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    the more im finding out, diet may play a crucial role in healing more than what i previously ever thought. It seems our problem is partly due to the wrong genes but even more possible of a wrong diet.

    i believe over-ejaculations is the leading cause, but over-ejaculations + a poor diet is what led me to exhaustion.

    everyone has the ability to heal, i mean jerking off a everyday, thats nothing.

    so i think its crucial to have the best diet in need to repair.

    most of my friends have sex daily and masterbate a lot and there fine.

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    i too think the same. the problem is the bodybuilding diet isn’t exactly the healthiest diet. remember that sex has healing powers too. couple that with yoga or the anal breathing method on off training days, some high quality supplements and i think thats a perfect remedy.



    yeah i want to have sex, but sometimes i put to much stress/pressure on myself to preform well (no pe, no limp). i turned down sex a few times simply because i was scared i wasnt going to perform well, a reason why i usually drink beer before sex.



    The best thing is the more stronger and healthier you become, the more you get energy from the same foods. Foods give energy, but also takes energy to assimilate, absorb, convert and transport the nutrients ( we even get tired sometimes after eating ). Someone could say, that in very exhausted patients the amount of real nourishment they get is not really much even the foods are good ( like elders, compare 16-years old ).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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