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    When i learn than this fatigue is a problem of dopamine and serotonine (and now : acétylcholin) in brain, i ask myself : how to balance the levels with food ?

    It seems that ure body can “analyze” the contents of the meal : it’s a balance between proteines and glucids.

    When u eat a more proteined meal : ure body products more dopamine.

    When u eat a more glucided meal : ure body products more serotonine (even if serotonine’s precursor is the tryptophan).

    That’s why it could be a good strategy to eat “more proteined” for breakfast and lunch and more glucids at afternoon and dinner.

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    very good point with the protein and the dopamine. thats what I do to counter-act the large amount of BCAA’s I ingest



    saw a show on national geographic about this

    there was this chick who was constantly depressed

    they turned her onto a whole new diet, dunno what anymore

    but after that she definitely felt WAY better overall

    also saw two chess players where one had ingested more carbs, other more protein and one couldnt think as good as the other

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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