe a bit closer)

    The theory of sexual exhaustion (“too much” jerking off when your 10) damaging the dopamine/seratonin (or some other hormone) relationship –

    I have my doubts to this theory. (Even Franks rat study appears to show recovery of the sexually exhausted rats over time.)

    I believe we need to continue studies in the area of Hormone receptor modulation… Remember how certain erotic images/stories can cause a specific hormone release to affect the NO, PDE5, Dop/Ser relationship. We need to make sure first that are bodies/minds are balanced enough to support proper HRM…. Supplements/Pills are the bandaids. Diet, Nutrition, Cleanses, Meditation, Exercise are probably closer to the cure.

    But all would like to find the shortcut – (Be interested in the release of PT-141 hopefully in 2007 since this directly affects melonocyte receptors.)




    Thanks for the articles and links… This looks interesting…

    BTW – I have document I purchased recently that might benefit all on this forum… Let me know if you think you can post it.



    Keep in mind that supplements and nutrition overlaps. Eating food high in protein which consist of amino acids will help with problems like depression. This is because tryptophan is one of the amino acid. Taking the supplement 5-HTP will acheive the same result.



    tryptophan in bodybuilding shakes or protein sources will never cross the blood-brain barrier because it loses out against competition from other amino acids. I believe the correct ratio is 1:5. in cases of for example severe insomnia one would be more inclined to supplement with L-tryptophan on its own and 5-HTP. 5-HTP is also a good product so as long as your liver is working properly and you’re not overweight. L-tryptophan offers another distinct advantage as well but it seems nobody here complained of stomach issues while on 5-HTP.



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    I hear Vitamin C helps protect against cortisol



    Yes it is.

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