Does adrenal fatigue lower testosterone?

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    Here is something I am trying to figure out.

    I have adrenal fatigue and also borderline low total and free testosterone.

    I know that the adrenal fatigue came first as my testosterone levels dropped afterwards.

    How could adrenal fatigue cause low testosterone?

    I know that the adrenal glands produce 5% of a man’s testosterone but 5% drop is nothing.

    Is there a link between the adrenal glands and the testicles which affects testicular production of testosterone?

    So far all I can think is that too much or too little cortisol can have an impact on testosterone.

    That an underactive thyroid – caused by adrenal fatigue can lower testosterone

    and obviously that low dhea could have a very small at most 5% reduction in testosterone.

    Any one know of a link?


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