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    living my life without thinking about my problem.

    living my life with thinking about the solution.

    living my life.

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    Its certainly a good thing to stop worrying, but even that isn’t always working, atleast for me, supplements from lin has help me the most, but i have stopped taking them because of side effects, so im not sure if i can recommend them, but then again im not sure if they are directly related to my problems, i seem to react badly against all supplements.



    theres a good chance you dont need them then…

    if we werent under pressure.we wouldt be depressed…

    if for some reason every women on the planet went to mars and were not to return for 5 years…and u knew you had 5 years and in that 5 years you had the chance to heal 100% while every other man on earth was exhaustion him self.. you wouldt feel in the slightest bit depressed.

    no drug or suppliment is directly going to solve your depression..a drug or suppliment will indirectly solve your depression by giving you your sexual power back..oddly enough no drug or suppliment will do so until you have done away with the depression….

    you figure it out..because no one can tell you how.they can only give you the answers….but no one can tell you its you who tells your self how to:dress/look/feel/be/live/react/ACT.



    yeah…it’s just hard to step out of these negative emotions.

    they keep showing up…

    sometimes I stay in all weekend just to keep me from seeing happy couples…sick isn’t it ..or women…

    this really is the lowest I have reached in my life..

    I can tell you this…If and when I overcome this shit I will be the strongest man ever!

    Maybe it’s better to accept my current stuation instead of constantly fighting against it in my mind and thinking of all the stupidity I’ve done to cause this.

    Accept and see what happens…

    I need some time to relax, really relax…no thinking…

    just livin’

    or I could find myself a women that doesnt like sex… a vaginist…



    yea i agree its extremely hard to step out of these negative emotions,,,

    one thing they dont do though is show up..there not a sales person knocking on your door..

    the human mind if used right is the best tool in this world…

    the human mind used wronge is the biggest bastard you can come across,,

    when you think a thought over and over again…your mind thinks the thought on a subconscious cant hear it,,,yet you can still feel all its effects..and you then look for reasons in your environment to reinforce these feelings…. a reason why they are real… a voilent circle that leads no where.

    every emotion you feel today is a result of your thoughts…. and if you feel the same emotions every day..those emotions are the result of subconscious thoughts installed by you..they are literaly a program,,you have created and installed within your mind that is now running on its own.

    you really need to change the way you think..and intime the programs in your mind will change…

    (I can tell you this…If and when I overcome this shit I will be the strongest man ever)

    i used to think this and look forward to being the strongest… i now know in order to over come this problem and all the negative thoughts and emotions ive created in my life,,, i need to be the strongest NOW…or i will never get to the when im healed part of life.

    if you stop fighting your situation and accept everything exactly as it is..lose the urge to blame your self and your situation,lose the urge to regret your past and there for regret this moment… you will see a massive inprovment in the qaulity of your life..and only then will you be in a fit state to heal…

    civil war destroys a country

    internal conflict destroys a man.



    I too think we have to get out of the vicious cycle or the healing will never take place. A healing can be a great spiritual experience where one learns a lots of his own nature and the world surrounding us.

    The mind and body are connected, so the organs will also get sick once the mind get sick and vice versa ( liver = anger, lungs = sorrow, spleen/stomach = worry, kidneys = fear, heart = hate and loneliness , etc. ).

    There are many tactics to try to deal with negative emotions. One of the most powerful is the positive self-talk. It can be a mantra ( all these hindus, taoists and muslims have their chants and mantras which they say several times a day to reprogram the mind and keep it happy ). If think negative, negative effect will follow. If think positive, you get positive effects.

    Just develop a single mantra that you like and say it in your mind several times a day. It can start working immediately. It could go something like:

    “I think only positive, I don’t worry about anything, I wish best for everyone and in the end I will be revitalized “.

    Other tactics are meditation, healing sounds, massage, …

    Time said interesting comment : ” civil war destroys a country

    internal conflict destroys a man. ”

    How well said! Thats exactly what happens. Try to surrender to the situation, adapt and do your best for healing. Fighting against inevitable will only result in greater disharmony and anger. If we do our best without too big effort and try not to stress too much, this is the best healing.



    It seems alot of people who have SE also have depression, same with me man, it’s followed me for years alongside the SE. Yeah, I don’t know what exactly causes it, it could be a variety of factors, hormonal, neurochemical, and thoughts in the subconscious.

    A few weeks ago I was really feeling down in the dumps… I thought to myself, “great I recovered my sexual function”…but yet inside I felt so empty, it felt like it was a “hollow victory”. Well, I’m feeling fine now, but jeez that really sucked feeling like that.

    Well, I can only recommend what I know from experience. In addition to the other excellent recommendations, I also highly recommend Tri Methyl Glycine, since it increases SAMe which is very very good for depression, and I feel it really helped me get out of the funk I was in.

    Good luck man.



    lets face it..what is happening within our bodys may cause depression yea.. on the other hand if you were the best guy in the world at having sex..but not one girl would ever connect and be with you… you would feel the same depression …….

    the root of the depression is girls….the thoughts that rise up from that root..

    i wont be good enough, im not man enough for her,,at this age i should be with all the girls around and so on.

    this is normal and also on a subconscious level…its hardwired into your genetics to have sex..if your not for what ever reason you will get the same feelings…..

    hack the super computer know as your mind and take control.



    Yeah that too, feeling cut off and isolated from the opposite sex can take a huge toll on ones state of mind.



    i think that you should not fall into this trap. no mater how gloomy thingz may appear to be there is always light at the end of the tunnel



    thanks alot guys!

    I really needed your views.

    and they really do make sense.

    will go at it that way.




    Ok, I have made a huge discovery about depression and emotional stagnations in the organs causing disease. Many people trying to heal are socially withdrawn and turned inwards. This is both result and cause. The thing is, that when we turn our good intentions and virtuouses outwards, this will not only prevent the stagnations but strengthen the organs! It is not coincidence, that we can immediately see what are the deepest thoughts in some persons mind, based on how he behaves and looks. When we are child, we naturally are very generous and loving toward others this keeps us healthy and joyful. When we grow up, we turn our good virtuous and love inwards and our ego grows, that stagnant and weakens the organs. The crucial point is, how one think about others in his mind. Hate give anger and stress, depleting the heart energy, love smooths the heart energy and strengthens it. Stress and being selfish stagnant the spleen and stomach, being open and fair will smooth and strengthen them etc.

    It is possible to reserve-engineer and cultivate these virtuous alone, practicing meditation methods that I will post to my log thread in the near future when I write it down first correctly. The methods are not only for the heart ( love ), but all the other organs too: spleen ( openness, fairness ), liver ( kindness ), kidneys ( gentleness ), lungs ( courage , righteousness ). Together with basic physical methods like eating well, massage, correct ejaculation frequency these will put the body back to state where healing can take place. Negative virtuous and intentions and perfect health cannot exist same time, or otherwise the world would soon come to end.




    Use plenty of Omega3 fatty acids. They are like magic bullets to aim at depression when used plentily. But after starting eating the capsules or drinking the oils, wait for them to take effect for several days or even weeks. And decide to always think other things when starting to feel depressed. Go out or whatever you have to do to avoid the depressive feelings.

    Sometimes if I start to get depressed, I hit myself in the leg or something similar to get rid of the bad thoughts. Then I start thinking of all the good things that are in my life. I know that when I get very depressed it affects to every single thing in my life negatively, so what depression relly means is ultimate pain.

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