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    Dr. LIN explains how harmful a strict vegetarian diet is

    “Vegetarian diets cause deficiency of B-12, the most critical chemical in supporting the liver function for the release of enzymes for the cholesterol-hormonal conversion and neurotransmitters synthesis. In addition, vegetable raw proteins are very difficult for the digestive system to absorb since their molecular structures are very different from the animal (human) proteins. To let your body absorb the raw proteins properly, you need a lot of stomach acid and enzymes from you digestive and liver system

    A full vegetarian diet will disable sexual function due to a lack of amino acids and B-12 and an excessive carbohydrate intake. You need 4 stomachs, like deer or ox /cows, to effectively decompose plant protein into amino acids for your body to use in the cholesterol-hormone conversion and neurotransmitters syntheses. Animal protein can be directly absorbed by our digestive system since its structure is same as ours.

    A lack of amino acids and B-12 causes a deficiency of dopamine, leading to a deficiency of testosterone, since the brain’s dopamine nervous function is the driver of the testicular/ovarian function and thyroid function. An excessive carbohydrate intake elevates the brain serotonin level for easy self-control, boosts the blood sugar production and may let you gain weight. A lower dopamine nervous function, a low testosterone, and a high serotonin level can make you become less and less aggressive and feel peaceful in your mind. If you have a B-12 deficiency, your liver won’t be able to fully support the cholesterol-hormone conversion and neurotransmitters syntheses. A deficiency of the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and its derivative Nitric Oxygen will result in the parasympathetic nervous disorders and thus erectile dysfunction.”

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    i don’t know…i’ve always thought vegeterianism is the way to go. as long as you get a supply of aminos and vitamins. i’ve come across a diet called the hallelujah diet. principle is to go back to the garden of eden diet(when folk lived 900 years). it contains living foods, veggies, fruits etc. but the key is to have variety of foods with the use of beans, peas, soy and such for protein…and key is to use dehydrated barley powder…the most powerful green food that supplies all the aminos and b-vitamins. maybe an antioxidant like pycnogel. many have sworn by this diet and have been cured of cancer etc. i have it in a book which is hard-copy so i can’t post the link but i believe you may google it.



    in my opinion a diet containing 80-90% plant foods (veggie,fruits) with raw eggs. everyday is superior, also including some meat a few times during the week; this is very similiar to the paleo diet, how humans have been eating for millions of years before agriculuture. no grains or milk should be in the diet.

    a strict vegetarian diet or vegan diet, is not good long term

    i personally tried a strict vegan diet, its good at first but you still losing a lot. i actually lost my morning erections; as soon as i included some meat and eggs, i was right back within a week or so



    Max You probably lost it because your test levels were lowered



    Just find what suits best for your unique bodies, you will then be fine.

    I remember having very good metabolism when being children, but my late night eating habits together with the exhaustion and stress did take toll on my body. I’m slowly recovering my metabolism. Just do not abuse your stomaches.

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