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    I haven’t really gone over this book completely but I really do like how Braverman classified the four major neurotransmitters and what effects they have on our health and personality. However I’ll have to say that so far I disagree with his recommendations of SSRIs and even tricyclic anti-depressants. He understands very well what acetylcholine’s effects in regard to sexuality for instance but his overall understanding of sexual exhaustion is not the same as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dr.Lin & those who learned and advanced from him (the likes of W., Alan Ritz etc.). I also don’t recommend Braverman’s advice to consult Psychiatric counseling for anyone.

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    W was only limited to acetycholine,dopamine,serotonin,nitrix oxide and testosterone. there are many more symptoms with other causes in sexual exhaustion. most of the supplements W chose were very weak supplements for recovery which would not work in most people. alan ritz book was mostly the same as dr lins information but with some different ideas. they must of had a agreement together for alan ritz to publish dr lins findings. this is because alan ritz spoke about how remarkable dr lins supplements are in his book.



    dr braveman’s stuff is not bad but he does not address penis curvature for example.



    , I have went over Alan Ritz’s book fully at least once but I don’t remember seeing any references to Dr.Lin’s products. What page did you see them on?

    Yeah W., Dr.Lin, Alan Ritz etc. are definitely missing out something or we’ll all be recovered by now. However I was pointing out possible flaws in Braverman’s idealogies. Critical analysis is the way to success, not blind following. The book is promising though in all the information it provides in regard to neurotransmitters and their relations to your health/personality.



    i definitely think that the hormonal system can also contribute to the solution/problem. DHEA, teststorene,LH,FSH and prolactin are the probably the most important of these.



    Blueshark, definitely that is correct. I am currently researching the adrenals, endocrine system and their relation to neurotransmitter deficiencies. There are suggestions by some that a weak adrenal will lead to neurotransmitter deficiencies. As previously posted on one of my threads, I stated that hormone levels seem to work in conjunction with neurotransmitter levels.

    , by the way I think you’re talking about the Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalist that Alan Ritz gave a lot of praises to in his book. He didn’t mention the name of this herbalist but I know who he is, it is not Dr.Lin. Mr.Ritz is referring to Ron Teeguarden who is considered one of TCM’s foremost tonics expert (www.dragonherbs.com). The male silk moth, dendrobium, siberian ginseng etc. he attributed to this herbalist mentioned in his book can all be found at Ron Teegarden’s site.



    i have not got the book anymore but i remeber alan ritz talking about a chinese guy with “remarkable formulas”. i thought maybe this would be dr lin. didnt alan ritz say this guy has got a few websites aswell? maybe it is ron teegarden like you said.



    That was too simple… no Alan Ritz was referring to Ron Teeguarden. All the herbs/formulas he listed in his books came from Ron Teeguarden’s site with the exception of the choline, 5-HTP, L-tyrosine etc. He was referring to a Chinese Herbalist which does not mean a Chinese guy literally but a practioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalism.



    when he meant herbalist i thought it maybe was dr lin because dr lins products are mainly herbs. i do not know anything about herbs or herb practioners so i wouldnt know anyway.

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