Does soy have a feminizing effect on men

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    I read an article yesterday stating that soy has a feminizing effect on men.

    whats your take on it?

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    I must admit, I had been taking soya lecithin granules and noticed I was not getting morning erections any longer. Now I have stopped taking the granules the morning erections appear to be comming back. This may just be coincidence, but it is said that soy has an oestrogen effect.

    I will continue to take the soya lecithin granules at some stage because they have great benefits in balancing acetylcholine. With a healthy diet you can eliminate excess oestrogens. I think with soy the positives may outweigh the negatives in the long run.



    Yes, maybe you are right. I eat a lot of eggs, but I can’t say as I would like to eat them raw. I usually make a 3-egg omlet most mornings anyhow! I will finish off my soy lecithin granules and move onto eggs – I think only vegetarians should use soy. I mainly wanted to try more soy products from drinking soya milk because I was trying to avoid dairy milk on my liver detox. You should beware cows milk as cows are fed hormones in their feeds to make them produce milk all year around and then we drink the milk and consume the hormones raising our oestrogens!

    If acetylcholine is everyones interest on the soy subject then there are some choline supplements I am waiting to try. Phosphatidylcholine is available in capsule or powder form and choline chloride is available as liquid. If we take these supplements along with plenty of eggs we could be onto a winner!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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