Do you all have eye floaters and most other symptoms

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    Hi all,

    I’m new here, but definately not new to this oversexed topic. My question is do you guys all have eye foaters, or only some of you ?

    Has anyone been able to find scientific literature on the etiology of eye floaters from say a DA deficiency and/or Ach like on Pubmed ?

    I suspect there’s is such a thing as sexual exhaustion, however with the scant amount of scientific literature, it’s hard to believe. I’m 34 years old, and have discussed Dr. Lin’s claims with a researcher in endocrinology (no I’m not lying to you about this), and he says he has a hard time as a scientist to get an overview of what he tries and explain. That being said, my efforts for years have been to find out whether my symptoms are from too much ejaculation or from a compulsion–I do have sexual obsession/compulsion and that alone is a huge stress on human physiology.

    I’ll definately find it interesting to exchange with the mnay of you on here.

    The very best website I could find up until now, with Pubmed references is :

    I’ll be off all day today, but when I get back I’ll browse this site and post other questions. BTW I’m a patient of Dr. Eric Braverman down in New York city–I met with him last fall.



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    i have/had most of the symptomes described, although i funny enough didnt affect my sexdrive at all, and i agree its hard to read dr. lins site and understand what he is trying to say, mostly because its a crappy website.

    i have not been able to really find anything usefull, problaly because this areas isnt researched in since its not recognised as a problem, but i think it will in a decade or two, simply because the increase of pornography in the world will lead to more people have this thing.

    I believe in this, simply because i can see that my symptomes get better in all areas when i stop my bad behavior, i cant say i understand fully, plus i have never been able to really stop my addictive behavior, which i think is the main reason for my slowly progress.



    Would you be so kind as to list the symptoms that you have–I’ll compare them to mine.

    Many thanks



    a high testostorene level will not necessairly increase dopamine



    Dopamine can cause anxiety if it’s being converted excessively into adrenaline. And yes, ejaculation looks to be the cause of sexual exhaustion and not really merely masturbating although that too consumes neurotransmitters and hormones (sex on the other hand, you gain energy from the female).

    Blueshark no, I see them when my eyes are open not when it’s shut.



    machine could you please elaborate more on aromatase, the liver and high testostorene levels please?



    Yes, I forgot to mention that DA must be balanced with sufficient 5-HT and GABA, same about Ach as it is an excitatory neurotransmitter.

    What I know for sure is that loss of libido can have many etiologies : adrenal fatigue, low thyroid, low androgens, too much androgens, improper circulation, depression and so on.

    Of course the liver is also VERY important as it is the site of many many hormone conversion to their active form, as well as the site where various vitamins get converted to their active forms too, same with amino acid–so the liver is so very important, yet do not get much press.



    About high T : high T can aromatase into E2, and E2 is the most powerful form of estrogen–it has an anabolic property and is a cause of male aggressiveness–by anabolic i mean it promotes growth of tissue, and has been linked to certain cancers, this is why it shouldn’t be too high in males, however some of it is needed cause estrogens can act as an MAOI in the brain. That’s why too much of it can cause one to get aggressive from too much NE.



    I have eye floaters aswell. I’ve had them for a long time now, way before the thought of sexual exhaustion even came into my mind. I’m not sure if its due to excessive masterbation/ejaculations because that would mean that I have been sexual exhausted for a lot longer than what I thought.

    Check out the second link, does any of yours look like these guys? Mine does, but its nowhere near as many.




    thats true the liver and the adrenals play an important part, but my doctor didn’t worry too much about my high T levels. like machine said boosting neurotransmitters isn’t enough. the endocrine system plays a crucial role. hopefully when i do the DHEA test, it should indicate whether or not’s Dr lin’s info about how the T levels can tire out the adrenals is true or false, probably not in my case.



    It’s hard to figure out Lin–I fear some of what he says is not rooted in science, while some parts sure are.

    Imagine, I showed his website to a researcher in endocrinology friend of mine, and he said he cannot really get an overview of Dr. Lin’s claims–he said he doesn’t endorse him at all. He didn’t say Lin was a con artist, but he did say that con artist will most often use a blend both scientific and unscientific info to dazzle the readers, but then it’s hard to know about Lin.

    But I know enough to know some of what he says is true.



    DOes DHEA test how well your adrenals are working?

    Free/Total Test., DHT, DHEA… would determine everything you need to know?



    DHEA and cortisol are the common tests used to determine adrenal fatigue.

    However there are other adrenal hormones ie. androstenedione, Estradiol, Test, pregnenolone, progesterone.

    DHT plays a significant role in libido according to some research, while others say it’s solely Testosterone which is responsible for libido–I think both are involved and this reflects the thinking of many M.D.s too. But as you know in science there are no such thing as a concensus……there are many school of thoughts.

    Say you DHEA, test, DHT, and estradiol fall mid or upper mid range, and you libido still is low, then it means those hormones are not the problem, and that more tests need to be performed to find out what is wrong.

    in low libido I know for a fact that : TSH, FT4 and FT3 needs to be done, IF your androgens are not the culprit. Also low libido can be caused by stress and anxiety states. Stress is a definate libido killer–it involves the release of ACTH, cortisol, adrenaline, Noradrenaline, Neuropeptide Y, angiotensin, prostaglandins etc…..

    When you read that stress kills, do believe it. The worst stress appears to be the one linked a a state of failure, or loss of control.



    Stress is a very important issue believe it or not; i highly recommend everyone to read the book Why zebras dont get ulcers



    , when your liver is not too healthy it sometimes produces too much of the enyzme aromatase which converts testosterone excessively into estrogen. Your testosterone can be high but if your testosterone to estrogen ratio is low you will experience sexual dysfunction. I suppose you can try something like 6-OXO since this seems to be a likely problem of yours.



    I will see what my DHEA test will come back to. i know my thyroids are working perfectly so i guess my low libido is definitelty dopamine deficiency.



    Dopamine is a major player here–I found Valerian to help me libido wise–I do not have excess DA, but have too little GABA on board and as a result it creates reactivity states.

    DA and Ach have to be balanced with GABA–GABA acts as a regulator of excitatory neurotransmitters.




    testosterone and dopamine are no doubt at the top for driving libido. the side effects which are listed for sinemet (dopamine increasing drug) is potential high libido. low serotonin and prolactin are another important factors when concerning libido. a good level of serotonin prevents the dopamine to adrenaline conversion. if serotonin is low then dopamine to adrenaline conversion will increase. dopamine then lowers and prolactin rises. high prolactin then lowers testosterone by shutting down the pituitary and causes impotence. weak testicle function is another factor for low libido.



    You’re right on with regards to PRL–I had forgotten to say that DA and PRL are directly linked–that is pituitary DA levels. A high PRL only tells about pituitary/hypothalamic DA levels, not the prefrontal lobe and other brain regions though.



    high estrogen also causes low libido. high estrogen tricks the body into thinking there is too much testosterone and the brain gets the signal to lower LH.



    that’s why I keep saying low libido has a whole array of potential causes. Hopefully I know a god deal about it all now. However I’m also aware that I know nothing, as opposed to scientist in the field. It’s a lifetime learning that all this.



    i must add that the thyroid condition is linked to dopamine as well. a deficiency of dopamine will cause secondary hypothyrodisim. my TSH leves are at the low end of the spectrum-kinda borderline which isn’t surprsing because of the deficiency in my dopmaine levels.



    hey guys how does one rid themselves of this dreaded eye floaters? I’ve had it for a long time, but I really want it to go away.

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