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    testing for adrenal fatigue was on of the next items on my list for healing, but I just read the wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrenal_fatigue

    and it says its The term “adrenal fatigue” is used by some practitioners of alternative medicine, who claim that adrenal fatigue is too mild to be picked up on standard blood tests of adrenal function.

    If this is true, would a salvia test at a good labor even be able to show if I have adrenal fatigue or can they only help me if I have some more serious disorder with my adrenals?

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    hey man

    the wiki is true but just not enough doctors have pickup up on this disease in this stressful world, only the smart ones have

    yes it will show you if you have it, see below a sample reading, which shows adrenal fatigue:

    7-8 am 10 (Depressed) 13-24nM

    11-Noon 3 (Depressed) 5-10nM

    4-5 pm 2 (Depressed) 3-8nM

    11-Midnight 1 (Normal) 1-4nM

    Cortisol Burden 16 23-42

    DHEA 2 (Depressed DHEA) 3-10ng/ml

    This is the cortisol / dhea test in saliva. In the morning cortisol should be highest and slowly weaning off during the day. So if you feel like shit in the morning, that’s possible because of a “depressed” reading as above.

    If you can’t fall asleep at night and have insomnia, that’s a too high reading at “11-midnight”.

    If you have afternoon sluggishness, you have either eaten a too large meal or the wrong kind of food, or “depressed” as in above reading.

    DHEA being this low is also sign of adrenal fatigue.

    Blood test can also be done: AM Cortisol reading if this is lower than 15 or so you have reason to order the saliva test to see if you indeed do have adrenal fatigue. Outcome of this test should be on the high end.

    Urine test: urine gathered over a 24 hour period, i did this one, please see my log… 17-oh and 17-keto steroids and cortisol are all low, this is also adrenal fatigue.. cortisol with me was 300 on a scale with maximum 800, therefore i got hydrocortisone prescribed…. you also have the rheins 24 hour urine test, which is almost the same as i had, but more values can be measured with it

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