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    Hey guys!

    It’s been a long time.

    Has anyone experienced anxiety attacks or nervousness in social situations that they think SE might play a part in the symptoms?

    I know social anxiety has it’s own seperate forum but I experience tightness in the chest and sometimes slight shallow breathing from anxiety attacks.

    Could SE or sex addiction have any direct links to this, I wonder?

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    Most definately. I have suffered with social anxiety for some time now! I am not the only one here with this problem either as I have found. I think social anxiety may be linked to a deficiency, particularly dopamine.

    Taking Udo’s Choice oil has helped me tremendously. Essential oils are important for the brain to function correctly and it helps your brain to produce serotonin and dopamine more effectively from the foods that we eat. I am a different person to who I was 6 months ago and I believe Udo’s Choice oil has everything to do with it.



    hey voodoo

    have you ever had your dopamine tested? im not a fan of social situations either and my dopamine test said im way low.



    I have not had my dopamine tested by a doctor, but I have took the braverman test, which shown me to have a deficiency, but nothing too major. Without medical testing I believe I have all the symptoms of low dopamine, such as reduced libido, slow metabolism, poor muscle mass and an introverted personality. Optimal dopamine is related to extroverted, confident and forward people. I have also read that people with social anxiety disorders are often found to have dopamine deficiency and have genes that slow down the uptake. To counter-balance this I believe we need more dopamine food or supplements in our diet regime and restoring your omega 3 to 6 balance is an excellent start.




    I’ve always had a bit of anxiety floating around but not on this scale. My anxiety was worse with SE and felt very different to any anxiety I have had in the past.



    anxiety… thyroid, adrenals, testosterone..



    Hmm…without having read too much on the subject, on the surface, it seems to be a case of low testosterone. When you see a guy who projects a whole alpha male persona you know he is operating in high testosterone levels. I still have the regular AM erections and I don’t feel my libido has waned at all.

    Time for some blood work.



    It could be from hormones and masturbation…

    but sometimes you need to dig deeply to find the real source of the anxiety you have…because it could be from old psychological response happened in a certain period of your life.

    I tried to dig a lot into my childhood and I found many reasons why do I feel anxious When Iam in a social activity /event.



    You may want to note that optimal levels of dopamine increase testosterone production. Low dopamine will cause increased production of prolactin and prolactin lowers testosterone and is a major cause of erectile dysfunction. So yes, you are right, low testosterone is linked but is effectively caused by low dopamine and increased prolactin.



    low serotonin -> allows dopamine to be over converted into adrenaline = anxiety



    how do you increase your serotonin levels so you don’t have so much dopamine converted in adrenaline? lack of serotonin also fucks with your sleep/wake cycle and contributes premature ejaculation




    This will not work im afraid. Dopamine is just as important as Serotonin and both need to be optimal. Dopamine is only a problem when it is too high or too low. When it drops too low it excessively converts to Epinephrine and dumps it in your blood and nervous system. If it gets really bad, this will cause a shrinking penis and could ultimately lead to parkinsons disease or simular effects like shaking hands. When Dopamine is optimal your sympathetic nervous system should be running smoothely and you should develop healthy adrenals. Low Dopamine causes a very poor stress resistance with an increased stress response, which is not the case if your Dopamine is at a healthy level. Serotonin may relieve some of the stress, but it wont correct the problem. Serotonin is far more related to feelings of depression and poor sleeping patterns. Serotonin converts to Melatonin during nightfall to help you sleep. If there is not enough Serotonin then there is a poor conversion of Melatonin, which if too bad can cause insomnia. Think of Serotnin as something that helps you relax and Dopamine as something that helps you fight stress rather than create it.

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