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    Hey guys,

    Hopefully this will boost morale and help you get on a better path to improving yourself and living a fulfilling life. I went through hell and after a long, relentless struggle, I am now incredibly happy with my life and where I’m headed. My erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and all other sexual problems are gone, and although my mood still fluxuates, it has gotten much better. My memory is much sharper, I’m much more social and driven, and pretty much all areas of my life that I was struggling with before have gotten significantly better, to say the least.

    I’m not going to go into detail about everything that I’ve done to get better, but will explain the basics that worked for me and are helping me grow happier and healthier every day.

    First of all, CUT porn OUT OF YOUR LIFE! Check out the website if you haven’t already because I’m not going to explain it now; just take my word. As far as sex and masturbation go, I think it’s good to take breaks and cut back from time to time, but it can also be very good for you. I didn’t jack off for like 10 days at the of the beginning of the summer but am now having sex a few times a week, often twice in a day/night. The break help build up my system but sex has been boosting my testosterone and other areas of health. I honestly don’t think it’s too big a deal as long as you’re not overdoing it or looking at porn; moderation is key.

    Exercise is crucial. Exercise every day and try to vary your exercises a good amount. Do aerobic and anaerobic every day, and do muscle training (like lifting) every other day (or every day, alternating muscle groups). Just don’t do the same muscle group two days in a row). I highly recommend power yoga; it’s extremely good for pretty much every aspect of your fitness (strength, endurance, flexibility, balance) and furthermore is very mentally therapeutic. Jump roping is really good also. I recommend playing a sport you like so you’re not just exercising for the sake of exercising. Whatever it is you’re doing, enjoy it and be in the moment.

    The foods you eat are obviously really important, and when you’re exercising, you’ll be eating more and absorbing more nutrients. Again, vary it as much as possible and find a good balance. There’s no magic superfood or supplement that’s gonna cure you. They’ll usually just end up fucking u up more. Eat plenty of of fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, quality meats, etc. I’ve been cutting back on meat, eating red meat like once a week and eating most fish and chicken, but overall less. I’m not gonna go to into this, but once again, just know that balance is key. Listen to your body and eating what feels nourishing and you know is nourishing.

    Finally (this is the big one), REWIRE YOUR BRAIN! Look up neuroplasticity. Basically, the brain is constantly growing and developing throughout your life, and you have the power to rewire it so that you can think, feel and behave better. Unfortunately, most of us have developed negative brain patterns due to poor habits we have formed over the years (like porn). You have to consciously counteract your old bad habits and replace them with the ones you want to form. I highly recommend meditation. I haven’t read it yet, but Jack Kornfields book “A Path with Heart” sounds like it’ll be very good for dealing with this kind of stuff; basically making you more acceptant and kind to yourself, happy with what you have/more aware of the good things, and more able to accomplish what you want and think/feel how you want. The more you do something, the more it becomes a natural part of you. So start cultivating positive emotions and reduce your stress, negative thoughts and feelings, and sabotaging behaviors. It’s quite difficult and I know this is a poor guide as to how to do it, but if you can find the motivation, willpower and resources you definitely can. I wish I could say more but there is so much to say and I don’t have the time.

    Obviously cut down drugs and alcohol as much as possible, have a consistent sleep/wake cycle and get sufficient quality sleep, and enjoy whatever it is your doing, moment to moment. We are so blessed to be alive and before we know it we’ll all be gone, so seize the moment and appreciate what you have. When your old or for whatever reason dying and look back on your life, you’re probably not going to regret the things you did to F*ck yourself up nearly as much as the things you didn’t do that you could have done. Life’s just a game that’s eventually going to end so play whatever hand you have as best you can while you can.

    Hope this helped a bit and was somewhat motivating. I spent a few years being miserable because I was convinced that I had inflicted this irreversible condition upon myself. Ironically, merely thinking this was more harmful than what I actually did to myself initially. The body is incredibly resilient and WILL get better you set the right conditions and do what needs to do be done. With faith, patience, and gratitude, you can get through it. Make sure you laugh and smile plenty, and be confident in your ability and proud of who you are.



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    good to hear your better man, did you follow the protocol on yourbrainonporn?

    and how did pe go away?




    from your post i can see you have come far

    you are managing your personal health and habits, and live a balanced life which is great

    everybody wants a supplement for this, a supplement for that.. training your body is major important and you mentioning it as a tool for recovery, i see you have come far

    it’s all about becoming aware of your own body and what happens when you put something in it.. at some point, along with all the other actions you are taking, everything will fall in it’s place

    cheers man!



    Nice to hear from u Alex88

    P0rn addiction just blocks our pattern of thinking, it just dominates us into not thinking and not reacting even toward our selves.

    best of luck



    Hey alex, I’m really happy to hear you’re doing that much better man. It sounds like you’ve really taken care of all areas of your life and now feeling totally satisfied. That’s great congtrats. Your post is really positive and motivating so thanks I needed to hear that.

    So would you say you’re 100% recovered or not fully yet?

    I totally agree that balance and moderation are key in life.

    I remember you were saying though that you used to jerk off like twice or maybe even 3 times a day, when you already had SE, and you’d get headaches after. But if you could jerk off 3 times in a day with SE then you probably had a mild form of it.. so you probably had minor hormonal deficiencies and in your mind you made this worse then it is.. and sounds like you’ve taken care of the physical issues with clean diet, exercise and so on.. and of the mental issues with positive thinking, yoga and so on. So that’s awesome.

    But my condition is a bit different I donno if you remember. I also have hard flaccid most of the time, and I can’t jerk off more then once a day or else it’ll totally drain me and I’ll feel brainfogged next day and low energy. Now I try to masturbate once or twice a week. Basically I think my condition is worse then yours was because I know I have a clogged liver, high E2 levels, low free T.. so I do need supplementing probably for life, but besides that I think you’re right on point with your post that we need to stay positive, keep hope, eat clean, give the body to recover itself, and be proactive about recovery.. doing everything necessary as soon as possible.




    there’s no such thing as being 100% recovered because our bodies are constantly growing and aging. this especially applies for me since i did most of my damage when i was 15-18 years old. the lack of development (or the possibility of it) is what bothers me most now, even though i also did a lot of damage. so to answer your question, in some ways im like 50%, but in others im like 1000%. overall im doing much better than i ever have, and am getting better every day. i still screw up and have slumps but my overall direction is very positive.

    hope everything works out well for you man, you were one of my favorite people back in the day when i was miserable and obsessed with SE and this forum. peace



    , you said most damage you did to yourself was done between ages 15-18. If that means you’re in your early 20’s you still have plenty of time to recover. You’re in your prime. You’re right that in your teens that is the time you are developing as a person. There is no point in worrying about it now. Past is past. If you’re in your 20’s you are still young for your body to recover.



    I used to be very obsessed with this forum but now I have come to be obsessed with my dead penis, lack of vitality and more importantly the constant unhappiness that seems to be the core of my person since years. Some say you need to live like the illness its not there and it will eventually vanish. I say bullshit and the battle its not finished yet. Whatever its there I will discover it and fix it.

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