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    Is cortisol testing best done through saliva testing and is blood testing good aswell?

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    you should get both

    Total Cortisol AM serum

    and 24hr Salvia Cortisol…



    24 hour urine is good as well this is what i did



    I noticed you guys are always refering to the 24 hour urine testing…I got my cortisol tested in my blood test…we shall see. yes, it was AM…around 830 or so



    24 urine is a average of the day. If a person had low high, low high levels then that =average cortisol. People with these issue slip through the cracks and end getting lost in the system so to speak

    Cortisol saliva gives a better over all picture of the adrenals through out the day

    Blood is good for space and time, but alot of peoples adrenals reserve runs out by noon and they are left low levels

    Also blood can be effected by current situation such as having a needle jabbed in you 3 and 4 times can cause false normal readings.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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