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    im starting from ground zero

    had taken zma and it restored my morning erection again, then after a week masturbated

    in the meanwhile, i got my alpha gpc/alcar lipoic, have been taking these for two days

    so far no noticeable effect from the alpha gpc

    i did however take two or three times a day 5-htp which destresses me, so this one works great.. also i take l-tyrosine 500 mg two or three times a day, this shit is the bomb.. i feel great on it, whether it is restoring my dopamine levels i don’t know, have to see in one month

    fish and borage oil relieved any pain i had after masturbating

    so in conclusion.. zma rocks for restoring my test levels to higher than the normal levels which came out of the doctors test

    i am also taking three times tribulus a day since yesterday and am already noticing more hornyness

    the plan is to restore my dopamine and serotonin, up testosterone to the highest amount using zma/trib and also increasing hornyness with the trib

    and optimize early ejaculation and precum with the oils

    will keep u updated guys!

    p.s. i am also getting a massage thingie for in my car since i drive two hours a day, hopefully this will decrease any high cortisol level i have and stimulate dopamine/serotonin boost!

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    Great post mate!

    Keep it up, I’m enjoying reading your posts as I’m picking up little bits of information each time I visit these forums. When I next go out to the shops I’ll have a look in my local Holland and Barrett shop to see if they have the supplements in.

    I didn’t get a chance this weekend but hopefully it’s going to be sooner rather than later that I purchase my supplements.



    fish oil/borage oil is really awesome for those body pains i had. they all disappeared when i took them. even the pain in my penis was less than what it was before. i’m gonna purchase some 5-htp and l-tyrosine for starters. ZMA i’ve taken a couple of years ago . really good stuff. i’m also taking vitamin C 2g



    Good to hear that the l-tyrosine works for you. It’s next on my list hopefully



    i might even try l-dopa for that matter. my shake has 550mg of l-tyrosine. if i drink 2 small bottles i’ll get 1100mg.

    are you gonna purchase a protein shake by any chance.



    maybe you should try tribestrone II

    this product has both tribulus and l-dopa

    the tribulus is standardized for protodioscin i believe, guaranteed to make you more horny.. and the mucuna l-dopa extract should be great too




    feeling angry at people and want to get really active and do all sorts of crazy stuff

    i think this is due to the tribulus.. i had these effects before

    just like when i was a rebellious teenager

    feels funny somehow now that i rationally think about it



    just woke up with a hard raging boner.. i haven’t had something like this in years

    had two tribulus yesterday, and two times 5-htp/tyrosine more spread out through the day, and before bed zma

    although it hasn’t been so long since i masturbated, it’s either the high dose of tribulus every day combined with my zma

    or.. it’s the alpha gpc.. maybe it’s working now.. but maybe i don’t realize it’s working because i don’t feel the effect of it

    future looks great!



    sounds good. the alpha gpc is more of a nootropic. in terms of feeling its more neural. ZMA can actually enlarge the prostate. the zinc will increase test levels and magneisum is for better sleep. tribulus can pretty much do the same.

    i’m taking 2g of vitamin C and so far it seems to workout quite well. i probably won’t need either of ZMA or tribulus coz of my soaring test levels.

    it does sound like the l-tyrosine is working for you.

    good to hear your updates



    the FDA warned about yhombie. they said it can cause high blood pressure.

    i didn’t purchase any of my 5-htp or l-tyrosine for that matter. according to that test, i’m most deficient in dopamine and acetylcholine.

    the combination that dr lin recommended (choline + lecitchin) is that for acetylcholine by any chance?

    i’m more concerned about those spider veins i have in the penis and my slight curvature. the veins have decreased thanks to the fish oil/borage oil combination. the curvate has slighty improved.

    my erection has improved by 25% as well



    i masturbated yesterday couldn’t contain myself

    however… normally i feel like shit

    now i still have a hell of a lot of energy and am not tired

    back on the program it is..



    sounds good



    cool thing to remark:

    a family member is abroad now, we keep contact by phone

    i heard the following “what happened to your voice? it’s much deeper suddenly”

    i at first thought well might be the testosterone boost, but quickly dismissed it

    then two more calls, the same remark!

    so i told my dad, he said yeah your voice has become heavier/deeper

    some of my stuff is working



    yeah this stuff may work but maybe only temporary? What will happen if you stop all these things, will they lose there effect on your body after a few weeks/months? Maybe the best thing todo is todo a natural method of not ejaculating for a few months and see if coditions improve, then maybe start supplments



    if you stop ejaculationg for a few months and you don’t improve then the obnly way to get healed is through supplements, especially if you’re severly exhausted.



    this is true, i guess if ur test. is low some people may never get healed they may be to far damaged, but dr.lin said if u can get morning erections u have much healing power left : D



    a low test level isn’t necessarily correlated with sexual exhaustion. my test levels are super high even though i’m exhausted. however after taking the oils and losing a bit of weight there is a marked improvement and i usually get spikes where my penis gets erect. but i wana get rid of the curvature as well.

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