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    Hey. Hoping someone might help. I’ve noticed for a while now that I leak cum in my urine. This happens especially after I have not ejaculated for a while (2 weeks or more). Is this a sign of prostrate abrasion? Any solutions? I think I had read something to do with this type of leakage in Dr. Lin’s site sometime back. but I can’t seem to trace that case.

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    I had some kind of leakage on last summer/fall, I felt it in the perineum several times per day. I managed to get rid of it by just refusing to let it go, so I could stop it with psychology + contracting the muscles on the area. No leakage at all in 6 months now.



    , I’ve tried this…unsuccessfully. I used to do PC contracting sometime back but stopped it when I read that it’s a destructive practice. Now I leak semen when I pee, especially after I’ve not ejaculated in a while..



    I did not use PC muscles, but anal muscles and other ones in the near area. I just tried to keep the whole area stiff for a while. But the most inportant part was the psychological one.

    Good luck.



    I’ve gathered from Lin’s site, that this could be caused by a weak parasympathetic system, or an abraded prostate ejaculation duct.

    “Natural healing of the abraded prostate ejaculation duct generally create a hard scar (collagen) which causes seminal leakage and induces ejaculation urgency during arousal”

    “Over-masturbators usually leak out a lot of precum/semen even without physically sexual encountering…”

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    The second condition is difficult to heal, according to Lin will take a while to heal (over 6 months) by boosting Prostaglandin E-1. If it’s caused by a weak parasympathetic system, that ofcourse is easier to heal.

    I will give the high quality fish oil a try and see how it goes



    Did you ever heal the cum in urine problem,if so,how ?



    6 months does not really seem that long. i wonder if its best to completely quit ejaculating during this time?

    the only thing i can recommend like what mentioned is a very high dosage of fish oil (15,000mg daily) with either borage oil or black currant seed,

    also i believe fresh raw green juice is extremely healing and cleansing.

    im wondering if i have this scar tissue because my PE is bad.



    My PE is severe also,anytime im aroused I feel like I will ejaculate.I know Dr Linn forbids it,but have you ever considered pc muscle exercises to tackle this issue.The tricky part is to measure the gap between orgasm and ejaculation,and clamp down hard on the muscle to prevent the latter from taking place.This way you have the orgasm but dont ejaculate,so men can have mulitple orgasms,depending on how many times they choose to do it.Its the way in which men practice tantric sex.




    at some point it went away when i was dosing with low dosage fish oil and low dosage evening primose. however it came back when i stopped taking it. now the problem is if i take that it causes groin burning…

    about taking high dosages of fish oil i believe there can be side effects? like nose bleeds and delay in blood clotting. though some people like blushark have had success with such large amounts



    those are possible side effects if you over-dose too much on it. ”high” would be a relative term here.



    I would say to abstain from ejaculatiing for at least 2 to 3 months and then see how you’re doing. Keep taking the cod liverfish oils in the meantime to promote healing.



    Same problem here for 10 yrs. I’d bet on fish oil to improve the condition in higher doses. I’ve been doing that but its a tough battle. Sometmes you feel it is working and sometimes you feel it doesn’t. But you better give it a try. I haven’t moved up from 6g of fish oil per day but I think increased dosage may be helpful for decreased precum discharge.Atleast fish oil does counter the effects of involuntary precum discharge.

    This is what I have been following for the last two months or so

    – Fish oil 4-6g

    – GNC Megamen 2 tb/day

    Atleast I get better erections and other benefits. It does help counter the effect of the involuntary discharge.

    By the way can anyone explain what is prostate abrasion?



    This my 7th day without any semen leaking in urine and no wet dream at night.Ive been taking a high dose of fish and flaxseed oil.Maybe its working.



    how much are you taking?

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