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    Hey everyone,

    While surfing the net I accidentally stumbled upon this site. This guy is 30 years old and is from Pakistan. It is very obvious that he is suffering from SE and is fed up with it all. I found one thing particularly alarming. In the following link [] he talks about the “Deformation of the Penis”. My penis exactly resembles the one shown in the image – narrow at the base and wrinkles.

    Does anybody here have this deformation? Can the penis get back to its original state when we recover?

    Please do post your thoughts. This guy’s site is very de-moralizing. He says that there is no other option but to suffer for the rest of your life


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    Not to sound like a jerk, but why are there so many horribly written articles about SE? It seems like half the people who write about this are from other countries and they use horrible grammar and it’s very hard to understand.

    Anywho, my penis doesn’t look like that. People talk about a deformed for shrunken penis, but could it be that, instead of shrinking, your penis looks smaller because it isn’t filling up properly?



    the only thing you can get is probably a curvature and the penis going inside because of too much exhaustion but that picture is unrealistic really.



    Actually my ‘thing’ resembles the one in the picture, especially when it is in a flaccid (non-erect) state. May be I am confusing with a shrunk penis. I do notice that when I get an erection the base is narrower while its thicker at the top. It’s almost like a taper…

    I am kinda worried about this.



    hmm sounds like too much inflammation.



    do you think this is because of inflammation?

    i have masturbated very very vigorously with the aid of porn and i am sure i have ‘hurt’ my penis… but i don’t know in what way…

    by reading lot of posts in this forum i think fish oil, borage oil, serrapeptase, and nattokinase help fight inflammation.

    what are your thoughts?



    yes it may well be an inflammation of the nerves. the oils can help. you can also try acetyl L carnitine and high potency Vitamin E oil which you rub on the penis. 2000 IU and of the gamma type. you might need to use the oils externally.

    I’ve not tried the serrpatase or nikatase before but you can also give it a go. Other things are cold/warm bath for the penile area. Dr lin’s vaccum cupping massage- althought I haven’t used it before-

    and of course stopping the destructive habit.



    I agree with Blueshark, Vitamin E (from Unique E) should be used externally (and internally of course). Serrapeptase and Nattokinase should also help.

    Here is someone who had pretty bad deformity of the penis and is now mostly recovered from using natural vitamin E and Aloe vera. He also lists “Neprinol” as one of his supplements of choice which contains serrapeptase and nattokinase. Here’s the link:



    when people say the oils, which oils are you refering to? Fish oil? Borage oil?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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