DHEA, the adrenals, and endocrine system's influence

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    Check these web pages and help do the research guys, I can’t be the only one analyzing this… DHEA and the endocrine system seems to have a critical role in charging the parasympathetic nervous system who in turn charges the body and therefore sexual functions.

    Cortisol over-production due to excessive stresses results in the fatigue of the adrenals leading to DHEA deficiency.

    The endocrine system which includes the adrenal glands seems to have an impact on neurotransmitter levels. Dr.Lin claims that DHEA is needed for stopping the Dopamine-adrenaline conversion in addition to serotonin, GABA and acetylcholine.




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    In an e-mail to Dr.Lin about adrenal glandular extracts, I got the following response:


    I am going to experiment with DHEA again and see how it goes, the last time I took it (over two and a half years ago), I didn’t have a job so didn’t have all the choline and multi-vitamins I have now.

    I will also experiment with adrenal glandular extracts soon…



    i would defintely reccomend a dhea blood test before you supplement with dhea. you would also learn if your adrenals are exhausted or not from the blood test. if your dhea levels are in a good range then im most certain you havent got adrenal exhaustion.



    Also note that DHEA reduces Prolactin levels which is known for inhibiting libido and sexual functioning



    Ok so how are testostorone and DHEA related by any chance?

    if y’re test levels are normal does this indicated that yre DHEA is also gonna be normal or not necessarily



    i have read a lot about dhea and testosterone and there are a lot of different answers. if your testosterone is low then it will signal for more LH. but if your LH is low then it might convert the dhea into testosterone for its needs.



    i did a testostorone blood test and i’ll be posting my results as soon as I receive them. my doctor said if my levels are ok there is no need to test for thingz like LH.

    However i was also considering doing a cortisol test. Does seem to be a good idea?



    is there any other product that can boost DHEA. dhea supplements are illegal in NZ

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