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    Although i am yet awaiting to get a test done. i already started a diet 2 days ago. basically i’m just eating more fruits and vegetables. I also started the drinking of 2 -3 raw eggs a day thing.basically i just been fixing up salads the past view days, i put a little bit of cheese in it because cheese helps build T. i just want to know if its okay to eat meats(chicken,steak,fish,pork).

    I also been eating bananas because it also helps with building T.

    another questions..

    Can i eat some Special K cereal? I look at the label on the back and it seems to have a lot of nutrients in it.

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    Definitely not Special K.

    It’s funny my friends dad is a food taster, and he brought back 20+ boxes of Special K with him; not only do they taste pretty damn awful, they are full of sugar.

    13-16g of sugar in a 30g serving is 3 teaspoons of sugar!

    Forget having special k or proccessed junk foods.

    Stick to fruit, vegetables, and meat.

    If you want a healthy cereal to eat. Just eat porridge; add some dried fruit for flavour if you want.

    I’m going to create a new post on how to make an awesome tasting, but healthy chocolate protein shake.



    alright no special K. although i love it, its gotta go.



    cereals can be good if taken every 1-2 weeks, but choose the one that have no sugar and no dried fruits in it

    the things to avoid in diet is sugar (from juices, confectioneries, chocolates and other sources) , junk food , avoid eating at late night

    avoid stimulants or reduce them, instead of black coffe or tea, get the white tea and green tea where the last two teas carries less caffeine than the black tea

    thats what i got Byron…



    consider roobius tea, if you still get irritated from white or green tea.



    How can i cut down this habbit

    I feel starved and esp i watch tv or moviea alot so i feel like eating crisp and soda



    its all in your head, trust me.

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