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    i’ve been absolutely miserable lately and can’t seem to snap out of it. everyone notices it and i know that it’s stopping me from recovering. these phases usually pass for me, but this one hasn’t been getting any better and it’s been quite some time now. i was just wondering if u guys know of anything that could raise my spirits in any way, shape, or form. this is no way to live. thanks

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    Sexual Exhaustion is definitely something that will change the whole ball game. It is normal at times to feel low and hopeless. You can’t be happy all the time, or the times when you are, wouldn’t be as appreciated. At least that is my justification now. Sad I know. I just wonder what my life would be like if I wasn’t such a chronic masturbater for many years. I think about it all the time. I wonder what I would do with all my extra energy that I would have had if I didn’t throw it all away on porn. Would I be an enthusiastic person with a ton of motivation? Would I have a family? Would I be at a higher point in my life? Would I be more outgoing and social? Would I have more, because I’d want more? These are all things I think about sometimes. I feel dead inside sometimes too alex, so I can relate. It’s like a blad cloud has come over you and it won’t go away. It hurts and it makes us sympathetic and broken down. It is hard to go through those times, because no matter what you do, you know that it will last for the better part of the day when it arrives. The next day is either a little better or sometimes the same. And then it finally clears up after that…but for how long? Sometimes a several days, a week, a week and a half, ….then it comes back for a few days. This is usually how it works for me. I wonder if my T levels were raised with hormone replacement if this would go away. I do not even care about having sex anymore,(sad I know, but that is where I am at right now, I have decided to drop the few girls I was messing with, because I realize that when I am done with them, and I cannot ejaculate, it causes me to have great frustration and irritability) I just want to feel energetic and full of life again. I wish for now to have a fruitful full life, and feel amazing,and not have sex currently. Sure girls turn me on still, and I have no trouble fucking, but it is the abstaining and not being able to cum that is causing issues. Anyway, its a Saturday night and my buds will be drinking and fucking and cumming and be just fine, while I go and sip water, trying to be cool, and not even want to get with another chick. Life is fucked hard for me right now. I hope this helps in someway Alex. You are not alone my friend.



    bro i feel your pain…..i just got up to college today. First thing my roomates wanna do ….L ride. What do i say ya ill go but I cant smoke. Then they ask me if i want a beer……na im good i cant drink for now. they have already started talking about bagging girls and starting bringing hot girls back to the room.its so fucking frustrating for me to know that there are these banging girls in front of me and i souldnt even bother getting with them because of my problems. i try and be friendly, social, but in my head im always thinking about my fucking problems and how i cant really be myself. Basically if im lucky and can figure out how to fix my problems ill prob spend the next year healing. maybe longer who knows. im gona miss out on a year or two of so many hot girls, drinking, smoking, working out, just being a normal 19 year old. Its weird posting on this forum sometimes makes me feel better. It makes me feel like im doing as much as i can to figure out and beat this thing. at least take solice in the fact ur not alone. it also helps me so much mentally that im working with a great Doctor who gives me the best chance of getting better. trying to figure this shit out on ur own is impossible.



    Thanks a lot guys, i really appreciate the support. knowing that there are others out there on the same boat and many in much worse situations is very consoling. we’re also extremely fortunate to have what we still have and to live such luxurious lifestyles, even though we’re deprived of a lot. looking at the cup half full instead of half empty makes a huge difference.

    js- this “great Doctor” your talking about is hardasnails, right? i just talked to him on the phone the other day and i think im gonna set up an appointment. how’s the progress so far? how is he treating you?

    i cant believe your not drinking or anything at all in college.. mad respect to you. maybe one of these days ill decide to go cold turkey, but theres no way i can right now. i hate to sound like a bitch giving into peer pressure and everything, but that’s what we do and all my homies here in santa monica expect me to party with them during my last week here. i have no viable excuse for them. and there’s no way i can completely pass up welcome week at college, it’s a once in a lifetime experience and its gonna be a blast. college is amazing but it fucking sucks cause its the worst environment for me to recover in. this shit is such a buzzkill. where are you going by the way?

    ackgstone- i totally feel you. what you were saying about always wondering who you could/would/should have been is the type of shit that haunts my mind all day long, from the second i wake up to the moment i fall asleep. it’s probably the saddest thing in the world next to losing your child. the best thing we can do is realize that we can’t change the past and put it behind us and move on with our lives. we need to start create a self-image that we CAN obtain, or at least strive for.

    as for you not being able to cum, at least you don’t have premature ejaculation and can actually enjoy sex. i can image how frustrating that must be though. that’s really weird i didn’t know such a thing existed

    green- i wept my fuckin soul out like a little baby a few weeks ago after listening to that song “the unforgiven”. i’ve cried a small amount (which is still a big deal) like 5 times in the last 6 weeks, and i don’t even remember the last time i cried before that. your spot on about having to accept our conditions though.. that’s the only way we can move forward.



    ya the doctor is hardasnails. Speaking to him on the fone is the first step bro. Good choice its the only way to get better with someone who understands hormones, neurotransmitters all that shit. I go to SUNY Albany which is a notorious party school. Honestly all my boys have been so disaponted in how much iv changed. i went from partying to much to absoltly nothing. I honeslty know I couldnt enjoy smoking a blunt or getting drunk until my problems are resolved. The whole time id be thinking about all the effects of that shit on my body and what not.



    Guys I know how you feel too. I go to Florida State where the women are super hot and super easy. Its so hard to turn these girls down…its even harder to explain it to your friends. This will all get better, it has to. I find that when i get depressed as hell i force myself to go for a run. 30 mins of aerobic exercise does so much for me.

    heres a little side story for you guys…the other day i met this girl and she told me that she wants to wait until marriage. Before SE i would have been like screw that i’m not waiting that long, but now i feel like i would do it. that would give me a year or so to heal and as a bonus there girl wont have any experience with non-SE guys to compare me to. I’m seriously considering this option now…church girls who would have known?



    yea I am in my Jr. year in college and its the first week . this year seems to be the hot semsester compared to others because I seen so many fine girls it made me kinda sad that I couldnt get to know some while dealing with this . Its even funny my past college crushes or female I had a relationship with are now popping back into the picture. I always say that god has a funny sense of humor.

    why did I have to be a late bloomer in college should of partied my ass off when I first got in .



    Sad reading. Most of us never had normal sexual development.

    There are dark times, but there is light ahead, always becoming brighter if you decide to take the step towards it.

    Healing doesn’t come without pain or letdowns. We need to go through it and stick with our healing program. Stay strong.

    The beginning (first years) is the most hard. Healing may seem slow, but it is constantly happening beneath us if we do the right thing. It will represent itself as more joy, and sometimes as pain, in our lives.

    Fortunately healing is an accelerating process. The more you have health, the more are you able to gather it.

    Get rich in health or die trying.

    All the best to everyone.

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