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    Great stuff

    also very stronge stuff

    also great stuff!!!

    took a little to much first few days @ 25mg

    cut down to ten mg and the last time i took it was yesterday

    first of all when taking it my balls started to feel strange,in the last few days they got bigger and a lot more sensative, to the point it hurt a little when i got out of a freeeeeeeezing cold shower and the skin had tightened up.

    also just had a little choke of the ckicken,didt finish cos ive quit for a year(ssshhhh )

    and have a lot more sensation.

    gives a massive increase in well being,certainly does somthing for the one”s and two”s,, great stuff.

    taking some time off now though, im feeling crazy enough as it is

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    sow here did you buy this ?

    I tried to buy it in the local stores here but they tell me it’s not allowed in the Netherlands to sell this stuff.

    I could try ordering it on the internet but it might be taken by customs.



    Glad that something seems to have a positive effect on you. Didn’t you said it had effects that reminded you of your drug using days?

    DHEA is one of the many supplements I’ve tried to no effect, I’ll start taking them with my current Tongkat ali doses and see.



    i’ve done my DHEA level check and it turned out to be 8.3 pmol/l (2-12)

    so thats well within the range.

    youre DHEA levels must have been quite low



    i find it rather funny its aginst the law in the netherlands

    buy it off ebay man-should be easy to pass it into your home land.

    yea it had a drug like effect-because i was taking to much

    ive just woken from a 13+ hour sleep i need a job people!



    it is funny yeah..you can get any streetdrug here easier than some medical drugs.

    get yourself a job you lazy bum!



    DHEA in NZ is illegal without a doctor’s prescription which is kinda silly. not that my docor won’t allow me to.



    should be piss to get it off ebay



    how would it go by customs though, the’re bound to seize it



    it just be another parecel out of the millions they deal with

    if its from a medical firm then yea itl stand out it says so on it,,

    look into the matter further before taking my advice,from past experance i know its easy to get things out of holland and into the uk



    all they said is that if they discover it, they will consficate it



    all they said is that if they discover it, they will consficate it, besides there is a label on it which clearly says DHEA.



    yea but they need reason to open the package to see that label- its not going to be in a marked package- if you bought from an internet shop it would have the name of the shop- if you buy off ebay its going to be a plan package.



    oh ok, and whats so special about a plan package



    well if he bought from a medical supplier they; have the name of the firm printed on the package as they normally do-

    things going through customs that have the names of medical suppliers on them normally attract attention- thats all.



    but if the DHEA is bought say from a website like http://www.vitacost.com there is still a chance that customs might look at the package isn’t there.



    I tried to buy Alpha GPC from Ray Sahelians Site but they replied they could not deliver this in the Netherlands, that it would be returned by customs.

    I then ordered from bodybuilding.com and received my package in less then a week.

    go figure…



    yeah the way its marketed makes it look like a dug or something, especially by those bulk nutrition guys.



    Another reason to eat raw egg yolks.

    I couldn’t find a picture of the cycle but here it is in text format.

    Cholesterol > DHEA > sex Hormones

    Thats why the next few days after eating raw egg yolks, I get a balloning penis effect in my morning erection, my testosterone shoots.

    Don’t worry about too much cholesterol its all a myth, just search it.



    what about salmonella infection from the raw egg yolks. is there a chance of that happening?



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    Enter valid e-mail (I use billgates@hotmail.com) and read this, that will answer you question better then i can.

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