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    Like i said in my other post, dr.lin has told me that with the level of testosterone that i have (280 ng/dl) my testicles are dead and theres nothing i can do about it, how much truth is there to this? please im going crazy here? is this true that dead testicles cant be revived?

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    There is still hope, you just have to find a doctor that will prescribe HCG to you.



    Really? hcg can actually revive dead testicles? how long would i have to take it until my testicles get revived?



    Atleast 6 weeks minimum!



    What do you base this on if you dont mind me asking? your personal experience? youve heard other people recover like this?



    Well from other people that I’ve read 6 weeks is the usual protocal for HCG treatment, if your nuts aren’t revived in that time frame then you will most likely have to have HRT as your alternative choice of treatment.



    Dr.Lin also claimed somewhere that androgel + viagra will be needed to revive the dead testicles before taking his products. But in most cases he said there’s nothing you can do but to use hormone therapy.



    Essential oils will help. Lots of oil is stored in your glands and is very abundant in your testicles. Consider a good quality fish oil.



    Did you went to a doctor…have you done semen analysis?????

    If their is no any livingmoving sperms then you should seek other methods to cure your self.

    One test cant give you an answer… can I claim that you’re dead if your test where above the average 1600???

    Do a blood analysis all the hormones…Check Max sticky Post

    Do a semen Analysis…to see your sperm count, any Prostate problems?



    Yes alot of prostate burning and pains, also pain and burnings when i urinate or ejaculate…..



    voodoochild but how much??? how much EPA/DHA and how much GLA?



    dont take to much

    like 1-2g of fish oil

    what kind are you planning on using?



    Max why you say not to take too much?



    everything in moderation.



    Max lol…i KNEW you were going to say that. but what i meant is how much is too much? you said 1-2g of fish oil. I’ve heard 3g of omega 3…hey what are the main supps that you said were recommended? i think i remember you said zinc, magnesium, and vitamin d. is that it? what about b vitamins, fish oil, borage oil, selenium, and iodine?



    yeah those are good

    30mg ZInc Picolente

    200mcg Selenium

    25mg Iodoral

    400iu Vitamin E

    5000iu Vitamin D

    1mg Copper

    2g Vitamin C

    1 Bcomplex

    1-2g Fish oil

    1-2g Borage oil


    Digestive Eynzmes

    buy from

    Pure Encapsulation: use discount code: “PURE” to get 20% off

    thats a good supplement protocol.

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