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    Thankyou. Can I ask how often one should regulate ejaculation frequency? I’m confused because I’ve read it should be every two months but I’ve also read that it should be every two weeks?

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    Nothing has changed to be honest. I’m know better than I was when I first noticed I had all these problems. If anything I’ve become worse over the months. I don’t get morning erections at all. I still have eye floaters, ringing in my ears, bags under my eyes, my hair is constantly thinning – I haven’t had a haircut in months because my hair just grows back and then thins out and so on.

    I still experience all the feelings I described on the previous page. My parasympathetic nerve constantly feels week – I don’t know how I can describe what I feel to you but I will try: The ‘bio-electric’ pulses you receive in your penis when you see a girl who you like are significantly weaker – I am talking about just before you receive an erection, just before the blood rushes into your penis. Can anybody confirm they can understand this?




    I know what you mean. I didn’t have this for a couple years. I had them last weekend after taking some adrenal supplements for a few weeks and Tongkat Ali for a few days. I would just look at my wife and my penis would tingle. I slipped back a little but still better than I was.




    I have nothing much to say really apart from everything is the same still. I just thought some of you may have wondered where I was. I am contemplating whether or not to get a haircut (I haven’t had one since my hair started thinning/falling out and re-growing within a few days (sort of like a cycle)) because if it is cut shorter then I don’t know whether or not it will grow back to the length it is at the moment.

    I aim to pick up a few supplements soon, (I haven’t had chance due to my exams) most of which being mentioned in this thread specifically recommended and also around the site. I have my urology test booked for sometime in early March and I aim to go back to see my GP after he recommended me to a psychologist, from whom I was discharged as she deemed there wasn’t a lot wrong with me – surprise, surprise.

    The dizziness/fogginess in my head I was experiencing has calmed down, although I do plan to raise the issue when I meet my GP.



    is it possible that you can do any sort of tests.



    I will certainly try to get some tests done in the near future, so yes.

    I picked up some ZMA, Wheat Germ liquid, Acetyl-L-Carnitine and some Grape Seed Extract today.

    Can anyone recommend how and when I should take them?

    On the ZMA bottle it says I should take the pills 10-20 minutes before bedtime and also on an empty stomach. Will it make a difference if I don’t take them close to bedtime?



    David Follow the directions on all the bottles. For the ZMA 30-60 minutes before bed seems to be good. Why cant you take them close to bedtime?



    I didn’t say I couldn’t take them close to bedtime. I was just wondering about any experiences people have had when taking them in the day or in the night .



    zma best before nite.. because of good sleep

    have taken zma during day also (30 mg zing) and it made me drowsy cuz of the magnesium

    currently i bought a bottle of 60 tabs zinc picolinate 25 mg tabs for 5 euro.. thought id test it

    took one before sleep instead of zma.. woke up with a better boner in the morning than zma.. this stuff truly rocks



    I’ve been trying to tell you guys Zinc Picolinate rocks but take it in high doses at first, from 60-90 mg per day, 2 in the morning, 2 in the day and 2 in the evening. Try this for a period of at least 4-5 weeks.

    My erections went from firm to absolute boners of steel, literally like I’ve got a solid bone in there, no give or bend at all.



    Found this article.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] (gotta love the name of this website!)

    Good info on zinc at the bottom of the article. Makes complete sense.

    I’ve been taking 90mg of zinc picolinate a day for the past two weeks, along with saw palmetto and prostate supplements, and having morning boners. Nothing like the steel rods that Stinger is having but will get there in time with keeping good, balanced nutrients. It just takes time for the body to heal.

    Now I will continue taking this dosage ONLY for another week or two, then back down to the recommended daily allowance as I don’t want to get overdose on something good.

    Please read section,”What is the health risk of too much zinc?” in the following link. More good info.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Stay Healthy!



    just curious speedlimit25 aboutt he prostate supplements you’re using



    For prostate, according to directions, I take 2 capsules of a product by Enzymatic Therapy called Healthy Cells PROSTATE (tablet form). It has the following ingredients:

    Calcium 25mg

    Selenium 200mcg

    Calcium D-glucarate 200mg

    Broccoli Floret and Stalk Concentrate (sulforaphane) 125 mg

    Green Tea Leaf Extract (decaf – contains 70% polyphenols) 50mg

    Maitake Mushrooms 50mg

    Maitake Mushroom Extract (30% pure D-fraction) 5mg

    Lycopene 2.5mg

    I take 2 tablets of this a day, along with zinc picolinate and saw palmetto. The zinc pic I break up three times a day (30mg X 3 = 90mg) and 3 saw palmetto capsules (Nature’s Way brand 585mg)

    morning – 1 prostate, 1 zinc pic, 1 saw palm

    afternoon – 1 prostate, 1 zinc pic, 1 saw palm

    evening – 1 zinc pic, 1 saw palm

    I had read an article about these EXACT ingredients for healing prostate issues and found this brand at the Vitamin Shoppe. I take other vitamins and supplements too and eat a healthy diet which includes organic peanut butter and organic pumpkin seeds (great for prostate and testes). Also, about 4 times a day, I drink green tea with a squirt or two of organic lemon or lime juice (great to cleanse the kidneys) and pour some organic Grade B maple syrup to sweeten. Organic maple syrup is loaded with vitamins.

    If you have more questions on what else I take or do, don’t hestitate to ask Blueshark. Love to help out.

    Today I feel great!!! No pain or discomfort. Feel normal “down in thar!”




    Hello, I’m still here if any of you are wondering what happened to me.

    There isn’t much to tell you really – I still experience all my previous symptoms (it’s been just over a year now since I’ve been exhausted) which include: eye floaters, fluctuating penis size, hair thinning/loss, dark circles under eyes, tinnitus and so on and so on.

    I recently visited my local hospital for a urology test; nothing could be determined there and then so I now have an appointment for a flow test on the 20th of this month, I will update you all on the results of that.



    David How many different types of tests are there?



    I assume you mean urology tests? I don’t really know, but here’s a list of urology procedures and tests anyway: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Regarding my flow test; everything was fine. The nurse informed me that my flow was great and she said a lot of people who get tested produce results at an inferior level compared to my results.

    I’ve been taking the liquid version of ‘eye q’ now for quite some time: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    It contains marine fish oil and virgin evening primrose oil, which is formulated to maintain eye and brain function: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    My libido continues to be non existent, I am still experiencing hair thinning/loss and I do not experience morning erections at all. Just for any new readers, I am 18 years old and have been experiencing these symptoms for over a year now.



    Okay, so my exams are over now – I just hope this time the outcome of them do not result in my college rejecting me for the final year as my previous one did. It feels embarrassing in way to have to study with students who are a year below me, while my friends embark on adventures all around the country to different universities.

    I’m regulating my ejaculation frequency to about once a week now (I could probably go for as long as want due to my non-existent libido and me never feeling horny). My morning erections are also still non-existent. My hair loss has actually slightly improved, mainly in the sense that not a lot comes out now when I wash my hair.

    Feel free to come in and have a chat about any similar symptoms you may be experiencing.




    I’m so relieved! I have passed my exams and can finally move onto the second year course. My friends are all getting ready to move to their respective universities around the country now. I just wish I hadn’t messed up at my previous school because if I hadn’t then I would be joining them in moving.

    The symptoms I am currently experiencing are exactly the same as always. The dark circles under my eyes are really getting to me in the sense that I am really self-conscious, especially concerning my appearance and how I look generally. I understand most people don’t care about what people look like, but as a teenager, looks and appearance are just about everything if I want to find love/be respected. Can anyone suggest anything to rid myself of them? Are they due to adrenal fatigue? I currently use Coenzyme Q10 cream to relieve puffiness and dark circles but it doesn’t really do a lot.

    I am thinking about visiting my GP and letting him know that I’ve tried going to bed early/drinking lots of water/getting lots of exercise, but all are to no avail and then seeing what he has to say.

    Any advice is welcome as usual.



    have you done any blood tests as of yet?

    you can go to a dermatologist for the eye circles.






    , I did have blood tests carried out, although they took place well over a year ago and I didn’t think at the time to ask for the results. I am planning on visiting my GP soon and getting similar tests done again.

    , thanks for telling me that. I’ve just carried out some initial research on hypothyroidism and it seems that many of the symptoms that I’m currently experiencing fit the bill. I will definitely bring this up when I next speak with my GP.



    definitely go the see your GP bro. get those results and try to have some of them re-checked if you can. regarding dark circles under the eyes: there are lots of causes for this but hypothyroid is a good candidate.

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