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    Maybe you know it …


    Look the staff :

    Do you think it’s serious ?

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    I looks pretty good. But they focus more on breaking the addiction cycle. They don’t talk to much about what to do when you have are completely exhausted.



    To me the most important things is to confirm this damned over conversion into adrenaline.

    If Robert Weiss is a good scientist and respected maybe he will be interested by our forum. [mail sent, waiting answer ]

    I have found a canadian society which is selling some natural medication for brain.

    Based on 5HTP(grifonia)/GABA (rice oil)

    or GABA/Dopamine.

    The scientist of this society said me that if the over conversion to adrenaline theory is correct, these natural medications may work.

    I will try soon.

    I wait my friend’s test with piracetam too.

    To me the 2nd part of problem is computer.

    Abusing display is bad for my nervous ststem (ACTH high, Adrenalin high, melatonin low… : i will post these docs soon )

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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