Does anyone know what vaginal juice consists of

Sexual Reboot Forum Does anyone know what vaginal juice consists of

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    Daily masturbation is bad but Dr. Lin advocates daily screwing with your wife. It got me wondering that could there be some healing substances like prostaglandins in the vaginal juice that absorb through penis’ skin into the male?

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    I do not have answer to your question, but this taoist text is little related.

    “As with the Tao itself, the essential elements in the Tao of Yin and Yang are balance, harmony and the union of opposites:

    For a man to nurture his male powers, he must nourish his yang essence by absorbing Yin essence. When men and women indulge freely in sex, exchanging their bodily fluids and breathing each other’s breath, it is like fire and water meeting in such perfect proportions that neither one defeats the other. Man and woman should ebb and flow in intercourse like the waves and currents of the sea, first one way then another, but always in harmony with the Great Tide.

    In this manner, they may continue all night long, constantly nourishing and preserving their precious vital essence, curing all ailments, and promoting long life. Without this basic harmony of Ying and Yang, neither medicines refined from the five minerals, nor the most potent aphrodisiacs, will be of any use. If the vital essences are dried up due to excessive emission or complete neglect, they can never be revived. [Su Nu Ching].

    When sex is performed according to the Way, it becomes an inexhaustible source of energy, like a well that never runs dry, rather than an exhausting ordeal. However, sex can also ‘drown’ you if you don’t know how to stay ‘afloat’ during intercourse.

    Unless you are a highly accomplished adept who has mastered the transmutation of sexual energy into pure spiritual power, celibacy will harm your health as much as reckless indulgence:

    Yellow Emperor: I do not wish to make love any more.

    Plain Girl: As human beings, we must not do anything that contradicts nature. Now, your majesty wishes to refrain from sexual intercourse and that is entirely against nature. When Yin and Yang are not in contact, they cannot complement and harmonize each other. We breath in order to exchange stale old air for fresh new air. When the Jade Stem is not active, it will atrophy. That is why it must be exercised regularly. If a man can learn to control and regulate his ejaculations during sex, he may derive great benefits from this practice. The retention of semen is highly beneficial to man’s health. [Su Nu Ching].

    Preserving semen lies at the heart of Taoist bedroom arts, as illustrated in the following line from a commentary on the adept Pein Chang’s biography in Dynastic History of the Later Han:

    The art of bedroom consists of suppressing emissions, absorbing the woman’s fluids, and making semen return to strengthen the brain, thereby attaining longevity.

    Thus a man must treasure and conserve his semen during intercourse; whenever he does emit it, the loss must be compensated by absorbing the ‘essence’ of woman’s secretions. That is why ejaculations through masturbation or homosexual relations are regarded as being especially harmful to the Yang essence and energy.”

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