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    Does anyone know if that guy Manny still posts on here? It seems like he had a real good understanding of wtf to do. I wanna ask him some questions but it seems hes gone or something. anyone know the deal?

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    He does not post here any more but I know how he recovered.

    He basically called up Dr.Ron and had a consultation with him. After that he started taking Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin E, grass fed beef, raw milk, lot of Olive oil etc. He said he noticed significant improvement after 2 months. Then he started having sex with his girlfriend but refrained from ejaculating. This having sex without cumming raised his Testosterone levels (it was more than 800) and he healed himself.

    But if I remember correctly his condition was not too bad to begin with.



    hmmm ok ok did he have PE do you what his symptoms were?



    it seemed like he had a real good understanding of what supplemtns to take and stuff so it really is to bad hes gone. Do you know who this Dr. Ron character is?



    This is Dr.Ron

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    You can email him at He usually charges around $200 for a phone consultation. Most likely he will prescribe his products like Glandular extracts, Unique E, Cod Liver Oil etc.



    he follows the westonprice diet very closely

    hes got a bunch of youtube vids that are useful



    Do you no if manny had SE? or did he just have ED or some other sexual problems that werent neccesarily SE?



    i looked it up…….i find it hard to beleive that he healed his SE through diet and those basic supplements. I mean i wanan beleive it it just sounds to be good to be tru almost. I could see why that diet would be really beneficial for the human body but to cure a nervous disorder……thats nuts. I hope iam wrong would love to be able to talk to the guy



    i have chatted to manny when he used to post here and he did not do any of that stuff and he didnt visit dr ron because manny is from the uk. i cant recall from memory of what he did but i know he said massage had beneficial properties of decreasing cortisol whilst increasing serotonin and dopamine. there were a lot of guys who had knowledge but dont post here anymore.



    ok that makes sense…….i emailed dr. ron and he told me to get his multi and his cod liver oil and follow his diet… the heal is that gona fix my nervous system.



    manny could have seen dR. Ron

    you dont need to see him, you can do a phone consult

    his diet will work by eliminating food allergies and supplying whole food, will help but not as much as Doing HRT



    i had quite a few private messages with manny and i know for a fact he did not have contact with dr ron. from reading his posts he reccomended seven seas fish oil.



    Don’t forget massage is one of the best ways to raise your natural oxytocin production.



    yes, I made a mistake and confused Manny with LeeYang. Very sorry guys. It was LeeYang that had a consultation with Dr.Ron and followed his method to heal himself. Manny was on a different protocol.



    here is LeeYang’s post:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    thats crazy its good to hear that aproach worked….to bad lee yang is gone



    yea, lot of the people that got healed just left taking with them the knowledge

    but one thing I noticed though is each one of them had their own protocols. I guess Manny used Alpha GPC, LeeYang was on Dr.Ron’s protocol, Blueshark had an entirely different protocol and abstained for almost a year. Jobe27 is another guy that helped me a lot. He used lot of herbs to heal himself. Check out his thread: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    iv seen that thread but i dono i think herbs are relatively bullshit…..maybe not bullshit just i dont wanna try that route unless its one of my last options

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