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    DHT (Di-Hydrotestosterone) is synthesized from testosterone, which is produced during sexual activity. Excessive masturbation can therefore be responsible for producing too much dht. dht plays a lot of roles, such as making oil for your skin to moisturize and protect it. excessive dht, however, can cause your hair follicles to get clogged since there is excessive oil, which can lead to baldness and acne. i have noticed that sexual activity always causes me to break out, and my hair has also been falling out a lot. i have obviously done damage to my body and created imbalances, so what can i do to get back to normal? Why does my body keep producing so much dht? How can i stop this?

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    Are you sure its the excessive DHT through excessive masturbation? It may be hyperthyroid as it is well known to cause baldness. Hyperthyroid will cause you to overburn testosterone because your metabolism is working overtime. Do you find yourself always hungry and usually very warm or do your hands shake and do you have emotional/agressive mood swings? Only if your thyroid was hypo or stable would I consider excessive masturbation to be the cause and if that was the case you would probably be jerking off 3 times a day, 7 days a week.



    check your DHT

    FREE Testosterone


    thyroid file

    adrenals [ cortisol ,dhea]

    Sugar ,blood pressure , cholesterol

    these tests can give you a clear picture about your status

    hypothyroidism can lead to hairloss in head ,eyebrow and all through the body

    CONTINUOUS ANXIETY can lead to hairloss


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    I think hair is related to thyroid, minerals and insulin

    controlling these will greatly help keep your hair

    thyroid is a powerhouse for hair

    optimizing estrogens/ DHT

    optimizing minerals; especially IRON (Ferritin)

    removing toxins (organic diet, remove mercury, etc)

    control insulin (avoid grains, sugars)







    You would probably benefit greatly from a liver detox. If you do have a hyper thyroid a liver detox will remove excess hormones from your body. A build up of over-produced hormones can cause acne and baldness.

    Below quote from this link:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]


    Follow the link I posted above for more advice and also buy this book:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Its a brilliant book, which you should also be able to get from amazon rather than direct from the author. Patrick Holford is a nutritional legend!



    hair loss is very interesting… The Hair loss gene is strong on my fathers side of the family, but not on my mother side.. it doesnt matter but im taking lots of measures to reduce my hair loss…

    i almost have all my hormones optimized…

    zinc, iron, B vitmains, iodine, etc

    But i know theres a good link between Iron and hair loss..

    i do think focusing on a low-carbish diet, focusing on meat and green veggies is a great diet for slowing or preventing hair loss..

    on top of that it is a must to optimize hormones and nutrients.



    thanks a lot guys, ill look into what has been said.

    what’s the easiest way to check up on my thyroid? the stuff said about it sure seems to fit me, and my mom had hyperthyroidism/graves’ disease so that would make sense.



    Tell a doctor your symptoms and request a blood test. Tell your docotor you would also like a copy of your results.



    easiest way is probably body temp..

    under 98.6 is probably low thyroid..

    usually hypo people run around 97



    [quote=”Max”]easiest way is probably body temp..

    under 98.6 is probably low thyroid..

    usually hypo people run around 97[/quote]

    doesn’t “hypo” mean overactive? if people with a low thyroid are under 98.6 then when would people with hypo be around 97. kinda contradictory



    hypo is low thyroid. low body temp




    If you want to lower your DHT naturally THEN USE

    saw palmetto

    Nettle root

    Grape seed…

    some researches claimed that Green tea may lower, while others claimed that the green tea boost DHT and testosterone

    Boarage oil





    I guess Alex has good testosterone/DHT but the hyperthyroid causes stress, thus releasing stress hormones burning the DHT in the hair folicles causing hairloss.

    Do you get stressed or suffer with anxiety Alex?

    I don’t think lowering DHT or testosterone is the cure as testosterone itself stimulates hair growth and prolongs erections. Its more like eliminating the stress or correcting your hyperthyroid, which is more likely the route cause of any stress. I have an a good diagram which will make Dr Lin’s writtings above more straight forward…

    He mentions both the enzymes 5 alpha reductase (to create DHT, an androgen) and aromatase (to create estradiol, an estrogen).



    great info, i really appreciate the help

    a couple of years ago i smoked a lot of weed was always really stressed out, which made me wake up early every morning so i was probably also sleep deprived. this was also when i was at my peak of ejaculation frequency. my symptoms make perfects sense because of the way i used to live.

    lately, however, i have been eating really well, cutting back on weed/alcohol, exercising, and been much less stressed out, yet still suffer from all these symptoms, especially those from dht. my hair is still falling out and i still get acne, especially during the week or so after i jack off.

    so my question still remains, how i can i get my hormone levels back to normal so i can get on my life and get past all this, if possible?



    yes you can, but only if you quit entirely smoking cigs, weed and stop drinking..

    eat a paleo diet of organic veggies, meats.. drink raw milk if you want. raw eggs..


    taking vitamin D 2500iu daily.

    your thyroid probably in the gutter.

    get hormones tested.



    Perhaps try milk thistle to clean your liver aswell as a healthy diet like described above. The acne could be a build up of hormones that your liver is not detoxifying. Quitting the alchol will definately help! Stopping the weed is a real good idea too as it fucks with your liver as much as alchol. You probably could’nt sleep well in the past because the weed has used up a lot of your serotonin and low serotonin would make you very anxious causing stress.

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